If we were like Tuhoe, we’d still be blaming today’s Germans for Hitler

Tuhoe need to get over themselves,?crying a river of tears over something that happened 100 years ago.

One-hundred years ago this weekend, police stormed a Tuhoe settlement to arrest a man known as a Maori prophet.

The arrest of Rua Kenana and the fatal shooting of his son was a blight on relations between Tuhoe and the Crown.

A century on, the incident is not forgotten, and nor is the message of peace he preached.

Sodden skies on a sombre day as Tuhoe recreated a dark moment in its history — this weekend marks a century since police stormed the hills arresting Mr Kenana and shooting his son and another man dead.

“It’s a huge event for them because the stigma that was associated with that day, and also Rua Kenana, the charges laid against his followers, stay with those people right through to now,” says Maori Development Minister Te Ururoa Flavell. ? Read more »


Face of the day


Kelvin Davis, Associate Education Spokesperson for the Labour Party

Today’s face of the day is Kelvin Davis for choosing Whanau over Politics.

The next time you hear Labour hate on charter schools, don’t believe them.

Because the truth is a wedge of Labour actually thinks charter schools are all good. And this group is led by none other than its associate education spokesman Kelvin Davis.

The attendance of Davis and fellow MP Peeni Henare at a fundraiser for a Whangarei charter school is about much more than them defying the orders of Andrew Little.

It shows a major policy divide within Labour.

One side, led by education spokesman Chris Hipkins and the teacher unions have a pathological hatred for the privately run schools.

The other side, led by Davis, see that the schools can work particularly in Maori education.

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It’s funny the little things that make you start to wonder about a government


A reader writes

This has been floating around for a few weeks now but despite initial assurances it would be sorted out quickly the former Urewera National Park which has been given back to Tuhoe to run is still closed to hunting until at least Christmas and over the popular spring hunting period.

This is despite Chris Finlayson, the PM, DoC and Tuhoe at the time of the Tuhoe settlement assuring us that public access would not be affected.

However for the first time in 25 years (since I was 14) I will be unable to spend a few days this spring wandering around the Urewera looking for some high quality wild meat for me and nowadays the kids because nobody is issuing permits and there seems to be a great deal of doublespeak around if and when they will be issued again. Read more »

They said it wouldn’t happen, but it has, Tuhoe ban hunting in the Ureweras

When management of the Ureweras was handed over to Tuhoe there were many who said Tuhoe would restrict access…they were shouted down.

As predicted it has come to pass.

We have now seen the establishment of apartheid controls in our National Parks.

Hunters with Department of Conservation-issued permits have been kicked out of the Urewera Ranges as Tuhoe flexes its muscles after regaining control of the national park.

Hunting in Te Urewera has been suspended indefinitely and all DOC permits to hunt or run pig dogs in the area are now void.

The dramatic changes come on the heels of Te Urewera Act in which Te Urewera’s status as a national park was rescinded and management ceded to the new Te Urewera Board, a joint Crown-Tuhoe partnership.

DOC communications and engagement adviser Robyn Orchard said permits to hunt in Te Urewera were no longer available.

“We’re not issuing permits. DOC hunting permits are not being recognised by the board. That’s all I can say.”

The changes were confirmed by Tuhoe spokesperson Herehere Titoko.

“Permits previously issued by DOC are no longer valid.”

Waikato Deerstalkers Association president Pete Evans said he was unaware DOC permits were no longer valid until contacted by the Waikato Times.? Read more »

Sorry for being… a Cunliffe. Something we can all finally agree on

David Cunliffe isn’t done apologising yet.


Labour leader David Cunliffe has apologised again ? not for being a man, but for being a Cunliffe.

On a day the Crown apologised to Tuhoe, Cunliffe confessed to a family secret ? that ancestors on his mother?s side were among Crown forces who chased the rebel Te Kooti into the Urewera mountains in 1869 following his escape from the Chatham Islands.

The chase led to some of what the Crown apologised for yesterday ? scorched earth tactics and the killing and kidnapping of Tuhoe ancestors. Read more »

The Huddle

I was on Larry Williams show The Huddle on NewstalkZB with Josie Pagani last night.

Our topics were:

I have included the interview Larry did with Tau Henare first up then The Huddle follows that: