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Dodgy Unions of the UK – Unite union

We have our own dodgy unions here, but they are a shadow of the dodginess of UK based unions.

Look at Unite union, the supposed protector of the workers and their sexual harassment issues:

More than half the female officers in Britain?s biggest union claim to have been bullied or sexually harassed by fellow officials or members in their workplaces, a leaked internal study has found.

The report about the treatment and working conditions of female representatives at Unite also concluded that a quarter of employed officers believe allegations of bullying were not handled well by the union when they were reported.

Titled Women Officers in Unite, the report cited an official who said she felt increasingly isolated at work because of male officials talking among themselves. ?I have to sit among colleagues who refer to our secretaries as the girls ? [They] think it is correct to refer to black people as coloured, talk about chairmen, refer to women as a piece of skirt,? one female officer said.

One woman told interviewers she was ?sexually assaulted by a senior officer in the past?. The report did not go into any further details of her case and did not explain whether the woman reported the assault to police or the union. However it is understood that incident took place in 2007 before Unite was formed through the amalgamation of three unions.

Some of the worst examples of intimidation came from members in external workplaces. One woman reported she had been told in a meeting that she needed ?a good ****?.

Another respondent blamed the union?s senior management for failing to commit to inclusivity. The report quoted her as saying: ?The old-boys network is alive and kicking unfortunately in Unite, where it is who you know and where they come from that matters.?

The findings are contained in the 39-page internal report about the working lives of the union?s 74 female officers, who support the union?s members and elected shop stewards on shop floors and in offices. It was commissioned by Unite?s officers national committee (ONC) in February and presented to senior management in May.

Unite?s executive is considering the four-month-old findings.

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A Little elephant in the room

The e-mail from Andrew Little to SB was the final straw, especially the bit where he said:

We?re not the sort of country that wants to be known as a haven for the global mega-rich to hide their wealth and avoid paying their fair share. We?re better than that.

In a way, Little is right; we ARE better than that. But not in the way he implies.

Most Kiwis grudgingly meet their tax obligations. We don?t like it, but as they say in the classics, there are only two certainties in life; death, and taxes. And as fair-minded Kiwis, we have a level of distaste for those who deliberately evade the taxman.

And that?s where Andrew Little is vulnerable, and where his hypocrisy needs to be called out. You see, he employs a tax evader as his Chief of Staff. This is not a smear, but an established fact as reported by Stuff on 26 July 2011:

Inland Revenue is chasing unionist Matt McCarten’s Unite Support Services for $150,750 in unpaid taxes after the department forced the company into liquidation last month.

McCarten’s vehicle, which supplied administrative support services to the youth-orientated union Unite, was put into liquidation by a High Court order last month after the IRD pursued it for “failure to provide for taxation,” according to the first liquidator’s report. ?? Read more »

A bit rich from Unite union

Unite union is cutting up rough over holiday pay.

After remaining silent for seven years on the issue they think they can make a fuss and blame the government.

Unite Union has come out swinging at companies for underpaying their workers’ holiday pay.

The union says some businesses are ignoring rules in the Holidays Act and deliberately cheating the system, and lower-paid, casual workers are once again missing out. ? Read more »

Well done Unite Union, you just managed to get people laid off

Time and time again, I warn unions not to push too hard, because invariably, there will be a machine that does it longer, cheaper and more consistently.

And so it has come to pass

Hi Cam,

As you warned a while back, the unions might have cooked their own goose yet again, this time with their agitations directed towards McDonald’s. The Manners Mall restaurant in Wellington has just installed four self-serve ordering stations – see photos. One less job option for the school drop outs, then….


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John Key should break #1 Rule of Politics, suggests Armstrong

If John Key wants to make life a lot easier for himself, he should immediately seek leave to make a personal explanation when Parliament sits this afternoon.

Under standing orders – Parliament’s rules – MPs are allowed to make personal statements to the House if their integrity has come into question or they have been accused of improper conduct or practices.

