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Reporter Gets Revenge on Heckler During Live Shot

We mock those reporters on TV that are doing the live-cross.  You know, they get asked to stand in a storm  while telling you not to go outside and stand in a storm.



But their job isn’t as easy as it looks.  Especially during live broadcasts.   Read more »

More Mates and some Not Mates #eqnz

Beaurepaires are our Mates

Beaurepaires – noted for the ‘Vince Martin’ identity in its advertisements – is offering free tyre repairs for all passenger, rescue and emergency vehicles in the Christchurch area.

On the No Mates front there is something that needs a little bit of investifgation that has come in via the tipline:

I live in Christchurch.  My car was booked in for service/WOF/registration on the morning of 23rd February.  Understandably this did not happen on schedule and I have been driving around for a week without WOF/registration, reasoning that no copper or judge or anybody else in his right mind would care.

I got round to contacting my garage today, they were just about to call me.  They had the car serviced/WOFd/registered within a couple of hours of my call – most excellent service.

However, when I first called, the receptionist advised that, unfortunately, “the insurance companies” were not extending insurance cover to people who had missed their WOF/registration because of the quake.  I find this hard to believe, but it came from a calm and reasonable person at an actual garage.

Perhaps you could check this out with the main insurance companies, as if it is true, it certainly falls into the “no mates” category (well, that is the polite version).

I’m not calling No Mates on this just yet. If anyone knows more please let me know.

There are still some definite scum and No Mates out there. Including two Japanese journalists:

A Japanese reporter was kicked out of the Christchurch city centre today after getting ”physically aggressive” towards a police commander.

The TV reporter was escorted from the area by police around the art gallery today after his accreditation was removed.

Last night, the reporter “got physically aggressive” towards Christchurch police commander Superintendent Dave Cliff and had to be restrained, a police spokesman said.

Concerns have been raised about media behaviour in Christchurch.

Last week, a Japanese reporter was arrested after trying to gain access to the Christchurch Hospital.

In understand that the other reporter chucked out of the hospital was masquerading as a doctor, white coat and all so he could get inside. That is Not mates.