Frozen turtles killed by global warming

So, it is not the plastic bags, or the plastic straws (turtle snorkels) killing the turtles, it is simply weather delivering a sudden cold snap that is catching them out and basically freezing the poor critters.? This from ABC. Quote.

In just one morning, dozens of “frozen solid” sea turtles were discovered washed up on beaches in the north of the United States, with wildlife volunteers saying most were beyond saving.

More than 80 turtles were found on the shores of multiple beaches in the Cape Cod region of Massachusetts on Thursday.

Most of the turtles were dead, Massachusetts Audubon Society’s Wellfleet Bay Wildlife Sanctuary communications coordinator Jenette Kerr told the Cape Cod Times.

We are at well over 400 cold-stunned turtles [this year] ? 82 today, the vast majority of them frozen solid,” Ms Kerr said on Thursday.
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Forget stoats and ferrets, we have a new pest epidemic


Auckland is on the brink of an “explosion” in red-eared slider turtles – a pest regarded by conservation authorities as one of the world’s 100 most-invasive species.

New Zealand banned the importation of red-eared sliders in 1965, but it is legal to own and breed the reptiles.

With a lifespan of up to 50 years though, families who once bought a cute 4cm pet for children have found decades later they’re stuck with a fully grown turtle the size of a dinner plate. Some have been releasing the critters into Auckland’s waterways.

As a result, Auckland is staring down the barrel of a serious infestation of the species introduced from the southern United States.

I’ve never seen one in decades of living in Auckland, but if there is a “explosion” and a “brink”, I guess it must be true, right? ? Read more »