Labour extends the bludger class up right to $150,000

The lolly scramble is well underway.?We may as well call it the ‘baby bribe’.

Labour’s launched its election year lolly scramble with child payments of $60 a week to all families with newborns, who earn a total annual income of up to $150,000.

The bludger class is now extended right up to $150,000.

For the feral underclass they will be pleased that smokes and booze just got suddenly more affordable.

Labour says 59,000 families – or 95 percent – would receive the payments until their child’s first birthday, and payments of up to $60 a week will continue for “modest and middle-income” families until their child turns three.

So Cunliffe is showing that living in the leafy suburbs in a multi-million dollar home has put him well out of touch with reality if he thinks that modest and middle income extends up to $150,000.

Labour’s total spending promises extend past $3 billion. One guess where that is coming from…increased taxes.? Read more »

Uncle Bully Syndrome and now the Kahui Defence

The media continue to perpetrate the Uncle Bully Syndrome in the case of the pissed 9 yo maori kid…now they are allowing the mother to use the “Kahui Defence”.

Booze culture in Hamiltion

Booze culture in Hamiltion

The mother of a young Hamilton boy whose drunken antics at a skate park went viral on YouTube has explained how two more of her children were snapped in a photograph holding bottles of beer.? Read more »


The Aussie feral underclass is far worse than ours

It seems that we have a feral underclass on both sides of the Tasman…except the Aussie ratbags who make up their feral underclass are bomb throwing meatheads.

A UNIVERSITY worker can be revealed as the home owner of a party where more than 500 teenagers ran riot this weekend.

The party – which the police Air Wing and Canine Units had to attend to bring under control – was held at the house of married father of two See Hung Ngieng, who works as a senior IT support officer at Monash University.

The derelict house in Ranfurlie Drive, Glen Waverley, is due to be demolished.

Revellers attacked police cars with beer bottles and launched fireworks at officers as police used riot shields to herd the drunken mob away from busy Springvale Rd late on Friday night.

About 700 people had been invited to the party, mostly through Facebook, according to a group of youths who returned to the house on Saturday.

“They called it (the party) mayhem,” one teenager said of the Facebook invite.

The youths, who didn’t provide their full names, say there may be “mayhem round two”.? Read more »

Too bloody right

Perhaps Paula Bennett can hire this woman?

She’d certainly get my vote for bureaucrat of the year.

Mothers in some large problem families should be taken to the doctors for advice about contraception to stop them having children, a senior government adviser has said.

Louise Casey, the head of the government’s troubled families programme, said that women in problem families have to accept that having another child “might not be the best solution”.

She suggested that instead of having more children they should “do something for themselves” such as “getting a job” or “improving their health”.

Imagine the howls of outrage from the left-wing if you dared suggest the feral underclass be fixed.

She made the comments as new figures showed that the lives of 14,000 of England’s most disruptive families have been turned around under the ?650million programme, a ten-fold increase in the past year.

England’s 120,000 problem families cost taxpayers an estimated ?9billion a year in benefits, crime, anti-social behaviour and health care.

Previous research has suggested that many of them are larger-than-average families. Miss Casey is leading a scheme to turn their lives around after they were blamed for the riots in 2011.

Top stuff..now ignore the bleeding heart liberals and get on with it.

Perhaps the Herald might like to run a Two Kids Max campaign? But then Simon collins would have nothing to write about.

Message to Labour – Don’t rely on the underclass

John?Armstrong?points out the bleeding obvious. Don’t rely on the underclass.?

As the new leader, Phil Goff’s answer was to invoke Labour’s grand tradition of fairness and equity. But wary of moving too far to the left, he did so in only a half-hearted fashion. The result was crazy policies like taking GST off fresh fruit and vegetables – a compromise which endeared Labour to no one except perhaps John Key’s “underclass”. But the “underclass” cannot be relied on to vote.

They couldn’t even be bothered going to the polling stations let alone voting. Chris Trotter has been saying this for years when he talks about Waitakere Man. He was roundly?criticized?and the time.

Perhaps Labour will listen now?

So why did you spend three years going on about VSM Grant?

Finally Labour have asked the kind of questions a competent opposition would have asked a Prime Minister ages ago. Less than three weeks out from the election.

Good questions that should have been asked at the beginning of the term, and all the way through it, not at the end. No wonder their poll ratings are tanking.

Mr Robertson said New Zealanders “rightly want to quiz him on why he has not delivered on his promises”, such as closing the wage gap with Australia, stopping the exodus of New Zealanders across the ditch and helping New Zealand’s “underclass”

Why National's reforms don't go far enough

I’ve had a thought about National’s welfare reforms and I have decided that they are timid.

