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Little quite pleased with the polls

What do you mean margin of error stuff, Phil said this would work?

“I can’t be more pleased with the results. ?Public are probably just thinking it over a little more”

The first poll since Labour trotted out controversial data on foreign ownership has shown little movement, but party leader Andrew Little is not worried.

Little denies being disappointed by the results.

He says that although there hasn’t been much movement in the polls, many voters are probably still thinking about the housing issue.

“Issues like that one tend to take a wee while to have an impact on polling. I think the debate was in fall force at the time that poll was being taken, and the shape of the story changed over the days.”

Despite the drop [in] Little[‘s personal preferred PM ratings, he] says the changes aren’t major and he is focused on the long term. Read more »

My good friend John Key is trying to polish a turd



My good friend John Key is trying desperately to polish a turd.

Only a few people are turning up public meetings to discuss the flag, but Prime Minister John Key insists the gatherings are still “part of the democratic process”.

Fourteen attended in Christchurch last night, continuing a trend of low numbers at meetings around the country, Fairfax NZ reported.

But today, Mr Key said the low turnout wasn’t relevant because he bet his “bottom dollar” there’d be plenty of debate once the top four designs were put to a referendum.

“I don’t think whether people turn up to the meetings is really that relevant or not,” he told reporters.

“I don’t think there’ll be any lack of engagement from New Zealanders but it’ll happen probably in the comfort of their own home in discussion with their family and workmates rather than in some sort of public meeting.”

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I think the NZ Herald is really, really struggling with the whole digital media idea


The NZ Herald is really, really struggling with transition to digital environment.

This is obviously the NZ Herald’s desperate attempt to move their print version to digital.

Old media

Oh dear lord.

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Wasps? Bees? Oh who cares they are both yellow and black

The Herald really out did itself yesterday.

They had a?story about a wasp attack, headlined about bees, and capped it all off with stock photo of?bees.

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NZ Herald recommissions a US aircraft carrier!

The Herald wrote this:

“Chinese warships are rapidly gaining new potency through advanced technology. This month a Song class diesel-electric attack submarine slipped past screening US warships to surface within striking range of the aircraft carrier USS Kittyhawk. That set the alarm bells ringing”.

Here is a screenshot in case they change it.

HERALD BOMB: Cut paste job from Wikipedia?

HERALD BOMB: Cut paste job from Wikipedia?

Someone else has noticed:

Here is the US Naval Department media release:

The aircraft carrier USS Kitty Hawk (CV 63) was decommissioned May 12 at Puget Sound Naval Shipyard & Intermediate Maintenance Facility in Bremerton, Wash., after more than 48 years of service.? Read more »

A New Year’s resolution? Prophecy? Nah we ‘shopped it for ya

Readers have sent in some ‘adjusted’ images of the Weekend Herald that probably more accurately reflect reader’s sentiments.

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Has the NZ Herald been partying too much?

Oh well they got the?Thursday?bit right.

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Don’t believe everything you read in the Herald

Astonishing really…wrong in the heading, wrong in the stand first…



The actual number of votes addd tot he count is more like 35,000…the body of the article explains.

Of the additional votes counted, 24,866 were against the asset sales while 10,035 were in favour.

The final result is that 920,188 or 67.3 per cent of votes cast were against the programme while 442,985 or 32.4 per cent were in favour.

A check of the Electoral Commission website for the preliminary results vs the Final results shows it is about 35,000.

Simple stuff really.

The Herald has no respect for their own staff

The Herald has an article celebrating an award by one of their photographers….and then disrespects him with poor captioning of his work.

New Zealand Herald?chief photographer Brett Phibbs has been honoured at the Sir Terry McLean national sports journalism awards for the stunning images below. Phibbs won the Nikon Award for best community/sport/recreation/adventure portfolio.


You have to wonder if they actually give a shit anymore.

They got it right in the end though. Got to give them credit for being triers I guess.



Original article by Andrew Stone at the NZ Herald, drawing attention to idiot sub-editors by Cam Slater


Tohua or Mohua?

Who cares the Herald sure doesn’t…

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