50 Shades of Brown – and stay tuned for 1530 post

Tui have struck with a billboard.


UPDATE: New post at 1530 updating information.

Stay Tuned.

Guy finds his house plumbed with beer

As practical jokes go, this one is a lot more… practical!


Let them eat cake

This is a cake. ?Cubes and bottle are made of sugar, but it’s all edible. ?Although I can’t quite imagine someone cutting a piece off and eating it.

H/T: Bearsharktopussy

H/T: Bearsharktopussy


Totally Gay Outrage

Apparently this billboard is homophobic:



Sophie Lockwood said she had previously enjoyed the billboards.

”I have always had a good giggle at your billboards as I drive down the Hutt motorway each morning, but I am pretty disgusted by the one I saw yesterday. Homophobia in this day and age? Really??”

Kay Gubbins had a similar view.

”What’s with the anti-gay signs Tui? They’re creepy and uncool. I used to like your beer but I can find other brands that don’t offend me and my gay friends.”? Read more »

This woman is taking the piss

Some people have really small minds…like this silly cow complaining about a Tui billboard. Tui will be thrilled with the publicity.


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DB responds to wowsers

DB has responded to the wowsers who want to get the Tui Girls sacked from their jobs:

Tui marketing manager Jarrod Bear said the Tui Brewery girls were a long-established part of the beer’s marketing campaign which fully complied with advertising regulations.

“We salute Ms Morris for voicing her opinions and the public discussion it has created. The feedback Tui has received has been overwhelmingly supportive. Tui Brewery Limited is an equal opportunities employer and we have no grounds for dismissal of the Tui Brewery girls, especially when they’re doing such a great job .”

Thanks to the free publicity we can now expect Tui sales to increase. The law of unintended consequences often works in mysterious ways.

Get a life

Watch out the wowsers are out in the streets again.

An Auckland feminist group is demanding Tui scrap its all-female brewery ads, which it says are sexist.

Feminist Action spokeswoman Leonie Morris is describing the commercials as retro-sexist, promoting a form of mateship that dismisses women’s concerns and trivialises relationships with women.

The group has launched a campaign on Facebook and an online petition to pressure DB Breweries to drop the ads.

Since it offends them here is one for your viewing pleasure:


Manufactured outrage

Looks like the Herald has been taking tips from Labour on manufactured outrage:

A Tui billboard that apparently pokes fun at the death of Apple founder Steve Jobs is an unfortunate coincidence, the brewery says – but it won’t be coming down until Monday.

One of the offending billboards – which reads “Job’s done. Yeah Right.” – is visible to thousands of commuters on Auckland’s southern motorway as they pass through Ellerslie.

Jobs died today aged 56, after a long battle with cancer.

Tui said Jobs’ death and the choice of words on the billboard were a coincidence.

Spokeswoman Jo Jalfon said the billboard was put up on Monday and referred to the All Blacks beating Canada recently.

“At long last we’ve beaten the French, so that job was done – it was really sort of a play on a Rugby World Cup theme,” she said.

She accepted that the billboard was “somewhat ironic or unfortunate” given Jobs’ death.

“Someone at work mentioned it to me and said, ‘Do you know we’ve got that billboard’ and went, ‘Oh, right, yes I see – someone could actually think it was in reference to Steve Jobs.’

“It certainly wasn’t put up in any reference to him, because obviously he died this morning.”

Among those who found the billboard offensive was One News reporter Ruth Wynn-Williams, who?took to Twitter?to say it was “perhaps the most bad taste Tui billboard yet”.

“Unreal. Have a little respect,” she wrote.

And of course they can’t get facts straight saying the billboard was put up in regards to the Canada game, even though they have a direct quote stating that it referred to the win over France. This billboard has been up for nearly two weeks, how anyone could think it was to do with Steve Jobs?

And of course the only person they could find that found it offensive… well another ‘reporter’ how shocking!