Tuku Morgan

Andrew Little wants the Maori King to STFU

Andrew Little is going all in against Maori as he seeks to shore up support in Maori seats.

I’m not sure it is a good idea though to tell the Maori King to shut up and behave like a good little native boy.

The Maori King is?”abusing his office” by nailing his colours to the Maori Party mast, says Labour leader Andrew Little.

Oh, so it is ok for Labour to “own” Maori politics, but the King should shut up and stay out of politics? ?? Read more »

Will Tuku shaft Winston again?

As we covered earlier it appears that the Maori and Mana parties are attempting a reconciliation.

It does raise a question, though. Will Tuku shaft Winston again?

Tuku Morgan of underpants fame shafted Winston Peters in the 1999’s. He now might do it again by taking Maori seats off Labour and providing National a coalition partner other than NZ First.

Radio NZ reports: ? Read more »

Good on ya Dover

Dover Samuels says the dud judge who let off the royal ratbag with a discharge without conviction has ‘cultural hypnosis’.

A judge who discharged the Maori King’s son without conviction is suffering from “cultural hypnosis”, former Maori Affairs Minister Dover Samuels says.

Korotangi Paki, 19, pleaded guilty in the Auckland District Court yesterday to drink driving, two counts of burglary and one of theft.

Judge Philippa Cunningham discharged Paki without conviction on all charges but imposed a special condition that he provide the court evidence he did not have an alcohol problem or if he did, that he had addressed it with counselling.

Paki’s lawyer, Paul Wicks QC, told the court a conviction would impede his ability to accede to the throne.

Samuels told Radio New Zealand this morning the judge’s decision should not have taken into account Paki’s royal status. Read more »

Culturally Ignorant?

As I blogged earlier it is now us or them, Maori have declared war on the government and all of New Zealand. Now the truck driver’s spokesman has delcared that john Key is “culturally ignorant”. At least that is an improvement on “white motherf*cker”

Rhetoric around Maori water claims stepped up yesterday with leading Kingitanga spokesman Tuku Morgan calling Prime Minister John Key “culturally ignorant”.

It was his response to Mr Key having rejected as “plain wrong” King Tuheitia’s proclamation at a 1000-strong water hui last Thursday that Maori had “always owned the water”.

The Government will tomorrow begin its series of consultation hui over the Waitangi Tribunal’s “shares plus” concept – a way to give Maori a stake in state-owned energy companies the Government plans to float.

The first hui is with Tainui tribes in Mr Morgan’s heartland of Hamilton. But the sessions are invitation-only.

Yesterday, on Marae Investigates, Mr Morgan was asked what he thought about Mr Key saying the King was wrong about Maori owning the water. He replied: “That once again says the Prime Minister is culturally ignorant, and that’s unfortunate.”

English opposes inquiry

Deep throat Beehive sources tell me John Key is leaning towards accepting Don Brash’s request for a Commission of Inquiry into the police investigation of the theft of his emails, but Bill English is adamently opposed.

English, as Minister of Finance, argues that at a time of economic recession and cuts to the public service, the public doesn’t want to see the Government spending taxpayers’ money on an inquiry. Instead, English is suggesting Howard Broad investigates the investigation.

Whaleoil says justice at any price.

And what is Bill so worried about.

Does he have something to hide?