Google to try OEM strategy to kill IE

Google is trying to work deals with PC manufacturers for them to bundle Chrome on their machine. This is straight out of the Microsoft playbook that saw IE leap to the front in the browser wars.

I haven’t personally spent much time playing with Chrome for a couple of reasons. Firstly they have yet to release a Mac version. I am pretty much entirely based around Mac these days and so if Google want me to play with their browser then best they hurry up and get me a OSX version to play with. Secondly, and I’m not sure how qualified I am with this one, but there are numerous plugins and add-ons that I use with Firefox that keeps that browser my standard. I couldn’t download and extract many of the videos from MSm sites without my Firefox add-ons.

Still this strategy could see the masses converting unknowingly en-masse to Google Chrome. Whether or not that is a good thing remains to be seen as the Google behemoth rolls over and onwards.

Microsoft trying to brainwash kids???

Microsoft's Brainwashing Children's Book: Mommy, Where Do Servers Come From?

hat tip MikeE who told me and Rod Drury who told him via RSS

Microsoft has made a kids book as some kind of marketing propaganda. [Warning: Side splitting laughter imminent]

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Schools hit by Microsoft/Government intransigence

Microsoft are insisting that schools that use their Office product on Macs cough up for licensing and the Education department is saying nah as well.

Of course the stupid minister and echoing him is the even dimmer MSM who should know better are saying that they can use NeoOffice. NeoOffice is simply a port of OpenOffice, but why would you use a port when you can have the real thing.

You would think that the journalist press release copier would ahve walked down the hallway and spoken to the technology journalist and asked what alternatives their were to using Microsoft products on a Mac. If he had, he would know that there are very credible alternatives that cost nothing.

The best office applications are to be had at OpenOffice.org. This is supported financially by Sun and provides everything you could actually want in an Office suite. I use this myself on a Mac. Sure it uses x11 to run but so what and doesn't have native Mac features but again so what, it works.

Of course there are now online alternatives such as Google Docs which provide a Word processor and a Spreadsheet. Again I use this fine product from Google, in fact far more than I do any other Office type product.

Then there is ThinkFree, which offers Desktop installation or online use with a free 1Gb of storage. The Desktop version costs but is a miniscule amount compared to Microsoft's bloated price and product.

Mariner Software also provide an Office suite of applications in their MarinerMac Suite. Yes it costs, but it is $199.95 USD. Compare that with Mac:Office Professional at $880 NZD!!!! 

OpenOSX: Office provides another opensource option with the added bonus of GIMP and Database support. At only $40 USD it again kicks the ass of any Microsoft product in terms of price/feature ratio.

As you can see there are many option available to the end user with out having to rely on Microsoft products. Anyone who says you can't get popular applications for a Mac is seriously deluded or deliberatly muddying the water.

Not again….

Microsoft has declared war , again, on Free software.

Oh I'm sure they are all quaking in their boots over this latest little rant. 

Microsoft should give up now while the going is good. 

I have a confession to make

I, a longtime Microsoft advocate has been playing with Linux and have fallen in love.
Specifically I have on the recommendation of a geek friend of mine been playing with Ubuntu .
This thing rocks, I have now got my PC dual booting and have spent more time in Linux than XP over the past month. The product is stunning in its simplicity to set up, actually even easier than OSX which was a breeze.it comes pre-packaged with everything you really need all for free.
Ubuntu 5.10 includes the following applications;
  • OpenOffice , is compatible with Microsoft Office, so you can easily exchange documents with friends and colleagues who still use Windows and Microsoft Office.
  • Firefox , easily the best browser around.
  • Evolution , an excellent email and calendar application (although being a Gmail convert I don't use this)
  • The Gimp , for such tasks as photo retouching, image composition and image authoring.
  • software for databases, web serving, email hosting and DNS name serving, internet cacheing and directory services. Ubuntu also includes Samba for Windows file sharing, FTP server software for large file repositories and NTP for network time services.
  • Ubuntu can be installed in a minimal server configuration optimised for datacenter servers that will not be used as desktop machines.
Even more impressive is they have distributions for 64 bit PCs and a Mac version…I am still to work out out to dual boot the missus' Mac yet.
I think I am in love and may soon make the complete transition away from the sordid world of Microsoft.
I am presently building a Ubuntu Server and Squid Web proxy server as well so I am starting to look a little pale and wasted. the best thing about these are the poxed out shitters I am revitalising.
Next steps will be firewalls and mail servers….yee haa….Open source rocks.

How do you make a small company?

Take a big company, get rid of its successful Managing Director who never had a quarter with a loss and hire a ex-Microsoft "hotshot" who then proceeds to run it into the ground.

Step by Step follow the bullet points;

  • Spend the first 3 months writing a banal meaningless mission statement.
  • Hire your mates from Microsoft who are as useless as you.
  • Piss off your major client and lose 70% of your revenue in one go.
  • Get rid of all the sales reps who actually sold anything
  • Hire new "flash harrys" who have only ever been order takers and pay them mega-bucks to do fuck all.
  • Move your data centre twice in a year for no apparent reason other than a fit of pique.
  • Move buildings even when the landlord offers you free rent for two years and a refit just because you don’t like him.
  • Leave behind all your furniture and fittings because they don’t fit at the new premises.
  • Leave the old premises in such a state that the landlord now wants to sue you for lots and lots for re-instatement.
  • Piss off the head of the the only division that makes money so much so that he leaves in disgust.
  • Destroy all vestiges of shareholder capital
  • Surrender and get another "hotshot".

Voila!! one little small company facing delisting with an eighth of the staff you used to have and no consecutive monthly let alone quarterly profits, facing de-listing.

If I was a shareholder I would be looking at going after the Directors.