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Christine Chubbuck.

Christine Chubbuck.


Even if a person might look all right in the outside, we might never know what they may be dealing with on the inside.

29-year-old Christine Chubbuck didn?t leave behind a note. Instead, she staged a grand and memorable performance. Looking healthy, well-groomed, and in good spirits the morning of July 15, 1974, the newswoman geared up for a special presentation. ?She was in a much better than normal mood. To this day, her enthusiasm puzzles me,? news director Gordan Galbraith said of her demeanor that morning.

Christine asked to change things up a bit for that morning?s broadcast of Sarasota, FL?s WXLT-TV?s?Suncoast Digest. She wanted to start the normally unscripted talk show with some news reports, and spent the few minutes before air-time typing up what she was going to say on-air.

She started off with some standard news item, but when it came time to roll footage of a local shoot-out from the night before, a shot she specifically requested, the film stalled. The person operating the camera panicked a bit, but this was all a part of Christine?s plan. She looked into the camera with a determined eye.

?In keeping with Channel 40?s policy of bringing you the latest in blood and guts and in living colour, you are going to see another first ? attempted suicide,? she read, inflicting a little sarcasm into her tone.

Then she pulled a gun out of a bag of puppets she had at her feet and shot herself on live television.

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News IS Entertainment

Much was made about John Key describing Campbell Live as “entertainment”…failing entertainment but entertainment nonetheless.

The left-wing were agog…how dare they call Saint John’s show entertainment…yet that is precisely how people consume news these days.

A recent article at Baekdal on wider media trends explains why. But the news segment is fascinating:

What about TV news? Is that dead? Well, this one is tricky.

Dedicated news channels like CNN, MSNBC, and Fox News are not really something people watch because of the news. They are more a form of entertainment and as such fit perfectly with the 2.8 hours of leisure TV per day.

As such, neither of these (nor their European counterparts) are in any real trouble. There will be changes commanded by the nature of on-demand TV (and the internet in general), but no real ‘disruption’. ?? Read more »


Illegal downloading [ POLL ]

What do you think about illegal downloads of music, movies and TV series? ? With music services such as the iTunes store, Spotify and Pandora, the music business is starting to meet market need, but movies and TV are lagging behind. ? Read more »


New Zealanders celebrate enabler of child pornography

Yesterday the Herald reported that Krim Dotcon was the most trusted person in New Zealand to come feed your cat while you are on holiday.

Today, the DomPost reports on Dotcon delighting everyone at the Rhythm and Vines concert, with a headline that “Fireworks and Dotcom ‘a good mix'”.

Why is it that Kiwis and the main stream media continue to celebrate a man on extradition charges that include the tacit enabling of terrorist propaganda and child pornography?


FBI evidence against Kim Dotcom

The whole thing is so obvious it is beyond funny.

You have an evil protagonist, who lives in a gated mansion with henchmen. ?He has a German accent, and even dresses in black! ? Read more »


We paid for it, we own it

Olivia Wannan at Stuff reports

We’ve funded the shows, but what rights do we have to watch them online?

Government funding agency NZ On Air is arguing that partially and fully funded television content should be permanently and freely available on the web.

But the idea is being opposed by producers and broadcasters, whose on-demand streaming of shows is typically taken down a few weeks after their broadcast dates.

With television viewer numbers dropping, a large number of Kiwis are missing the latest taxpayer-funded shows, a report from NZ On Air says.

Even the most popular programmes are seen by a just fraction of the total available audience. The top-rating New Zealand’s Got Talent, for instance, is being watched by just under a quarter of the population.

But with online audiences growing, the agency is proposing a permanent online home such as NZ On Screen, its own television and film-content website, for all funded television.

“Audiences expect to be able to access content when and where they want,” the report says.

I’m with NZ On Air with this one. ?Move with the times. ?We paid for it, we want to see it. ?And not just when broadcasters put it on air. ? Read more »

She’s back, with cornrows and curls

Honey Boo Boo is back:

As the breakout beauty queen of Toddlers and Tiaras, there’s no doubt that Alana Thompson – a.k.a Honey Boo Boo – is now a fully fledged star in her own right.

And if having A-list fans such as Johnny Depp wasn’t enough, the youngster proved her star power on Thursday as she attended her very own book signing in McLean, North Virginia.

