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Does this cry baby have a point? [POLL]

via propertybrokers

via propertybrokers

Gavin Holmes wants to take The Mill to court for selling his 17 year old son alcohol via their web site. ?My first reaction was that he needs to harden up and take responsibility as a parent. ?My second was that it can be hard to be responsible for 17 year olds that aren’t cooperating. ?And finally I realised that perhaps The Mill should do more to ascertain the true age of its customers.

Read this, then tell me where you sit on the issue

The father of an underage teen who illegally bought a bottle of vodka online is looking to bring a private prosecution against supplier The Mill.

Gavin Holmes reported his 17-year-old son’s purchase of a $29.99 bottle of Red Square Vodka to the police in November after he was unsatisfied with The Mill’s response to his complaint. All the boy had to do to buy the booze with his debit card was tick a box which said he was over 18.

Police required the retailer to change its website after Holmes’ complaint by asking visitors to fill in their date of birth before going ahead with a purchase.

“The police are not proceeding with prosecution,” Holmes said yesterday.

“The police do seem to be fighting this with both hands tied behind their back. Surely it’s as simple as being illegal to supply alcohol to a minor and they have done that. If the alcohol was sold in a traditional face-to-face situation, they would get done.


The responsibility for underage alcohol sales policing lies with

  • The retailer having more stringent age checks (39%, 365 Votes)
  • Parents, guardians or caregivers (18%, 167 Votes)
  • Some combination of the others (17%, 161 Votes)
  • The child or teenager ordering (14%, 136 Votes)
  • Dunno. Why do you keep asking hard questions, I just come here for the Brown and Dotcom stories (12%, 111 Votes)

Total Voters: 940

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– Chris Gardner @ Stuff