+ HR = 3 doesn’t even impress professional designers

Near universal rejection of TV3’s new logo by the public is one thing, but if you can’t even get professionals on board with it, you have to wonder where it went wrong.

A leading New Zealand brand designer has panned television channel Three’s rebrand as looking “like a logo for a party pill”.

Jonathan Sagar is executive creative director of brand development agency Voice, and in his 40 years in the design industry has worked with major clients including Vodafone, KPMG, Farmers and O-I Glass.

He thought the new Three logo was not a bad piece of design – but it wasn’t the right look for the TV station’s brand, and ran the risk of alienating some segments of the channel’s viewership.

It would be consistent with alienating the audience in most other ways as well. ?? Read more »


Introducing: Plus HR equals E

TV3 has?gone for a new brand in a move that seems to be a text book case of how to do everything wrong. ? The Civilian, for once, has no need to write satire.

MediaWorks chief content officer Andrew Szusterman says the change is a ?positive step forward? to ?acceptance? that TV3 is ?dead, really.?

?When you look at the TV3 brand as it stands, it?s been around since 2003,? he said. ?That?s a long time, and really in that time, we?ve seen a lot of changes. The 2003 brand doesn?t really represent what the channel is in 2017, which isn?t so much TV, as it is just some kind of endless focus group and marketing exercise that never goes anywhere and just hands bigger ratings to our competitors.

?So we thought it made sense to drop the ?TV??

Companies that are in trouble and?have no idea what to do generally think they need to fix the “culture” and the “public image” instead of just doing their jobs well. ?In TV3’s case, they need to provide up to the minute content that their viewers like to watch, make it extremely accessible -on demand if possible- and if they do have to dally with news, it has to be short, sharp and to the point.

Yeah. ?Right. Read more »


The Nation asks if Talleys is a good corporate citizen but uses a man who threatens violence and rape as their front man

Screen Shot 2016-09-03 at 9.29.55 PM

The Nation on TV3 did a hit job on Talleys?yesterday and replayed it again this morning.

They presented a worker called Phillip Reweti Bear, He is also standing for the Wanganui Council.

We have covered this ratbag before and his behaviour. Where he threatened Paula Bennett with rape and violence.

So yesterday morning we had The Nation asking AFFCO and Talleys are good corporate citizens?

Well what about the guy they were promoting, is he a good citizen? He’s still at the threats of violence, here is a recent outburst:

unnamed-7 Read more »

The NZ Government and TV 3 need to rethink their support of World Vision *UPDATED

We have been contacted by World Vision regarding this post.?

You can read their Press release on the topic here.

Due to the seriousness of the allegations World Vision says that they have already suspended operations in Gaza.

The man allegedly responsible for the theft of millions of dollars from the charity World Vision, was featured by Mike McRoberts in his videos from Gaza.?Mike McRobert’s TV 3 videos helped raise money in New Zealand for World Vision and if the allegations are true, 60% of World Vision’s fundraising was funneled directly to the terrorist arm of Hamas.

World Vision received more than $7M in grants from the New Zealand Government. How much of that money ended up in Palestine is anyones guess if the claims are true.

The New Zealand government has given more than $7m in grants to World Vision over the past two years. There has been no statement from any New Zealand officials at the time of publishing about whether this support will continue or not in light of the allegations…

…The director of the Gaza branch of World Vision, Mohammed El-Halabi, was arrested by the Israeli internal secret service for allegedly diverting tens of millions of dollars of World Vision funds to the terrorist arm of Hamas.

It is reported that during the investigation El-Halabi admitted that he had been a member of Hamas since his youth, had undergone military training and had been commissioned by Hamas to infiltrate World Vision. He also reportedly admitted that his father, Halil El-Halabi, who had served as head of UNWRA?s educational institutions in the Gaza Strip for years, was a member of Hamas and used his position as a UN employee to help the terrorist organization.

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Forget a new logo and branding, axe Mike and Hilary

If Mediaworks thinks that launching a confusing new brand and logo will turn around their audience issues, think again.

My mate Regan Cunliffe thinks the problem is more easily fixed.

TV3 is going to have to do more than rename its news if it wants to turn around its ratings fortunes, one commentator says.

Regan Cunliffe, who runs, a TV news and ratings website, said the move to combine 3News with RadioLive to become NewsHub would not be enough to win the 6pm battle with One News.

He said it was not much of a revamp if the same two presenters ? Mike McRoberts and Hilary Barry ? were fronting the bulletin.

There had been rumours that the pair were for the chop but only the weekend bulletin is to be fronted by new faces.

Carolyn Robinson and co-presenter Simon Shepherd will be replaced by Melissa Davies and Tom McRae for the weekend news spot.

Cunliffe said: “I think they are trying to do what they can to change things up but I can’t see it working for them.”? Read more »

#dirtymedia Mediaworks programme Story breaks multiple laws to illegally obtain an firearm

Heather du Plessis-Allan breaks at least 5 laws, claims public interest to try and get off

Heather du Plessis-Allan breaks at least 5 laws, claims public interest to try and get off

HIGH-PROFILE television presenter Heather du Plessis-Allan is facing the possibility of criminal charges after admitting using fake documentation to illegally purchase a firearm online.