Looking every inch the mini superstar, Alana matched her trademark curls with a cool set of cornrows, diamante studded cowboy boots, jean shorts and a bright blue and pink vest top – which appeared to be doughnut-patterned.? Read more »

How to get a politician to stop lying through his teeth

Get him to spit them out first:


Surely this would be better than all those crap cooking shows

This is what we need instead of all the cooking and home renovation shows.

A year ago I visited the headquarters of the Danish public broadcaster DR to film a piece about the international success of their dramas Borgen and the Killing.

The two protagonists in those series were strong, feisty females who took no nonsense from anyone.

So it seems a little surreal to be back in Denmark now to talk to the same broadcasting company about their new show, called Blachman, in which a woman – aged 28-85 – is required to stand naked in front of fully-clothed men and to remain silent as those men talk about her body.

“It’s not reality TV!” protests the show’s inventor and host, Thomas Blachman. “And it’s poetry, not porn.”? Read more »


Now Games, Facebook and TV killed those school childen

As the people and media keep flailing around the actual answer, Fox news are now trying to put ?TV and Facebook ?against the wall:

The news media, quick to find a cause for why a lone gunman would kill his mother, drive to a local elementary school, and kill 26 people (20 children) before killing himself, has turned to the usual scapegoat: video games. While it is understandable that people want answers, Fox News wastes no time in trying to connect TV, Facebook, and computer games to the horrific actions of Lanza. As transcribed by?Kotaku, a Fox News segment hosted by Megyn Kelly with guest analyst Dr. Keith Ablow waste no time pointing the finger at the consumption of various types of media:

Kelly: The real question to you is why have there not been more things like this in the past and what is making them seem to come out now?

Ablow: You know you and I have both spoken about this on and off the air, and I fear that our level empathy just as a culture, as a society, is being diminished by things like reality TV and like Facebook that seem to take people to a kind of fictional realm. I guess you could add gaming to that, computer games.

Later in the segment Ablow says that “?such that now people feel less for one another, they can think of them almost as third parties, or entertainment figures or animated creatures, and for the people among us who are vulnerable to acts of violence who are violently ill, if you will, that means they consider others even less than ever before.”

So Dr. Keith Ablow says?TV, Games and Facebook causes a kind of dissociative?state that allows people to go on murderous rampages?

With the number of registered Facebook users, TV watchers and Gamers, I think we’re probably seeing a pretty good result, percentage wise.

What a cock.


Top Shelf…yeah right

Yesterday I?received?an email from Top Shelf Productions:

From:?Mitch Nicholson
To: Whaleoil

Hi Cameron,

I am from a television programme called Starting Over which is being made by Top Shelf Productions. The show is about 8 woman who are wanting a new start in their careers and we help them to get it! They receive a whole lot of help from a life coach and careers coach as well as other people along the way and we were hoping you may be able to help us with one of the ladies journey.

Alex [redacted] is currently a tax advisor who loves languages and gardening. However she is a keen writer and we are hoping to get her writing her own blog about her journey on the show as well as all her hobbies and passions, a little like your own.

If you are interested we are wondering if you would be interested in Alex coming to learn a few things from you like what goes into writing a blog, research, setting up a blog account and any knowledge you have about the process. We would love to come and film some of this and would show how you have helped her to get a start on her own blog.

We are more than happy to put a link to your blog on our Starting Over website as well as the exposure your blog would get from the on screen time.

Please let me know if you are interested in helping us out,

Thanks so much,

Mitch Nicholson

Starting Over

Sounds interesting doesn’t it…however a few specifics were left out…like remuneration, recompense and time?commitment…so I made enquiries about some sort of advertising/fee arrangement for utilising my time and consulting…it seemed only fair.

Unfortunately Top Shelf cried poor…despite making hundreds of programmes it seems that their budgets are so tight that they can’t actually pay consultants or talent. Apparently we are all supposed to do this for the “exposure” and “publicity” or perhaps just for shits and giggles.

I didn’t think much more about this until i was copied in on an email from another blogger who also turned them down….but suggested that they talk to me. The email was similar but they had refined their offer somewhat after my contact with them.

We would love to come to a contra arrangement with you where in exchange for filming with Alex, giving tips and guidance on setting up a blog etc, we could provide you with exposure on the show. We could also offer a credit at the end of the episode and in addition we can include written information and pictures?on your blog [to be agreed by Producers] on the Starting Over website, as well as a link to your website from there.?For your information, during each episode of the show there will be an on-air directive pushing viewers to go to our website.

