Canadian MP leaves The House to adjust his gruds


Although Winston highlighted his opinion that John Key’s drapes didn’t match the carpet, it seems in Canada the wrong kind of undies get in the way of the smooth running of parliament. ? Read more »

I wonder if it works on Moobs?

This post is for the ladies…or big blokes like Gerry who should perhaps be looking at man bras.

Technology is a wonderful thing and now a lingerie company has produced an app that can work out your correct bra size.

It?s often been said that the majority of women don?t know their ?true? bra size.

Now, an app called ThirdLove wants to help women find their size by using data from two selfie photos of the customer?s chest.

Yes. Find your bra size by taking?a selfie of your breasts, TechCrunch reports.

How does this work?

According to the app, there are three easy steps. ? Read more »

This is totally gay

I mean it, what sort of panty-waist would wear these:

If you thought men in tights was a sartorial statement best left to medieval jesters, think again.

The underwear staple for women is making its way into wardrobes of the opposite sex – and the look is gaining popularity.

If any were in doubt as to the strength of the trend, it even has its own name: Mantyhose.

Italian design house Emilio Cavallini has designed a range of tights that it says are unisex and the styles are being snapped up by men, who make up two to three per cent, or 20- to 30,000 – of the company’s?customers.

Costing $27, the tights, made from a mix of cotton and nylon, were launched in June 2009, reports?WWD.

Speaking to the fashion newspaper, the company’s vice president, Francesco Cavallini said: ‘When we started our online shop we noticed that a lot of tights sized medium-large were being purchased by men.?So I did a search on the Internet and discovered there is a cult following for mantyhose.’

Labour’s Lies and their Underpants Stealing Strategy

Now the World Cup is over Labour seem to have reverted to their underpants stealing strategy. David Parker has told a total lie about Sensible Sentencing in a classic underpants stealing move that Trevor Mallard would be proud to have committed himself.

A recap for the uninitiated. It is from ?the Gnomes episode of South Park.

This is the clip that explains why the gnomes are stealing underpants.

There are many synergies with the gnomes and the Labour Party?s election campaign. So their campaign strategy of stealing underpants is:

Phase 1: ??Steal Underpants (an euphemism for some stupid policy that has no chance of winning any votes)
Phase 2: ???
Phase 3: ?Win votes

If?left wing bloggers wish to recycle this idea?without acknowledging Whaleoil they should at the very least acknowledge they are describing an Underpants Stealing strategy.