Tukituki River

Fat Tony fires up on the Dodgy Socialist Dam

Labour’s best ever fundraiser and solid operator behind the scene, Mike ‘Fat Tony’ Williams is fired up over the dodgy socialist dam.…and for a socialist that means something.

IT’S THE Local Authority Election season and I hope that given the contaminated water disaster in Havelock North, local voters will be more engaged with the process than they were last time round when only about four in ten eligible voters bothered to cast a ballot.

Having sold my property in Havelock North, I won’t have a vote this time, but as many of my family still makes its home in the Bay, I will be rattling many cages.

I will watch the results of the Regional Council election with great interest.

With the drinking water disaster in Havelock North, the local election should turn into a referendum on water management and as this a Regional Council responsibility; it is that Council that is and should be in the cross-hairs.

Yes, it should. It has become clear that the councils have no control over the waterways, either by design or through indolence and sloppy governance.

At present The Regional Council is divided five votes to four on the on the biggest water project, the proposed Ruataniwha Dam, with a narrow majority in favour of this massive gamble with your money.

The group of Councillors driving the project consists of Alan Dick, David Pipe and Christine Scott representing Napier, Chairman Fenton Wilson from Wairoa and Debbie Hewitt from Central Hawke’s Bay.

They would be desperately hoping that the whole matter was settled before the election which might well upset their plan for the dam.

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With the dodgy socialist dam feedlot contamination will only increase


A reader comments:

If the Ruataniwha dam goes ahead the intensive shingle feedlots, that are by the way not subject to consents, will increase and pollute even more. Interesting that some of the worst offenders are in the recently added Zone M which includes the Papanui catchment – that feeds into the Tuki Tuki river along with Otane Waipawa & Waipukurau wastewater & sewage treatment plant discharges.

Our reader makes good points. The Tukituki already is at maximum headroom for nutrient load and frequently goes over it because of poorly designed wastewater treatment plants at Otane, Waipawa and Waipukurau. The Hawkes?Bay Regional Council is supposed to be the regulator yet in ten years have done precisely?nothing, until recently, about this problem. The reason they have had to act now is because of the headroom issue and the need for the Ruataniwha dam to be consented when it will increase the nutrient load. The problem arises when the promotor of the dam is also the regulator?and a poor regulator at that. If the elections return another pro-dam council then resident can kiss the Tukituki goodbye. ?? Read more »

Ratepayers call time on funding the dodgy socialist dam

Ratepayers have had enough and now the Hawkes Bay Regional Council faces a revolt from the ratepayer over the waste of millions of dollars on the dodgy socialist dam.

Regional ratepayers have issued a resounding “no” to spending an extra $36.9 million on the Ruataniwha dam.

Of the 193 submissions made to the Hawke’s Bay Regional Council’s annual plan consultations, which are being heard today and tomorrow, on the long term plan amendment only nine voice “yes” to purchasing additional water upfront for environmental flows.

However, a resounding 92 per cent or 141 from 153 submitters chose Option C, saying they did not want the council to purchase any additional water in the scheme.

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Another dam deadline missed but the Council is keeping secrets over supposed investors

The dodgy socialist dam proposal keeps missing deadlines.

The latest one missed was the supposed announcement before Christmas of new investors who were going to sign up to?the?dam.

ACC and New Zealand Super Fund have been suggested as potential investors in the Ruataniwha Water Storage Scheme.

There is also speculation of an Australian investor in the mix as well, Hawke’s Bay Today understands.

While the Hawke’s Bay Regional Investment Company remains tight lipped about the details of this condition precedent – which needs to be met for the scheme to go ahead – the group’s chief executive, Andrew Newman, said steady progress was being made towards it.

“As negotiations are still progressing HBRIC is not in a position to name the potential private investors,” he said. “Once they are confirmed HBRIC will publicly announce the investors.”

He said how much potential investors were looking at putting into the dam could also not be revealed until negotiations were complete.

“It is fair to say that steady progress is being made,” the chief executive said. ? Read more »

Dog dies from toxic Tukituki river

A dog has died after coming in contact with toxic Tukituki Rover water.

A pet dog has died in a suspected case of cyanobacterial poisoning at the Tukituki River.

In a statement this afternoon, the Hawke’s Bay Regional Council said staff were told the dog was at Tukituki River’s Horseshoe Bend off Kahuranaki Road and HBRC environmental science staff are investigating.

“We were saddened to hear of the death of the dog, and our thoughts are with the family who will be missing their pet,” says HBRC Interim Chief Executive, Liz Lambert.

“It is a sad consequence of the warm summer weather when there is always a high likelihood of algal blooms in Hawke’s Bay rivers. Our river areas are popular places to exercise dogs and so we recommend that owners be extra cautious in summer. Keep your dogs under control, perhaps on a retractable leash, and take your own supply of fresh water for them to drink. We want to avoid having any more pets suffer.”

The Council and the Hawke’s Bay District Health Board have issued a warning about the risks of toxic algae in summer.

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Dodgy Council making matters worse for dodgy socialist dam

The Hawkes Bay Regional Council has been spanked in every court case and the Board of Inquiry regarding the Ruataniwha?Water Storage Scheme. Almost all of their spankings have been the result of plans to exceed exisiting pollutant levels even with the dam.

