Unitary Plan

They might have a plan but the market moves faster than that

Everyone knows that Auckland is seriously screwed by the prize muppets of Auckland Council.

No we’re not talking about the Councillors – although they vote in support of proposals they don’t prepare the mad hatched plans – it’s the council planners. Buoyed on by the support they get from Councillors they have planned a compact city and this plan isn’t working.

First home hunters squeezed out of traditional entry-level Auckland suburbs are being pushed to the far reaches of the city but face massive daily commutes to work.

As Auckland wrestles with how to squeeze in an additional 400,000 homes and stem house price inflation, debate is raging over whether to intensify upwards or allow further urban sprawl.

The Proposed Unitary Plan will set out which suburbs can expect a proliferation of more affordable terraced housing and apartment buildings to cater for up to a million new residents over the next 30 years.

But some commentators also want council planners to relax the metropolitan urban boundaries and free up land on the city’s outskirts to help meet demand. ? Read more »

Has Auckland Council deceived everyone with their zone changes?

OK kids, Auckland Council has gone and done it – rezoned Auckland en masse for apartments in every neighbourhood.

It’s highly contentious but they don’t care.

Chunks of leafy Auckland suburbia are to be rezoned for more intensive housing under new plans released by the city’s council.

Auckland Council has unveiled the controversial changes in 43 maps published on Thursday.

The planned alterations mean parts of the central suburbs such as Mt Eden, Remuera and Pt Chevalier lose their Single House zoning – meaning one house on one section – and become Mixed Housing zones, which allow for more dense styles of accommodation up to three storeys.

The council has proposed many of the changes without consulting Aucklanders, under rules permitting it to make “out of scope” modifications to the city’s incoming Unitary Plan.

The changes include:

* Zoning more of Mt Eden for Mixed Housing Urban, allowing intensified housing of up to three storeys;

* Reducing the amount of Single House zoning in Remuera;

* Allowing more intensification in parts of Takapuna’s iconic seaward streets such as Minehaha Avenue;

* Changing the length of Lake Road between Takapuna and Belmont to Mixed Housing Urban; ?? Read more »

Today they are voting on the Taniwha tax

Today?the Auckland Council is voting whether to partially repeal its ?mana whenua? rules in the Unitary Plan. The rules currently affect around 18,000 property owners around Auckland and often requires them to get a ?cultural impact assessment? from any number of the 19 mana whenua groups recognised by the council. This cultural impact assessment is known as the Taniwha tax.


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Adams muscles up, rips up Len’s unitary plan

At last Amy Adams has figured out one needs to implement strong policy and make hard hitting decisions to be an effective minister.

Adams has come down like the great Hammer of Thor on the Proposed Auckland Unitary Plan by stating that significant changes must be made.

Environment Minister Amy Adams is seeking major changes to the Auckland Unitary Plan, which she says will not provide enough houses and make housing even more unaffordable in its current form.

In a cabinet-approved submission on the new planning rulebook for the Super City, Ms Adams says failure to make changes could have far-reaching economic and social consequences for Auckland and New Zealand.

She said the original objectives for a quality compact and design-led approach had been “betrayed” by overly-complex policies, overlays and rules.

“I seek the removal or loosening of prescriptive provisions in the proposed Auckland Unitary Plan where they are not supported and justified by evidence and analysis,” she said.

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Thanks Len

Len Brown’s Unitary Plan is pandering to Len’s natural constituency in South Auckland.

What is proposed is out of control ridiculous

A couple have been told to apply to 14 different iwi to keep the water running to their home.

Brent and Jennifer Tassell will need approval to renew resource consent on a bore hole that has been operating for 10 years, supplying water to eight Puhoi homes.

The bore draws water from 305m underground and is the only source of water for the properties in Slowater Lane, on the northern outskirts of greater Auckland.

“It’s a hole in the ground that’s been there for 10 years,” said Jennifer. “It’s completely over the top for our situation.”

Under the draft Auckland Unitary Plan, all applicants for resource consent for new or existing developments must apply to iwi for them to assess whether it would have an adverse effect on mana whenua.

Who needs the Resource Management Act to stifle the ecomomy when you can have your local Iwi do it for you? ? Read more »

Len Brown’s Unitary Plan will literally force you to turn the lights off

Bernard Ormsman explains this ridiculous situation

Club tennis players will have to down rackets at 6pm if a little-known clause in Auckland Council’s draft Unitary Plan makes it through to the final document.