Unfortunately they have been designed by people who aren’t in touch with New Zealand’s heaving pathetic underclass, not even remotely. They are being sold by?politicians?who?have?no idea of what?the?streets of Manukau produce. They are being argued about by commentators that likewise have never ventured far from their limp-a-cinos in Ponsonby. They are all wrong and they all underestimate the problem that exists out there.

Liberal hand-wringer Martyn Bradbury likes to pretend he cares for the poor, the solo mother, the Maori, and he attacks Cactus Kate for referring to the heaving pathetic underclass in our society. Cactus Kate likewise has no idea but she at least has listened to some stories to know that it is real. She at least has the guts to talk about it. Liberal hand-wringers like Martyn Bradbury have no idea, instead just mouthing slogans while strolling from one important meeting to another liberally dropping word like whanau into conversation to show they care.

They don’t and they don’t because they have no idea.

Let me explain.

I share an office with a good mate in South Auckland. I see every day the people who either work for him or come in to buy or rent things from him.

Let’s talk about three of his workers. They earn good money. They work hard, they are hard men doing hard work. There are sooks on those trucks that go out each day. When I say they earn good money I mean it. The foreman of the work gang would take home close to $100,000. The workers each about $60,000. They are skilled at what they do and are rewarded accordingly.

These guys all live and work in Manukau.

The foreman has 9 children, to 5 different women. He has decided he wants another child. His reason, so he can have one of his own at home with him.

His brother has 5 children, to three different women. Another worker has 10 children with the eleventh on the way.

Almost all of those children have siblings that have different fathers. It is a nightmare. You should see school holidays when the children come to work with Dad for a day.

Then there are?the?customers.

The other day a young girl came in. She looked about 22. She was very near giving birth. She was very awkward and very large. It was freezing cold and her current boyfriend, “Ziggy” was wandering around in a singlet and track pants in the warehouse. According to his drivers licence he was 16. When the drivers licence was checked of the girl it showed that she was only just 16.

Last Thursday this same girl came in to make a payment for “Ziggy”. She had just had the baby on Tuesday. In the general chatter it was found out that this girl, barely 16, had just had her second baby. Her second baby to two different fathers and now she is with another bloke.

Then there is another customer. She is 19 and has 4 children, she wants to have ten children before she is 25. I am not kidding. I see this type of thing every day. When Cactus Kate talks about a heaving, pathetic underclass, she is right, it is just she has never seen it except from descriptions like mine.

A walk out onto the street where there are 5 training institutions allegedly “teaching” even more of the heaving, pathetic underclass skills is a sight to behold. At any time of the day you care to pick there will be “trainees” sitting on the road, in the gutter, on the footpath, all smoking. We are spending literally millions and millions of dollars training them to do god knows what. Just across the road from all of this is the AUT Manukau campus. The state of the “students” there isn’t much better. There is something seriously wrong in New Zealand and no-one seems to know nor care.

It is because of experiences like this that I know that Labour hasn’t a clue. The heaving, pathetic underclass doesn’t buy fresh fruit and vegetables so Labour’s GST changes don’t matter to them. They don’t care about the technicalities of a capital gains tax and they sure as hell don’t spend even a minute reading the newspaper unless something catches their eye as they unwrap the fish and chips. They certainly don’t watch the news. They think Phil goff is a skinny, funny speaking white guy if they even know his name.

For all of these reasons above I can safely and honestly say that National’s reforms do not go far enough. I also know for certain that Labour doesn’t have any answers because they oppose anything National is trying, even when National is only barely trying. For sure I know that latte swilling liberal panty-waists like Martyn Bradbury also have no idea, no answers and are just shrill shriekers with empty platitudes and no solutions other than to spend even more more on the heaving, pathetic underclass.

This country is broken and we need to consider radical solutions not more of the same. If pouring billions of dollars into South Auckland was the answer then 50 years of the welfare state should have proven to use beyond a shadow of a doubt that welfare doesn’t work. Climate scientists claim the earth is doomed on less evidence than this.

National needs to get real because no one else is.



Youth Transition Services

Motella back in October last year did a post about what he thought was the ?nice to have? Youth Transition Service that in his opinion “are enabling and encouraging a swelling underclass believe that they are special by not being arsed to front up at school“.


It looks like this post has now been discovered by a Youth Transition Service staff member doing a Google vanity search and a link to the post appears to have been emailed to other YTS offices throughout the country.

From the patsy comments made on the post this morning, the YTS folk are earnestly qualifying their existence by adding some of their hand-picked unique perspectives.

I have to wonder though if Youth Transition Services isn’t just a fancy title for puberty?