Community minded cops lighten the mood in Turangi

The cops in Turangi are really good with their community involvement sharing their weed with the community.

Grocery shoppers in Turangi on Friday could have been forgiven for thinking they were extras in a Cheech and Chong movie production.

Billowing clouds of marijuana-scented smoke were wafting across from the town’s police station, over the road and into the car park outside the New World supermarket.

Police bosses have apologised to the townsfolk for the accidental inundation of dope-laden vapours, which were emanating from a furnace at the police station where a recently-acquired haul of the illegal harvest was being incinerated.

However their fuming faux pas won’t be forgotten for a while, thanks to video footage shot by a bemused passer-by.

New Plymouth man Adam Green posted a video on Instagram and Facebook of the cannabis clouds drifting past him.    Read more »


He won’t do that again

Should get a cow to "mow" the lawns, much safer option.

Should get a cow to “mow” the lawns, much safer option.

People are stupid and almost everyday they find out the cold hard truth of reality.

A Waikato man suffered a “traumatic amputation” after he reached under his lawn mower while the blades were still turning.

Emergency services were called to the scene to Kuratau, north of Turangi, on Saturday afternoon.   Read more »


Dud justice spawns vigilantism

Kiwis are getting fed up with crim hugging, panty waist judges. I don’t believe that vigilantism is the right way to go, but it may be the lesser of two
evils. Get the justice sorted and this will not be necessary.

A paedophile released after eight years in prison for crimes that included the drugging and violation of young boys has been driven from Turangi by a firebomb attack on his house.

Darren Simon Kihi – who has committed crimes against as many as 28 victims – was released from prison to live in Turangi last Sunday, after temporarily living in Taupo.

He was moved there because there was no room at a home in another town that offered support for sex offenders, a Parole Board report reveals.

The April report, released to the Waikato Times, said Kihi was at “very-high” risk of reoffending upon release, and the 42-year-old would pose a threat “almost immediately upon release”, without supervision.

However, a month later the Parole Board agreed to release him to Turangi, where he’d been on work release for two years, and had guaranteed employment.

He was also placed on an extended supervision order which restricted his movements. While the Turangi community weren’t privy to the extent of Kihi’s offending, which took place elsewhere, they demanded the Corrections Department remove him.

But residents’ frustrations boiled over this week, culminating in a molotov cocktail attack on Kihi’s Paekiri St house about 6am yesterday. He was not home at the time.

The blast caused internal damage, rendering the house uninhabitable.

Meanwhile another crim thought fighting in court was the go. In a country with a REAL justice system, this idiot would be charged with assault for every one he was struggling with, given the maximum sentence on each case to be served sequentially after the initial sentence had been completed. He’ll probably get victim support.

A bloody fight akin to a bar-room brawl erupted in the New Plymouth District Court this morning.

After being sentenced to nine years jail for a violent robbery, Michael Hutchinson, 37, turned on Shannon Glen, 20, his smaller co-offender standing in the dock beside him and rained punches on Glen and bit him on the shoulder.

An extended fight ensued as prison officers, police and court security staff all tried to get Hutchinson off Glen.

Once Glen was freed the brawl moved to the ground, continuing for several minutes as Hutchinson continued to fight the pile of enforcement staff on top of him.

Blaming the Victim

I just had a phone call from the sister of the Turangi Child Rapist, Raurangi Marino.

She was complaining about me publishing this photo of her little brother.

Apparently it shows the porr wee dear in a bad light. I asked her what FTP means…following my usual course of action of only asking questions that I already know the answer. She conformed that it means “Fuck The Police”. I asked her how she thought that my publishing a photo showed him in a bad light when he is the one who scrawled on a mirror “FTP”.

No answer.

Then she started into a lecture about how her wee brother was hard done by. How the police fitted him up and he was only wasted and fell onto the little girl. How it was all a fit up by the girls mother.

It sickened me. What a bunch of losers. Explaining away hours of surgery to repair the damage that this shit-bag did to a 5 year old on “just being wasted”.

This family is disfunctional. They are justifying crimes and excusing abhorrent behaviour.

