David Shearer 2012 Redux – Shaft version

I did one of these compilations at the beginning of last year. David Shearer over-delivered on my expectations.

With the Labour sheep expected to publicly back Shearer in February – 2013 promises to be the year of the um.

So I thought a redux version and then starting thinking about some music to go with it…the choice was obvious really I chose the theme music for Shaft – because sooner or later that’s what he’s going to get – the shaft… if not by Cunliffe then by Robertson.

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Shearer’s end of year Q & Um

The good people at Stuff have put an already edited  end of year interview with David Shearer online.

In this 11 minute 20 interview I counted around 2 full minutes of ‘um’. And that was in the highlights they published!

Here’s 90 seconds of insightful end of year reflection from David Shearer.

It’s hilarious he’s claiming the ‘vocal minority’ criticising him are a group he ‘disregards’.  So what’s Clare Curran up to then?

Um of the Day

After playing gotcha politics (when he said he wouldn’t), and getting a lesson in facts by a well-briefed John Key, the invisible David Shearer’s last question today was unbelievably vague – even by his standards.

“Does his answers relate to a sense, that the incidence of a perception of….”


It’s pretty clear the ‘underpants stealing’ strategy is back in vogue and Mallard’s calling the shots.