Du Plessis-Allan from TV3 current affairs programme Story confirmed in a radio interview this afternoon that police were investigating the circumstances of how she had managed to purchase online a .22LR bolt-action rifle from Gun City.

The idea of using fake credentials was suggested to Story by Police Association president Greg O?Connor, who like du Plessis-Allan is likely to be facing some tough questions from police who are understood to be unimpressed with the media stunt aimed at highlighting the ease in which members of the public can purchase a firearm online.

In following O?Connor?s suggestion, du Plessis-Allan appears to have committed several offences under the Arms Act, the Crimes Act and the Policing Act 2008 ? most notably by signing off her online application to buy the weapon using a fake police officers name.

Under section 48 of the Policing Act a person ?commits an offence who, without reasonable excuse, and in circumstances likely to lead a person to believe that the person is a Police employee? assumes the name, designation, or description of a Police employee.? ? Read more »

The sad state of the New Zealand Media Party

Late yesterday, I wrote

At today?s post-cabinet press conference, Andrea Vance asked the Prime Minister a really pertinent question. What does he think about the allegations that UK Prime Minister David Cameron has had his meat and two veg inside a dead pig?s mouth?


The fact that Vance thought that was the sort of thing that would get her the valuable answers needed to write for her newspaper is bad enough, but it would have died a nice death in the awkward silence of others who were thinking ?did she really just ask that??, if it wasn?t for her tag-team partner and Media Party communications spokesperson, Katie Bradford, spewing it out for all to see on the Twitter machine.

Now we know that Vance and Bradford are now BFFs because Vance will soon be gracing TVNZ’s partially taxpayer-funded payroll with her. ? But this tag teaming of the Prime Minister was also picked up by the TV3/Radiolive/Mediaworks stable who are pushing the smear for all it’s worth. ? Read more »

TV3 completely confused by e-cigarettes

This morning I came across another startling headling on TV3, ?E-cigarettes linked to teen smoking ? study?.

Yet another case where the headline isn?t supported by the story.

When you read the article, it says:

??the findings in the?Journal of the American Medical Association?out on Tuesday (local time) stop short of showing that e-cigarettes cause teens to try other forms of tobacco, and scientists say more research is needed to explore any such link.?

So it doesn?t show e-cigarette use causes teens to move onto cigarette smoking. Of course there?s the chance to call for more research?troughing.

Then there?s the kicker from Peter Hajek, professor of clinical psychology at the University of London who said: Read more »

Wrongly Wrongson Wrong Again

Yes, that's right comrades, I have poo on my fingers

Yes, that’s right comrades, I have poo on my fingers

The most wrong person in NZ politics Wrongly Wrongson aka Martyn Martin Bradbury is wrong again.

The other day he blogged:

Heather du Plessis-Allan has turned down TV3?s offer to host their new 7pm show with Duncan Garner so I think management should just go the whole hog and appoint Rachel Glucina to work as Duncan?s co-anchor.

If TV3 are trying to imitate the hate crime against public broadcasting that is ?Seven Sharp?, then they may as well be totally open to being as sycophantic as ?Seven Sharp? and put Rachel in there. She pretends to be a PR person, so she may as well pretend to be a broadcaster as well.

If TV3 were serious about trying to get back their credibility they would put the incredibly talented?Paula Penfold in the role, but I fear that?s not what they are aiming for.

My God TV broadcasting has become a ruined nightmare under a Government that wants the people distracted rather than informed.

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Is the boycott against TV3 working?

Martin Martyn Bradbury and his poo-fingered mate over at Scoop Alistair Thompson are pushing hard for a boycott of TV3 because they axed a non-performing show that happened to employ their leftist mate John Campbell.

After a couple of weeks they are claiming victory for their boycott and imploring everyone to stay with it.

But are they accurate?

Well, of course not. These two are simply the wrongest wrong people in New Zealand.

Regan at Throng explains their errors:

After Campbell Live ended on the 29th of May, a campaign to boycott TV3 was called for. While comparing the average audience per program is one way to look at how things are going over time, in the instance that we?re talking about a blanket boycott of an entire channel by a group of people upset by the removal of a single show, a better way to look at the data is the Channel Share.

The Channel Share represents the percentage of all viewers tuning in to a particular channel. So let?s take a look at the data. This is what TV3?s channel share looks like during the review and then onceCampbell Live ended.

Daily Channel Share Last 8 weeks 5+, 7 Day Moving Average

Daily Channel Share Last 8 weeks 5+, 7 Day Moving Average

On the face of it, it would appear that the channel share has suffered a slight drop in the two weeks following the departure of Campbell Live, but has it? We know there was a surge in viewership during the review so let?s put the last two weeks in the context of a bigger picture. Firstly, let?s look at the last 5 years. ? Read more »