Um of the Day

Angry David, Ctd

This is what I heard from that interview on RNZ this morning.

You had to laugh that at the very start he called his interviewer Niall (when it was ‘Todd’ Niall). It started the way it continued.

Defensive and incomprehensible.

It seems when he’s under pressure David Shearer gets his host’s names wrong.

From this morning

“Good morning Niall… … Todd”

The interview with Larry Williams on his confused position on the POAL dispute…

“Gidday William, um, ah Larry sorry.”

Shearer is under pressure. He has gone large on nothing more than a bit of pillow-talk and his caucus have left him hanging out to dry.

The Great Communicator

Clare Curran, Labour’s great communications maestro, easily wins um of the day for?this 10 minute speech?in Parliament last night.

Here’s 1 min 23 of ums and ahs, from just the first 5 minutes of her speech.

The second half doesn’t get any better either…

She must have caught the David Shearer virus…

Um of the Day – Sue Moroney

Asked for her estimates on the cost of Labour’s latest big ticket spending promise, Sue Moroney secured Um Of The Day…

Answer um, of the, of the, er, day

I think I might make this a semi-regular post.

I heard this answer on BFM this morning..not only does Shearer blatantly change his position on the POAL action, he reveals Labour also supports casualisation.

Full Interview: [audio?]

However, the non-answer to the second question jumped out at me, even by um Shearer’s er stan.. standards…