A cup of cold sick with your sausage roll, Phil?

With exquisite timing, during the Labour Party conference, the Otago Daily Times has reported?yet another Kiwibuild disaster. Quote.

The South Island?s much-heralded first foray into KiwiBuild home ownership has been a bit of a fizzer ? at least so far.

So few prospective homebuyers have entered the ballot for 10 KiwiBuild house and land packages in the Northlake suburb of Wanaka that the developer has asked to extend the ballot period by 10 days.

The ballot was due to close on Thursday.

KiwiBuild senior media adviser Mark Hanson said yesterday 20 ballot entries had been received.

??Some houses have received no entries and the developer has asked us to extend the ballot to Sunday, November 18, to allow for people who they are working with more time to work through their pre-qualification process.??
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Put down the P-pipe, Phil.

Apparently, Housing minister Phil Twyford wants to say sorry to Meth heads and give them all a big hug. Newsie reports: quote.

Quote:A report by Housing NZ into its response to methamphetamine contamination shows the organisation accepts its approach was wrong and had far reaching consequences for hundreds of people.End of quote.

Well, I don’t know if its approach was wrong but it did get taken in by scare tactics regarding even trace amounts of meth being dangerous. Quote.

Quote:?Housing NZ acknowledges that around 800 tenants suffered by either losing their tenancies, losing their possessions, being suspended from the public housing waiting list, negative effects on their credit ratings or, in the worst cases, being made homeless,” says Housing and Urban Development Minister Phil Twyford.End of quote.

Whoa, back up Phil. Just who do you mean by 800 tenants? Certainly not granny on a pension living in a State flat? No, because the only way there even could have been trace amounts of meth contamination is if the tenant was smoking meth, even if just a few times or if they allowed it to be smoked. Quote.

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Cops with Balls

After the win in the Appeal Court the other day one of the cops involved in Clarks Mugabe like motorcade romp through the Canterbury countryside has spoken out against Clark and her toady Robinson.

"We did what we had to do, but still haven’t had a phone call or a letter or anything of appreciation of what we did, from anyone in hierarchy which is a bit disappointing,"

"You could call us scapegoats, but we were put before a legal system…I don’t feel we needed to be put there." #para "None of us deserved to be there. It could have been dealt with in house by someone making a statement on what we were there to do."

"We are there, paid to take a bullet for the PM, and obviously we basically did, one way or another.

"But he was just doing a job, so that’s good."