The last thing she said is that I breached her poor wee brother’s privacy by posting photos he put on Facebook….on his open and public page. I told her to get fucked, that I won’t ever take down the photos and they could whinge all they liked to the Privacy Commissioner.

She told me she would before she hung up. I can’t hardly wait.

Since they like to use acronymns, here is one for them NFWAB.

UPDATE: I didn’t put the whole story of the phone call in, mainly because it sickened me so much. But since some people have taken it upon themselves to stick up for the family I will now tell you the additional details that I withheld initially.

The sister told me that as far as they were concerned no rape occurred because there was no semen found and the evidence said so. She repeatedly told me that the mother over-reacted and her brother was just wasted and fell in the window and then fell on top of the little girl…but no rape happened because there was no semen. She ignored my comments about 5 hours of surgery to repair the damage of a 16 year old pissed person just “falling” on the little girl.

The sister maintained repeatedly that this was all blown out of proportion and her brother was just wasted.

They are simply excusing Raurangi Marino’s awful behaviour and excusing the behaviour of their own family. Quite simply they are feral scum.


Blame the Parents, jail them too

In the various papers today I see the parents of the child rapist are sort of blaming themselves.

The “mother” was a Black Power moll and the “father” a Mongrel Mob member…life’s winners they are not.

When you go through the Facebook page of his “mother”, some especially great parenting photos are revealed when she was tagged in on 4 December (most of the children holding booze appear to be her kids).  It is quite painful to read the way she types. That is Lavinia Wall in the brown leather jacket.

 There are also links to her other children, most of which appear either drunk, stoned or in wanna-be gangster style poses.  Charming.  I wonder what the total cost to the state for funding this family will end up being.

Do-gooder crim hugging lawyers who suggest this kid can be redeem are deluded and dangerous.

Will Corrections be fined?

Just the other day Serco, the private operator of the Mt Eden Remand prison was fined $150,000 after a prisoner escaped. On Tuesday a prisoner escaped from a Correction facility in Turangi:

A daring inmate has escaped from his prison in a Department of Corrections 4WD.

Jamie Paamu Hughes, 29, escaped from Rangipo Prison near Turangi about 11.15am this morning, police said.

Hughes escaped in a white 2005 Toyota Landcruiser, registration CPU985, which had a large grey speaker mounted on the roof.

Hughes is a 160cm tall male Maori of thin build. Police said anyone who sees him should not approach him but should contact police.

If private operators get fined for escapes, what is the sanction for when prisoners escape from state run facilities.

I have an idea…fine the CEO of Corrections, the General Manager of the prison and the Corrections Union the $150,000. Split it evenly. Seems fair.

Astonishing generosity

The family of the wee girl who was attacked in Turangi by a young thug has made an astonishing gesture of goodwill:

The European family of a 5-year-old girl raped in a Turangi campground plan to return to New Zealand – and have left a generous gesture to the community that rallied around them after the December attack.

The assault on the young girl as she was sleeping in a caravan at Club Habitat on December 21 provoked an outpouring of national shame and left her family inundated with gifts, offers of support and more than $62,000 in donations.

A 16-year-old Turangi youth has admitted raping the girl and will be sentenced in Rotorua District Court later this month.

This afternoon, the girl’s family announced they had donated $20,000 to go toward buying equipment for a new childrens’ playground in Turangi, paediatric surgical instruments and items for the Waikids Ward 26 at Waikato Hospital and support for ECPAT Child Alert NZ Ltd and Victim Support Hamilton.

“We were amazed at New Zealanders’ generosity. We in no way blame the Turangi community for what happened and so we wanted to give something tangible back,” the girls’ parents said in a statement released on their behalf by Waikato District Health Board.

“We understand they are fundraising for a new children’s playground and so we want $5000 spent on a piece of equipment that young people in Turangi can enjoy.”

The parents say it is now difficult to assess the incident’s future impact on their daughter’s life.

 Amazing forgiveness, and in stark contrast to the actions of the animal that attacked their daughter.

