Guest Post – A truckies life is a tough one

Our fuel prices are beyond our control. The Greens hate us because they want everyone to eat home grown mung beans and live in shelters made of fern fronds. Cyclists hate us because they reckon that all of the money we pay in Road User Charges should be funneled into cycle ways so that they both have lots of room. Public transport advocates reckon all of the money should be spent on trains with a little bit on buses, and every motorist has a bad storey to tell about a truck in their lives somewhere.

But we are used to carrying the country, and we understand that some people who don?t like us. Not an easy task for sensitive and caring people, as we truckies are.

The reality of our lives gets a bit stretched though when we find government people who simply fail to listen, and then when they do listen they don?t understand. And when they listen and understand they can?t be bothered doing anything.

The Road User Charges (RUC) changes recently are a great case study of selective deafness.

Why would anybody want to increase Road User Charges by 84% on a sector of the economy which is responsible for our world trade?

In the recent review process, which us truckies contributed to, a number of things happened which we, as an industry didn?t like. In the democratic process however we were able to have our say, and no one can argue with that.

Some of the decisions were dumb. Like producing fixed vehicle combinations which limit flexibility for interchanging vehicles. Like charging one category of vehicle less when it does more road damage just because it is a bus (but that is the kind of muddled thinking that occurs when closet greens inhabit the Ministry). Like simplifying the number of vehicle classes by adding 28 more. Like having bureaucrats used to driving a desk in?Wellington?in charge of vehicle engineering and design. Like encouraging vehicles to carry more weight through misunderstanding the implications of the changes made to vehicle categories.

The bit that really bites us though is the 84% increase in Road User Charges for trucks carrying containers. This equates to a 15% increase in cartage rates.

Then to discover that this huge increase is because some incorrect data was supplied to the MOT is appalling. To find that the MOT has done nothing about correcting the error is almost scandalous.

They are prepared to charge importers and exporters up to $60 more per container just because they don?t know how to correct an error which they acknowledge has been made by someone giving them incorrect information.

We agree that we need to pay our share of road usage. We are happy to argue our case with the other parties who get up on the bandwagon to bash us around. But it is bloody hard to deal with people who know that they need to correct a cock up, but can?t be bothered doing it.

Without trucks, the economy stops.


There that fixed it

Yesterday driving to the office I saw this prime example of poor tie-down technique on Te Irirangi Drive in East Tamaki.

There were no corner boards and the chain twitches had crushed and cut into the box. What ever was in it probably wasn’t going to be in pristine condition.

The music industry encourages you to steal

Bruce Simpson blogs at Aardvark about his nightmare mission to obtain legally a licence to have music on his Youtube video.

He gives up in frustration and decides that the Recording industry as a whole deserves all they get in people “stealing” their Intellectual Property. There appears no easy way for anyone to buy a licence to use any music at a reasonalbe rate.

I too have suffered in this way and had videos pulled in the overbearing stormtrooper way that Youtube is implementing the Recording Industries requests for policing.

What is happening now is that Youtube is killing their own market and they don’t even make money, pissing off subscribers y muting videos and the Recording Industry blows off both their feet by recieving no revenue because it is simply impossible for someone to get a licence in a fast cheap and effcient way and no one is listening to their music because their stormtrooper, bully boy tactics ar muting the videos.

It is no bloosy wonder that P2P networks are flourshing after rapacious corporate wankers try to steal more than things are worth over and over again. I’m with Bruce, fuck’em!.

He concludes with a serve at the self-serving pricks who foisted their bollocks of a law on us through What’s Her Face the ex-MP for Auckland Central.

The fact that the recording industry throws so many road-blocks and obstacles in the way of anyone who wants to “do the right thing” and pay them money for the right to use their content shows that they’re still more interested in suing and prosecuting people than they are in availing themselves of new opportunities to create revenues.

Just look at how legal music downloads have exploded — now that they’re available.

Until they actually offered legal downloads, the recording industry was moaning that the Net would be the end of them — and now it’s their salvation. The same goes for people “stealing” their material for use in online videos. If they don’t provide a legal option then people will continue to use the illegal one.

And these are the same people who have convinced government to eliminate the basic tenet of justice (the presumption of innocence) by way of Section 92A of the Copyright Amendment Act which comes into effect here in NZ in a little more than a month’s time.

What the hell is going on here?

Tizard goes Global for all the wrong reasons

Judith Tizard has hit worldwide headlines for all the wrong reasons. Once again though, it is her incredibly bad temper that has landed her in hot water.

Now this isn’t just bad it is disastrous. Her attack on reasonable business leaders over egregious lawmaking was completely unwarranted. The same thing happened to the Canadian Copyright minister who rammed through exactly the same thing. She lost her seat in their recent elections.

She is now featuring on BoingBoing, the number one blog in the world with millions of pageviews daily.

Stupid numpty bitch. A reader also sent this photo of the mad cow at the end of her own wreck of a career looking at the equivalent of political junkyard.

Political Junkyard