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I’m not sure this guy should be a teacher

Anti-semite and Teaching graduate Rob Pulling was a builder then an early childhood teacher. Now he's aiming for primary but can't find a permanent job in Hamilton.

Anti-semite and Teaching graduate Rob Pulling was a builder then an early childhood teacher. Now he’s aiming for primary but can’t find a permanent job in Hamilton.

Rob Pulling is a school teacher. It is a provisional registration, but he is a registered teacher.


In July, this guy was looking for references.

At the University of Waikato, a large teacher education provider, about 350 new teachers graduated in April.

That covers students in Hamilton, Tauranga and distance learners, but?numbers were down on the usual.

Waikato graduate Rob Pulling?finished studying in November 2014 and is still seeking a job in Hamilton.

“With so many people applying for one position your CV would have to be something quite special,” he said.

His aim is to teach at year five to six level, but said he’d do anything if it meant a job.

Some of the people he studied with were already looking for work in other industries, he said. ? Read more »

More health troughers score big from the Marsden Fund

Another set of health troughers has been revealed to be attacking food and drink manufacturers and all funded by the Marsden Fund.

A “sin tax” on unhealthy items is often touted as a way to stop people having them so often, but it might drive them to cheaper brands.

A team led by a University of Waikato researcher has just received $800,000 to study the idea, focusing on sugary soft drinks and cigarettes.

And while the data they’ll analyse doesn’t come from New Zealand, the findings have implications for Kiwis.

Economics professor John Gibson is leading a team looking into whether a “sin tax” would bring down consumption of fizzy drink and cigarettes.

It was one of four Waikato-led projects to receive funding from the Marsden Fund, and reaped $805,000.

“There are New Zealand studies which say 20 per cent fizzy drink tax would save X number of lives and those are the studies we have some questions about,” Gibson said.

There was a loophole in data which focused on spend rather than quantity bought, he said.

“They might simply go from drinking expensive Coke to either cheaper Coke . . . or they might go from Coke down to Pams or Homebrand,” he said.

For instance, Countdown sells a 600ml bottle of Coca Cola for $3.99 whereas 1.25L of Homebrand Lemonade is just 97 cents.

“The existing studies assume the reduction in spending translates to a reduction in quantity,” Gibson said. ? Read more »

Has Chris Turney lied about his support by institutions?

Chris Turney and his now infamous Ship of Fools are looking more and more foolish as evidence mounts as to the real purpose and backing of their little trip of fancy to the ‘ice-free’ waters of the Antarctic.

When this debacle unfolded people started rummaging through their website. One page, that of their supporters, raised alarm bells.

It appears that taxpayers funds may have been used to promote this little warmist holiday camp on ice.

The Taxpayers Union followed up by contacting the New Zealand organisations listed and found some pleasant news…for taxpayers…and not so pleasant news for Chris Turney.

Following the?well publicised?case of global warming scientists being stuck in record pack ice in Antarctica (ironically the?expedition?was intended to study the dwindling sea ice) and the efforts to rescue them, the?Taxpayers’ Union?began enquiries late last year?to find out precisely how much taxpayers’ money the NZ?Government?”supporters” listed on the?exhibition’s?website?had contributed.

It appears that thankfully New Zealand taxpayers’ haven’t forked out the huge amounts feared. In fact, it appears that the?Australasian Antarctic Expedition (AAE) is claiming at least one ‘supporter’ it doesn’t?have…

The?expedition’s?website?lists expedition supporters the Department of Conservation,?Landcare Research, and?the University of Waikato.

Despite asking the?AAE leader (via email?and his very active?twitter account), and the media contacts at the?University?of New South Wales, no one would tell us how much kiwi taxpayers had contributed via the three agencies.

On 1 January we lodged Official Information?Act requests with DoC, Landcare and the University of Waikato.

To DoC’s credit it responded by 8 January, stating that DoC were not participants in the expedition and therefore the information (i.e. what financial and non-financial support was given) does not exist. ? Read more »

A Ship of Fools

Andrew Bolt continues to discuss the farce of the climate scientists trapped in sea ice and the ensuing cover up by media who are no longer referring to the ship of fools as scientists or climate propagandists like the Guardian reporter and film crew. Instead they are now ‘tourists’.

The farce: warmist scientists and reporters sail to Antarctica to find signs of the global warming they claim has changed that continent since Douglas Mawson explored it a century ago.?Instead, they find sea ice when Mawson didn?t and their ship is locked in.

Be clear about the joke here. This Australasian Antarctica Expedition was meant to scare us about global warming changing Antarctica, causing melting instead of all this damn ice. As the expedition leaders said on?their website:

? there is an increasing body of evidence, including by the AAE members, that have identified parts of the East Antarctic which are highly susceptible to melting and collapse from ocean warming? We are going south to …? determine the extent to which human activity and pollution has directly impacted on this remote region of Antarctica.

Now to the media cover-up.

Note?the?Sydney Morning Herald?s coverage?this morning. It has a reporter on the third ice-breaker to go to the expedition?s help, only to be driven back by thick ice. There is no mention in?her stories?of global warming, the trapped mission?s quixotic quest or how stupid those warmists now look. There is no mention that?sea ice around Antarctica has steadily increased over the past three decades, contrary to what the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change admits its climate models predicted. ? Read more »

Has Chris Turney become the Black Knight of the Climate Change industry?

This story just gets funnier and funnier.

Andrew Bolt dubbed climate scientist Chris Turney “The Black Knight” after this epic ‘explaining is losing’ explanation of why climate change and global warming is responsible for his chartered ship of fools being stuck in thick ice.

The leader of a scientific expedition whose ship remains stranded in Antarctic ice says the team, which set out to prove climate change, is “stuck in our own experiment.”? Read more »


The news outlets are pretty much running an NZEI press release as news.

3News has the headline:?NZEI begins independent assessment of National Standards [emphasis mine]

A teacher union is funding independent research into the impact of the new National Standards in schools.

The Government introduced the standards – benchmarks in reading, writing and maths – this year against strong opposition from the unions.

It says parents need clear information about how their children are performing but unions say the standards should have been trialled and are difficult to implement.

The primary teachers’ union, NZEI, said today it was funding research which would be part of a three-year project involving some of the world’s leading educational researchers.

It would focus on the way six diverse primary and intermediate schools were approaching National Standards and the impact they were having on those schools and their students, NZEI president Ian Leckie said.

“Given the absence of a trial of National Standards and the deep concerns the profession and school communities have, NZEI has decided to fund this research in a bid to get robust evidence about the impact of National Standards on teaching and learning,” he said.

The project is being run through the Wilf Malcolm Institute for Educational Research at the University of Waikato and is headed by Prof Martin Thrupp.

Hmmm… I wonder if this is the same “independent Martin Thrupp that has railed against national standards in March 2010, and is it the same Martin Thrupp who is very active on the national Standards protest site, including this blog post about how to get traction in the media against National Standards and the same martin Thrupp who sent an email of support to the NZPF for their action?against?National Standards?

It would seem to be the same Martin Thrupp…I could be mistaken, but I don’t think I am.

I’m pretty sure that we can safely ignore anything the report has to say, one does have to wonder though at the union dipping into their members pockets to put money into a know agitator’s hands under the pretense of it all being “independent”.

Independent?study? Not likely.