Tukituki Rover

Will Fenton “Jong-Un” Wilson take a dip in the Tukituki?


Has Fenton “Jong-un” Wilson got the stones to swim in the Tukituki River?

Come on Fenton, take a swim. It’s safe you know.

The cleanliness of the Tukituki River will purportedly be “proven” by Hawke’s Bay Regional and Hastings District councillors this weekend, when they go for a “spring swim” in it – a message proclaimed by posters dotted around Hastings.

The flyers, which went up in the CBD at the weekend, state that councillors will prove to the public that there is no contamination in the Tukituki, by taking a dip in it this Sunday.

Although they feature the logos of both councils on them, representatives have denied any council involvement.

Hastings mayor Lawrence Yule said “this certainly has nothing to do with the council, and it’s certainly not for real”. ? Read more »

Farmers don’t want the water from the Dodgy Socialist Dam

Fenton "Jong-un" Wilson

Oh crap, the BOI shafted us again

One of the problems with socialism is that it allocates public money based on the opinion of a few governing people, rather than letting the market dictate where resources should be allocated.

This has always been one of the biggest reservations about the dodgy socialist dam in Central Hawkes Bay, where a few super egos including Fenton ?Jong-un? Wilson, Andrew Newman and Andy Pearce think they know what is best for the agricultural businesses in Central Hawkes Bay. They are demanding that farmers buy their socialist water, despite most of the farmers not being interested in buying from them. The problem is that the price of the water is too high to make it economically viable.

Multiple award winning journalist Pete Fowler actually took the time to go to see some of the farmers in Central Hawkes Bay and ask them what they felt about the socialists trying to impose expensive water on them.

Radio New Zealand News?visited six farmers in area that will receive water from the proposed water storage scheme, and all said they were not signing up to buy the water because it was not financially viable. Read more »