Today is the first opportunity since the Prime Minister returned from overseas for him to do himself a power of good by using the backdrop of Parliament to make an unconditional apology to Amanda Bailey for his pulling on the waitress’ ponytail during his frequent visits to the Parnell cafe where she works.

Front-footing the matter in such fashion might even enable Key to draw a line under something that has been a huge embarrassment for him. Read more »

Face of the day

Amanda Bailey

Amanda Bailey

Up until now I have chosen not to make Amanda Bailey face of the day as she had stated that she wanted to be anonymous.She is no longer anonymous thanks to her choice to make a joint statement with her employers to the press. Additionally she has kept her facebook page open to the public. Finally she has now gone to the Unite Union and is not only only going after John Key AGAIN but also her employers.

I disagree with her politics but I respected her right to stand up to John Key and be assertive as a good feminist should. It may not have stopped immediately but she did get her message across and he stopped his behaviour, apologised and tried to make amends.Many months later she chose to seek revenge through Wrongly Wrongsons’s blog. Again, though I do not agree with her, if she wanted to try to hurt him politically that was her right.

She has crossed the line now by going to the union. This nonsense about her being powerless must be challenged. Women are not fragile petals and she proved that by stopping him. She also proved that by very calculatedly getting her revenge through Wrongly Wrongson’s Blog. The story has dominated the media and even been talked about overseas. She certainly showed him that she was no mere pig tailed Miss to be taken lightly!
She has had her piece of flesh and John Key has been thoroughly maligned and punished. To now throw her employers under the bus, compounding the damage to their business that she has already caused with her actions, is a bridge too far.

Enough Amanda, enough. You are not only hurting your employers you are making yourself un-employable.

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Without the media to push their wagon, concerns about zero hour contracts doesn’t run very deep


The Bully Brigade, Ctd – News from the trenches

As is usual when I expose ratbags the tip line lights up with even more information.

Yesterday we covered the union bully boys in the Fire Service and how they are conducting a reign of terror amongst volunteer fire fighters.

Here are just a few from the tip line.

Hi Cameron,

I have just read your Fire Service piece today. Man you have hit the nail on the head. I am a member of a large Brigade and we are under constant threat from the supposed ‘Professional’ firefighters. All they want is more jobs for the brothers, to hell whether the community needs it or not. We do a damn fine job serving the community and having paid staff would actually decrease the level of service they end up getting. The Fire Service really is an absolute joke. While there are good Paid firemen, as far as I am concerned a lot of them are nothing more than that – paid firemen, not professionals. I have mates that are in the service and the way they can take sick days, days in lieu, double overtimes, callbacks, it’s sickening. And half the time they do 5/8’s of fuck all. Keep going with your pieces, you will uncover some atrocious behaviours.

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The Owl is making a comeback

Observation by the Owl ? I?m back

Let?s start 2015 with a bang.

Here is some interesting subjects for 2015

Why hasn?t Unite Union?s Charitable Trust filed their accounts?

Why hasn?t The Maritime Union of NZ?filed their accounts?

Will Andrew Little make sure these matters are actioned asap?? Read more »

Audrey Young has been at the Kool-Aid too

It looks like dear old Audrey Young has been drinking the Kool-Aid too.

She writes about whether or not Matt McCarten is going to be able to save Labour.

The answer is easy, it is no, for two reasons…one is he won’t be in place for long and second is he isn’t what his legend makes him out to be.

Undeterred by the obvious Audrey Young attempts to ignore it all.

An extraordinary thing happened in the Labour Party last week.

It went largely uncommented upon because extraordinary things happening in Labour are not unusual at the moment.

The party has been utterly entranced by new leader Andrew Little, who almost did not get back into Parliament at all after the election. It’s the stuff of fantasy, Little rightly muses.

But so, too, was his appointment of Matt McCarten as his permanent chief of staff.

It is the same Matt McCarten who spent a lot of his Machiavellian years if not trying to destroy Labour then at least trying to supplant it on the left with the breakaway Alliance. He was also the key adviser to a leader who took the party to its worst result in 92 years. ? Read more »