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Twins 6

“A Pair of One”

Greta and Freda Chaplin

They were identical, inseparable and lived their entire lives in complete unison.

They were so alike in the way they thought, spoke, moved, dressed, looked, and lived, that children would thrown stones at them and called them witches and adults used to spit on them in the street.

This story of identical twins in England, this is a rare glimpse into the strange world of mutual identity-sisters who viewed the world through each others? eyes, living looking glasses. Greta and Freda Chaplin were identical twins who dressed alike, walked ?in step and for much of the time they spoke the same words in unison. They were inextricably bound to each other and if separated they wailed and screamed. There are many twins who dress alike and behave somewhat alike but the Chaplin twins have been described as one of the most uncanny. Their story sparkles with the crazy quirkiness of the far edges of humanity, yet it resonates with the essence of every human.

Greta and Freda?s relationship to each other appeared precarious and, in fact, as you looked at them, they seemed to sway slightly. You had the impression they were holding each other upright and that if you took one away, the other would fall down. They were like two people in a rowing boat. If the oars strike the water at the same time, the boat moved forward with ease. But if one oar is a moment late then a great effort is required to keep it on course and the boat will blunder its way through the water.

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Photo Of The Day

Photo: Unknown Source. June and Jennifer Gibbons along with Marjorie Wallace.

Photo: Unknown Source.
June and Jennifer Gibbons along with Marjorie Wallace.

The Silent Twins

Eerie, Tormented And Gifted

Dubbed the Silent Twins because they only communicated with their immediate family, June and Jennifer Gibbons were born in Wales in 1963 and grew up as social pariahs who were frequently bullied. They had speech impediments, and as the years went by, their secret twin language became more unique and less intelligible to outsiders. The sisters, who committed several crimes, including arson and petty theft, were committed to England’s Broadmoor Hospital, where they lived for 11 years and were later diagnosed with schizophrenia.

The sisters had an intense love-hate relationship and eventually made a pact while at Broadmoor: one had to die so the other could lead a normal life. Jennifer even admitted to Marjorie Wallace [journalist Marjorie Wallace came along and unearthed their inner world] during a visit: “I’m going to die. We’ve decided.” In 1993, hours after their release, Jennifer, at the age of 29, died on her sister’s shoulder from a sudden inflammation of the heart muscle. The cause remains?a mystery.

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Girl meets her father’s twin for the first time


Wrestling Ain’t What It Used To Be

Perhaps this is the sort of thing to liven up a Labour Party conference?


This won’t end well

This is not going to end well:

Hospital officials in northern Brazil say a woman has given birth to conjoined twin boys with one body and two heads.

Obstetrician Neila Dahas of the Santa Casa de Misericodia Hospital in the city of Belem says the twins were born Monday, local time, by Cesarean section.

She said on the hospital’s website that each boy had his own brain and spinal cord, but they shared all other organs, including the heart, lungs and liver.

Dahas said it was too early to tell how the twins would develop.

She said one of the boys was having respiratory problems and required “special care.”

The boys are named Jesus and Emanuel.