Some more information that you may be interested in.. Womens Day is our print partner. We will have articles on the series within the Womens Day Magazine which will attract more people to the Starting Over website and therefore to you. The Skywatch Magazine will advertise the series and have features. There will be stories in TV Guide also.

The episode will play on-air a total of 9 times on Vibe including 3 primetime transmissions and 6 off peak transmissions. Prime TV also have the option to rerun the series.

Air NZ are running the series inflight and we are hoping to sell the series overseas too.

The sponsors we have on board are Careers NZ, Caci Clinic, Contours Gym, Special K, Smashbox Cosmetics, Toni & Guy, Murad, the Newmarket Business Association and Progressive Enterprises.

So it seems these guys are trying to get a blogger to work for free for them, all the while presumably they are paid. The flip side is the blogger gets “exposure”….in Woman’s Day…oh please. You would think a major print sponsor would have at least had their details publicised properly.

I also love the Newmarket Business Association sponsorship…that will be a hoot….especially as they are focussing the show on “Starting Over”. They may want to background check in case there are blackmailing/stalker types still there.

I’ll bet you dollars to a knob of goat poo that the cameramen, sound people, make up producer and other staff aren’t doing it for free…so why should we?

I’d love to know if all the others that are “helping” like the life coaches and careers coaches are?likewise?doing it all for free…while Top Shelf makes a programme and sells it for a big fat profit to Sky TV….and others.

I sent Top Shelf a response to which I am yet to get a reply:

From: Whaleoil
To: Mitch Nicholson


Well this is awkward.

You emailed Danyl the exact same email you emailed me the day before…after I asked to be paid for the time I spent doing this, or at the least explored sponsorship/advertising options.

You claimed poverty and no budget….one wonders how your company manages to produce these hundreds of shows if you can’t pay “talent” a fair rate for time on air.

A link to my blog from you will hardly generate a blip…you should be begging for a link FROM my site.

I wonder now though just how many other bloggers you have shopped this too…won’t take me long to find out. You are aware that there is a Blogger’s Union?

Us bloggers are really rather tired of other people in the media/advertising taking us for a free ride, all the while being paid handsomely to do what they do.

The first lesson in being a blogger…don’t do something for free for someone who is getting paid. Radio stations and other media outlets including television and print media happily pay for mine and other bloggers contributions. For some reason you think you are exempt from this.

It pisses off media and people who rely on appearances to eat and it pisses off other bloggers.

I hardly think a production company, like Top Shelf, is making all these documentaries and shows from the goodness of your clearly troughing hearts. There has to be good coin in this otherwise why would you do it?

The fact you cry poverty for a fair hourly rate to interrupt my busy schedule for your show indicated that perhaps all is not well in Top Shelf despite the likely millions in NZ of Air funding that you are undoubtedly creaming.

Pissing off NZ’s top blogger wasn’t wise now was it?

Trust me on this?.the allure of appearing on television for me is distinctly yawn inducing?I don’t need publicity, I am publicity, and you are about to get plenty.

Perhaps Helen Kelly, the CTU and the?Media?Entertainment and Arts Alliance should look into your business practices to establish just how many of your talent work for “free”.

Mitch, Top Shelf really needs to treat bloggers with respect, and by respect I mean the only sort of respect anyone understands in the talent industry and that is sharing the coin. Hundreds are fine.

This response and your email will shortly be posted on my blog, all the other bloggers that matter have been bcc, even shameless whores like Matthew Hooton. NFWAB (Google it)

Maybe I could consider this?opportunity?to enhance your show. Perhaps if you would pop round and mow my lawns for three months for nothing…this would be of use to me as I would be of use to you….I can’t think of anything else that you would be of use for.

Kind regards

Cam Slater

I don’t think it is unreasonable to charge for my consulting time and coaching and the actual time spent involved with the show…having done plenty of stand ups and camera work for shows about me I understand just how much time it all takes and to add in a person new to blogging and a camera crew, the inevitable cuts and re-takes…well it takes up time and time is money as we all know.

Sure I may have been a bit rude in my response but I think it is much ruder to expect people to things for nothing when they aren’t doing it for nothing themselves.

If the “actors” want to do this for free they can go right ahead, but I fail to see why consultants and advisors should do so also. Top Shelf will be making a nice tidy profit…is it really that tight that we shouldn’t be paid?

I think I will OIA NZ on Air next for how much in funding they have?received?for all their shows for the past 3 years. That should be interesting. I’ll keep you posted.