The Board of Inquiry was particularly scathing telling the Council that they couldn’t exceed current limits for nitrogen and also for phosphorus.

This has been compounded with issues regarding town sewage outlets at Waipawa and Waipukurau which eventually all ends up in?the?Tukituki River. Those outfalls are already exceeding limits set by the HBRC and they have repeatedly notified the Central Hawkes Bay District Council to sort it out.

Now despite millions in alterations to Waipawa and Waipukurau treatment plants they are still unable to keep within?the?limits set by the?HBRC and so are now going to look to increase pollutant levels massively, by more than six times?current?limits.

Hawke?s Bay Regional Council has received an application by the Central Hawke?s Bay District Council to substantially increase the concentration of Ammoniacal Nitrogen coming from its Waipukurau wastewater treatment plant.

CHB District Council has upgraded its Waipawa and Waipukurau wastewater treatment plants to meet new standards required under new resource consents, which came into effect in October 2014.

The resource consents allow for a certain number of exceedances during a 12 month period. Earlier this year abatement notices were served on the CHB District Council after it failed to meet the required discharge standards. ? Read more »

Is the Ruataniwha dam stuffed?

You’d think so with all the losses in court and the board of inquiry for the promotors.

The Conservation land issue can’t ever be resolved and so the financial rationale behind the dam is dodgy. So much so that deadlines are being missed.

A Hawke’s Bay regional councillor, Tom Belford, says its still uncertain whether the business case for the Ruataniwha Dam can be completed by Christmas.

But Mr Belford said after a briefing from the council’s investment company HBRIC on Wednesday it was clear there were at least three major hurdles that have to be overcome.

He said the economics of the project depends on having a certain amount of presold water to provide cashflow to investors and he said no additional water has been sold in past 60 days.

“And so HBRIC, our holding company, has projections which they keep bringing forward claiming that they will in fact meet the magic number which is now about 47 million cubic metres of water but we’ve only sold 20 million.

“Whether they can sell enough in the deadlines that they are giving themselves which is to meet that goal by mid-November and then move from there to full financial closure by the end of the year seems to me pretty dubious.” ?? Read more »

Fenton “Jong-Un” Wilson. Hypocrite

Regular readers will know that the Hawkes Bay Regional Council is run by the tinpot dictator Chairman Fenton ?Jong-Un? Wilson. Jong-Un Wilson has been running the Council like any other tin pot dictator would, attempting to suppress dissent at all times with below the belt personal attacks on people opposed to his dodgy socialist dam.

Fenton "Jong-un" Wilson

Oh crap, the BOI shafted us again

Now Chairman Fenton “Jong-Un” Wilson is complaining that there have been “below the belt” attacks on the dam and its promoters.

Mr Wilson said he did not expect an expensive public relations campaign.

“I think the message was that they’ve taken a few blows – some below the belt – and you might find that from now on they answer their critics with a bit more vigour.”

Only a hypocrite of a politician would come up with a halfwitted statement like this, especially when Chairman Jong-Un Wilson has been trying to whack opponents below the belt repeatedly. ? Read more »

A Dodgy Socialist’s Morals & Ethics

The Chairman of the company promoting the massive subsidy of 150 farms by building a big dam in Hawkes Bay has a very interesting take on Morals.

The halfwits at the HBRC have failed to realise that they may not be able to swap some DoC land for some land owned by a station that may not have the conservation value of the DoC land. Instead of jacking up the land swap way before hand they have fudged around and now potentially could be challenged in court.

Environmental group Forest & Bird is among those who have challenged plans to swap 22ha of Ruahine Forest Conservation Park land for 146ha of property owned by Smedley Station so the current park land can be flooded to create a reservoir as part of the Ruataniwha irrigation scheme.

So instead of having this all jacked up well before time they have buggered around and it could potentially be challenged.

Dr Pearce said HBRIC was “reasonably sure” the end result of DoC’s decision-making process would be “a positive outcome” for the project. But he said there was no certainty if the issue became the subject of a subsequent legal challenge, such as a judicial review of DoC’s decision.

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Dodgy Socialist Dam looks rooted after BOI reports back

Fenton "Jong-un" Wilson

Oh crap, the BOI shafted us again

The dodgy socialist dam being promoted by?the?Hawkes Bay Regional council looks dead in the water after the Board of Inquiry produced its final report, upholding court-ordered nutrient testing.

The board of inquiry into the $600 million Ruataniwha Water Storage Scheme in Hawke’s Bay has confirmed strict limits on the amount of nitrogen that can leach into waterways from farming.

After more than a year of hearings, deliberations and a High Court challenge, the Tukituki Catchment Proposal Board of Inquiry released its final decision this afternoon.

It had earlier set a Dissolved Inorganic Nitrogen (DIN) limit of 0.8 mg/l in waterways in the catchment, which must be monitored each year.

A map provided in the board’s final report shows, in large parts of the catchment, the nitrogen limit had already been exceeded – in some cases, to twice the target.

The consents the board has issued require the Hawke’s Bay Regional Council, which is developing the dam through its investment company HBRIC, to met the 0.8 mg/l target by 2030.

Submitters have 15 working days to appeal against the board’s final decision.

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