Turangi child rapist gang connected

The Turangi rapist is due for sentencing shortly, but it has been revealed that he has gang connections:

The teenager who raped a five-year-old girl in a Turangi holiday park has gang connections.

The Sunday Star-Times has been told the 16-year-old, who has pleaded guilty to the attack, was motivated by the possibility of securing entry into a gang.

Because of the suppression orders around the case, the gang cannot be named.

The Star-Times understands the teen’s father had been associated with the gang, but not since the attack, which shocked New Zealand in the lead-up to Christmas. The boy’s father cannot be named for legal reasons.

The claims were made by several sources close to the investigation.

“The family and the boy are connected to a gang,” one said. “The family is gang-associated. It’s not just the father.”

Another source said: “The family are well-recognised as being what they are … rotten apples. Where are you heading in society when you have this underbelly?”

No surprises there.

The Star-Times has been shown a photo that shows him posing, shirtless, with a gang nickname and an anti-police slogan clearly visible.

Public outrage has continued since his arrest.

They are talking about his photo from his Facebook page:

Adult sentencing for adult crime

The Turangi rapist is going to be sentenced in the District Court rather than the Youth Court:

The sex attack on a sleeping five-year-old girl at a Turangi campground was so severe that the teenager who committed the crime will be sentenced in court as an adult.

The 16-year-old boy pleaded guilty in Taupo Youth Court yesterday to charges of sexual violation by rape, causing grevious bodily harm and burglary after attacking the girl, a tourist, in a caravan at Club Habitat holiday park on December 21.

The boy, who cannot be named, was led to the courthouse with a blue towel draped over his head. He entered his guilty pleas standing outside the dock, wearing a blue shirt and tie. His mother and father and seven other family members remained silent as they watched from the public gallery.

At the time of the attack, the girl’s family were on an extended holiday through New Zealand.

That night, her parents had gone to the amenity block only metres from the caravan. When the mother returned, she found the door locked and saw a man lying on her daughter. She screamed and ran to find her husband, but when they returned the person had fled. The boy was arrested a week later.

The court was told yesterday that a family group conference had been held last weekend with the boy, his family, and a Victim Support member representing the girl and police. The group concluded he should be sentenced in a higher jurisdiction than Youth Court.

In court, Judge Jocelyn Munro said sentencing under the Youth Court would not be offered after the boy’s guilty plea.

“The seriousness of the offending is such that no sentence in the Youth Court would be adequate,” she said. “The age and vulnerability of the victim and the seriousness of the violence perpetuated against the victim are such that the appropriate sentence would likely exceed any district court summary jurisdiction.”

The pity is that this guy will spend 12 -15 years behind bars and come out of jail in his 30s. No good will ever come of him. I hope his name suppression is removed on sentencing so we can then all see the photos and things he has posted all over Facebook.

They would wouldn’t they

Lawyers are tut-tutting over the fact that people are upset with the molly-coddling of the 16 year old child rapist from Turangi by a Judge.

A judge’s remarks that the teenager accused of raping a 5-year-old girl at a Turangi campground looked “very smart” are not unusual for the Youth Court, lawyers say.

The girl’s parents have urged Judge Jocelyn Munro to consider their daughter’s feelings after the remarks made at a court hearing last week.

“We felt the judge’s comment about the offender’s smart looking [appearance] was out of place,” said a statement from the parents, who are European tourists.

But lawyers who work in the Youth Court say such comments by judges are commonplace and are directed by the law.

“I can understand why the victim’s family could be upset in the circumstances, but I don’t think it’s showing any bias or anything else,” Manukau barrister Kate Leys said. “There’s a statutory requirement upon the court to make sure the young person understands and participates in the proceedings.”

All palaver over his dressing nice and writing a prayer doesn’t take anything away from the fact that he committed very serious adult crimes. Lawyers and Judges are part of the problem here not part of the solution.

To that end some people have created an online petition seeking to have his case moved from the youth court to the District Court. They feel that enough is enough – there is too much violent crime in New Zealand. They are horrified at the reports in the paper and feel would like to do something about this. They are trying to gain 10,000 signatures by Wednesday. With the help of my readers I am sure they can get there.