Troy Bramston

Kevin Rudd shows the way

Kevin Rudd has blogged about wanting to change the ALP in radical more democratic ways:

FOREIGN Minister Kevin Rudd says the Labor Party is at risk of “fading away” and becoming a marginalised third party if it doesn’t change.

“There is a real danger that we simply fade away as other progressive parties around the world have done, becoming a shadow of their former selves against the aggressive conservative onslaught of a resurgent right,” Mr Rudd said yesterday at the launch of a book written by a former Labor staffer in Brisbane.

“We are fools if we do not understand that the public has had a gutful of what currently passes for much of our national political debate.”

Calling for the direct election of the ALP’s national executive and national secretary, the former prime minister outlined his ambitious agenda for party reform at a book launch entitled?Looking for the Light on the Hill: Modern Labor’s Challenges?by Troy Bramston in Brisbane.

Perhaps Kevin Rudd would accept a contract to assist NZ Labour to embrace constitutional reform of their party. Kevin Rudd is facing up tot eh faceless men int he smoke filled rooms, Labour ehre needs to face up to union domination of their party.