Two-state solution

Palestine reveals the real impediment to peace after rejecting Kerry’s Two State solution

The Palestinians have given John Kerry (the guy who worked hand in glove with our very own Murray McCully)?a two-fingered salute to his two-state solution. They have revealed that the real impediment to peace was NOT the Israeli settlements but those pesky Jews wanting their half of the two-state solution to be recognised. That is a deal breaker for the tolerant Palestinians whose only requirement for peace is the total elimination of those pesky Jews.

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Guest Post: Our world: The PLO?s zero-sum game

Caroline Glick

AN AERIAL view of the Palestinian Authority?s Mukata presidential compound in Ramallah.. (photo credit:REUTERS)

The opportunity now upon us may be lost forever as the PLO comes back to win its zerosum game against Israel.

Since its inception in the?late 1970s, the Israeli peace movement has been based on one thing: hope.
Members of the peace movement hoped the PLO?s war with Israel could be resolved through compromise. Proponents of peace with the PLO hoped that Yasser Arafat and his terrorist minions weren?t truly committed to Israel?s destruction.

The two-state formula was based on the hope that Israel could reach an accommodation with the PLO. To wit, in exchange for parts of Judea and Samaria and Gaza (no one was talking about Jerusalem), Israeli peaceniks, who over time came to encompass all factions of the Left in Israel, hoped the PLO would bury the hatchet, build a state, or federate with Jordan, and that would be that.

In 1992, the peace camp took over the government. Under the leadership of then prime minister Yitzhak Rabin and then foreign minister Shimon Peres, hope became the basis for Israel?s national security strategy. That strategy was followed by every Israeli government since. The basic idea was clear enough. In exchange for land and guns and legitimacy, Arafat and his goons would be domesticated.

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Guest Post: A New Zealander’s video response to UNSC Resolution 2334

Guest Post:

Perry Trotter

Perry Trotter😕

A New Zealand photographer and composer. Perry is the creator of Shadows of Shoah, a unique multidisciplinary touring Holocaust exhibition. Perry’s video was originally published on Middle East Voices?and its transcript was first published 03/01/17 at?The Times of Israel


A ?Judenrein? Jerusalem? New Zealand?s Shame?

A respected British commentator recently described New Zealand as ?a stupid country of no other significance?. She was referencing NZ co-sponsoring UN resolution 2334, which effectively bans Jews from living in certain areas.

I am not convinced that New Zealand is a stupid country but in this matter some of our leaders are surely morally deficient.

First, some background:

Jews have been subject to expulsion and persecution for millennia.?In the 1930?s and 40?s, for example, the Germans implemented a policy of Jewish expulsion. Their goal was to make Europe Judenrein*?or Judenfrei ? free of Jews. Jewish communities, many of which had been resident in their host countries for hundreds of years, were expelled or eliminated. I have a number of Jewish friends who lived through this dark period.

Forbidding Jews to live in a particular area was, of course, antisemitism. And it is a matter of historical record that the Judenrein policy was a step on the road to genocide. Ultimately six million Jews were murdered.

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Israel needs a solution based on facts not hopes and dreams


Every day I seem to get yet another facebook post like this one?and this one.


The faces of those murdered and stabbed popping up on my screen day after day reinforce my opposition to a two-state solution. Below is a blog post written by the friend of one of the latest victims of terrorism, Taylor Force. He tells us about Taylor and also explains why he is considered an extremist for wanting a one-state solution.


My friend Taylor Force is dead.

He laughed and smiled a lot in the classes at West Point. He sat behind me, next to me, or across from me during our first two years at the United States? premier institution. He was very mild-mannered, sharp, and professional. I couldn?t think of someone who was more of a model of ?America?s finest? than him. He was handsome, articulate, brilliant, and just so GOOD. I can?t think of a moment where he wasn?t exuding an aura of pure positive energy. He was as honest and heartfelt as they come, but now he?s dead.

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Did Bibi really renounce a two state solution?

The western liberal media and the Obama Administration have been attacking Benjamin Netanyahu because he supposedly renounced his previous support for a two state solution regarding Palestine.

But did he?

After spending much of the past five days bemoaning Benjamin Netanyahu’s?”hard turn right” NBC News’ Andrea Mitchell finally asked Israeli Prime Minister about his supposed no two-state solution comment. ?Bibi?told Mitchell what those who actually read his statement already knew, “I never changed my policy or retracted my speech six years ago, calling for a demilitarized Palestinian state that recognizes the Jewish State.” Despite what the Israeli Premier said, Mitchell kept clinging to her interpretation.

Mitchell began by going straight to the point:

MITCHELL: Congratulations on your victory. But — there’s always a but, critics and analysts here and around the world are saying at what cost? Your hard turn right on the Palestinian issue, what you said about the Arab voters coming out in droves they say are costing you, costing you support around the world.

NETANYAHU: Well, neither one is — the premises in your questions are wrong. I never changed my policy. I never retracted my speech at Bar Ilan University six years ago, calling for a demilitarized Palestinian State that recognizes the Jewish State. What has changed is the reality. Abu Mazen, the Palestinian leader, refuses to recognize the Jewish State and made a pact with Hamas that calls for destruction of Jewish State, and every territory that is vacated today in the Middle East is taken up by Islamist forces. We want that to change so we can realize a vision of real sustained real peace. I don’t want a one-state solution. I want a sustainable, peaceful two-state solution, but for that circumstances have to change.

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