UK Home Secretary

Face of the day



Today’s face of the day is UK Home Secretary Theresa May.

Theresa May has claimed Muslims in Britain ?benefit greatly? from Sharia law as she launched plans for an ?independent inquiry,? headed by a Muslim and guided by two ?leading imams,? into whether some of the controversial courts? judgements are at odds with British gender equality laws.Mrs. May stated: ?Many British people of different faiths follow religious codes and practices, and benefit a great deal from the guidance they offer.

?A number of women have reportedly been victims of what appear to be discriminatory decisions taken by Sharia councils, and that is a significant concern.

How can an inquiry headed by a Muslim and guided by two Muslim religious leaders be an unbiased and independent inquiry into Sharia Law courts? It is not even a 50-50 split. Where are the secular British law experts?

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