Intriguing plan to deliver better outcomes for kids who are off the rails

I don’t think any of this will be earth-shatteringly new, but it’s interesting to have some numbers put against it.


The National Urban Maori Authority (AUMA) conducted the research and chief executive, Lance Norman, told The Nation programme the cost of failing a struggling child was $145,000 per year.

This compares to $28,000 per child each year in up-front investments that Mr Norman says, if put into the right programmes, could stop children going off the rails.

The AUMA processed data from the Ministry of Justice and says savings could potentially be as high as $50 million a year.

The AUMA is proposing a social bond which is where investors make a profit from the Government if a social service agency meets certain targets. This means the Government pays for outcomes rather than just providing services.

Sounds too good to be true. ?Maori wanting to be paid on results? ? ? Read more »

As per usual, the problem will be enforcement

The Secondary Principals’ Association is backing calls for New Zealand’s truancy problem to be tackled head on.

The National Urban Maori Authority claims financial barriers are proving an issue for students, with education becoming a low priority for many families.

SPANZ president Sandy Pasley says principals are becoming frustrated with excuses being made.

The last Ministry of Education snapshot found more than 27,000 students were absent from school without a reason in the week surveyed.

27,000 kids that are absent without a stated reason in a week.

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