The “strange and unexplained” hours have been discovered by the Pompallier Lawn Tennis Club in St Marys Bay.

Under the draft plan, floodlights adjoining residential areas must be turned off at 6pm on Sundays and public holidays. This is a change to the existing time of 10pm, seven days a week.

Sports clubs will be able to keep the lights on until 10pm from Monday to Saturday, excluding public holidays.

What pencil neck idiot decided that Sunday was a special day? ?What is so special about a Sunday? ?Especially in a multicultural and religiously diverse city when people don’t start work on Monday and Sunday isn’t a rigid day of rest?

It’s an arbitrary rule, especially if 24 hours McDonalds, supermarkets or service stations are operating less than a few hundred meters up the road. ? Read more »

Is this the fate of Auckland under Len Brown?

Here?s the sort of thing they?re doing in Marin County against the Bay Area Plan: watch the video.

I think they are absolutely correct in their dire predictions.

Of course it is one thing to stop the intensification; another thing to ensure decent housing is getting built at affordable prices elsewhere instead of the land being left to rural use.

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Unitary Plan slammed by voters, Len still in hiding

Len Brown’s unitary plan has been slammed by voters.

The Herald reports:

A sizeable section of Aucklanders appear to prefer more urban sprawl to higher buildings, despite Mayor Len Brown’s goal of a compact city.

A?Herald-DigiPoll survey of 500 people has found more of them deeming the proposed Unitary Plan rule-book unnecessary than those prepared to give unqualified support to more multi-storey buildings and smaller average section sizes.

Only 18.3 per cent believe the plan is the best way to deal with population growth, and will make Auckland a better place to live. ? Read more »

Back Down Brown

Len Brown was prepared to die in a ditch over his Unitary plan for intensification….that was until he got down in the ditch and discovered it looked awfully like a grave.

Now he will simply be known as Back Down Brown.

The Auckland Council is scaling back intensification plans for the city weeks before October’s local body elections.

A hard-fought battle by council planners to retain “no density limits” in suburbs was lost when Mayor Len Brown yesterday withdrew a compromise after it became clear that councillors and local board leaders would not stomach the issue.

The Auckland Plan committee went on to abolish several “integrated development precincts” that would have allowed Housing New Zealand to build intensive developments of three and four storeys in suburban areas.

Other backdowns in the new planning rulebook for the city were reduced height limits in Kohimarama and Browns Bay, less intensification around St Heliers village and rezoning part of Great North Rd in Grey Lynn for terraced housing and apartments.

Mr Brown’s decision to withdraw pull his compromise on suburban density controls marked a turning point after four days of trying to settle the most controversial issue in the new rulebook, or Unitary Plan.

Of course the sneaky and furtive Len Brown will claim he was “listening”.

At one point, Mr Brown urged councillors to stick with the proposed suburban zones and not throw the baby out with the bathwater.

And then in the face of overwhelming opposition…he did precisely that.

Council in full on reverse ferret over Unitary Plan

Policy Parrot says:

Some of the more notorious members of the property development community and legal profession have been bagging Auckland Council for sometime around the issue of intensification and the compact city model.

It started in earnest when Council undertook the Auckland Plan process and quite understandably professional peeps wanted to know where the evidence was that the city could be compacted.

In a somewhat savvy but also cunning move the Property Council convinced the Auckland Council to complete a study (FGA) which singlehandedly undermined the compact city model by casting doubt over the veracity of available land capacity.

This Parrot was highly amused when reading that report once it was available because it said what we all thought – that it was certain the land for building a compact city didn’t exist and it it demonstrated what amount of zoning change was required to meet Auckland Plan targets which – to say the least – were preposterous.

The single biggest fact put forward by the report authors against the compact model (and targets being achieved) was that the Council lacked the ‘political will’ to carry out the necessary rezoning if local communities popped a vein or two.

One assumes Council scoffed at that and ignored the advice because the targets largely remained intact and the Draft Unitary Plan was released with wide scale rezoning proposed over the whole city.

Well blow me if Councillors aren’t back tracking right now.

And what is causing that? Community opposition.? Read more »