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Colin Craig’s best hope…and it isn’t Rodney

Hamish Rutherford write at Fairfax about Colin Craig’s best hope…and it isn’t Rodney electorate.

As one National MP noted, for Colin Craig to win one of the electorates he has highlighted ?he would virtually have to have National not stand a candidate’.

Mark Mitchell may not have meant it that way but Wednesday’s dismissal of Colin Craig may simply have said what many National Party MPs may have been thinking for some time.

The Rodney MP, a former policeman and hostage negotiator, caused a minor stir when he initially batted off questions of whether he would step aside to allow Craig a free run, as a matter for the prime minister.

Later that day, as the comment was taken as a sign of an impending deal, Mitchell had clearly grown frustrated, quoting the lovable protagonist from The Castle as he dismissed Craig’s chances of pushing him aside.

“Tell him he’s dreamin’.”

Last election Craig pushed his dodgy polls that said he was in front in Rodney, and Mark Mitchell still spanked him by 12,000 votes. The biggest supporters of Colin Craig anywhere are those who have never met him.

With Mitchell the most junior of the National candidates in the three seats, and Craig standing in Rodney in 2011, attention naturally turned initially to Mitchell. But Rodney is more likely to provide a lesson on just what is required to assist Craig into Parliament than it is to be the new Conservative headquarters.

When voters were last given the choice between the two, with Mitchell largely an unknown and Craig running an expensive campaign, the decision was emphatic. Mitchell won by more than 12,000 votes.

Although the back benches of Parliament have hardly raised Mitchell’s profile nationwide, three years on there is little to suggest that Rodney voters will be more likely to push for the Conservatives this time.

That fact may frame the thinking on a deal with Craig: a cup of tea with the prime minister may not be enough if Mitchell is on the ballot.

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Astonishing hypocrisy and sanctimony from David Cunliffe

David Cunliffe continues to astonish me with his stupidity.

This morning he has attacked the mere suggestion of a deal between National and the Conservative party, and at the same time maintaining his silence over the Internet Mana party deal.

Labour leader David Cunliffe has launched an attack on Conservative Party leader Colin Craig amid growing speculation of an electoral deal with National.

Prime Minister John Key told media this week he would be looking to make three deals to give minor-party candidates a chance at winning seats, and would announce them before the September 20 election.

It is widely understood one of those deals would be with Craig, who is set to announce this month the electorate he will be standing in.

Craig has already indicated his preference to stand in one of the northern Auckland electorates – East Coast Bays, which is held by Foreign Affairs Minister Murray McCully; Upper Harbour, in which National is standing Social Development Minister Paula Bennett; and Rodney, which is held by National back-bench MP Mark Mitchell.

If National gave way for Craig to win a seat and the Conservative’s gained more than 1.2 per cent of the vote, an extra two MPs could be brought into Parliament to form a coalition with National.

Cunliffe today said the situation with Craig was a “strange turn of events”.

“I wonder whether the people of East Coast Bays like the fact that their choices are being taken away from them, that MMP is being manipulated and they’re being told they have to vote for somebody who basically thinks the earth is flat,” he said on Firstline.

“That is a very, very strange turn of events and I think it underwhelms public confidence in the MMP system.

“I also think the prime minister should be aware that something like 75 per cent of New Zealanders object to coat-tailing. ?? Read more »

There will be no deal in Rodney

Colin Craig says he is expecting to do deal with National, despite costing them at the last election by failing spectacularly.

He hasn’t even had a meeting with John Key and no discussion have been held and he reckons he will get a deal.

They are probably commissioning one of their dodgy polls like last time, which proved to be total rubbish with Mark Mitchell, a newcomer, thrashing Colin Craig despite the massive media publicity that Craig garnered.

Conservative Party leader Colin Craig says he expects the National Party will stand aside for him in a seat in Auckland’s North Shore.

The National Party has not said it will, but Mr Craig said on past record it is likely National will reach an accommodation with him.

The Conservative Party has been touted as a likely coalition partner with National, if ACT can’t make it over the line following the resignation of Epsom MP John Banks. A seat for Mr Craig has been cited as a way of National gaining a majority after the September’s general election.

Mr Craig said he is likely to stand in one of three electorates: Upper Harbour, Rodney or East Coast Bays. ? Read more »

Cold hard reality sinks in for Colin Craig

via NZ Herald

via NZ Herald

Colin Craig has a bad habit of spending millions coming third

Conservative Party leader Colin Craig says he does not intend to ask National to gift him an electorate and is instead aiming to get into Parliament by getting more than 5 per cent of the party vote, saying he did not want to “repeat the adventures” of parties such as Act.

There has been speculation about whether National will do an Epsom-style deal with Mr Craig to increase his chances of getting Conservative MPs into Parliament, but Mr Craig said no such talks have been held. However, he said if National approached the Conservative Party to offer a seat, he would have to take it to the board to consider and it was likely they would accept. Read more »

Conservatives continue to tout dodgy polling

At the last election Colin Craig claimed victory in Rodney off the back of his dodgy polling which was busted on this blog.

Mark Mitchell spanked him of course.

The man behind those dodgy polls was also a candidate for the Conservatives, Roger Larkins. He worked for Research First at the time.

Now the Conservatives are touting new polls, this time for Upper Harbour, where they are suggesting that Christine Rankin would do well against Paula Bennett.

Polling had indicated Rankin would do well in the proposed electorate that would wrap around the north and west of Auckland’s Waitemata Harbour.

Rankin, who until now has said she did not want to enter national politics, told the Star-Times she was “seriously considering” the request and would make up her mind after Christmas.

But Craig said Rankin’s candidacy was a “no-brainer” and he was confident she would run.

“It’s going to be a fascinating contest between two very strong, determined women,” Craig said. “The word that comes to mind is catfight.”? Read more »

Ratbag lawyer wants to take one for the team

Someone should tell him he is dreamin?.

The catfight in Upper Harbour means a sensible, moderate Labour candidate could win a split vote. An elderly human rights lawyer won’t do this.

Dr Michael Kidd advises that he will seek the Labour party nomination for the seat of Upper Harbour.

He will stand on a policy of restoring the cuts in welfare by the National Government which have negatively impacted on the most vulnerable.

Michael is confident of mounting a strong campaign on community values to capture the seat from the two women so far declared: Bennett and Rankin both with polarizing view- points. ?? Read more »

Skullduggery in Upper Harbour

imagesPeter ?Dopey? Goodfellow is allegedly not aware of the skullduggery going on in the new Upper Harbour electorate.

He is probably too busy quaffing wine and trying to think up excuses for not talking to Colin Craig this year, or working out who Brian Dobbs actually is. He should be all over the dodgy dealings in Upper Harbour, and he should be demanding that the party constitution is followed.

The skullduggery seems to be closely linked to the only man other than Aaron Gilmore who is known to use the line ?Do you know who I am?, Stephen McElrea”. Stephen?s other favourite phrase is ?the Prime Minister asked me? which skeptics consider about as likely as the Prime Minister asking David Cunliffe to join the National cabinet. ?One time in New Plymouth it is reported that he even name dropped the Prime Minister to bump some poor person off a flight to Auckland by stating that he was the Prime Minister’s electorate chairman and was need in Auckland by him urgently.? Read more »

Why Holding an Electorate Matters

Scum List MPs are scum. They have far less mana than those who win a seat. That?s why Paula Bennett was like a rat up a drain pipe in her haste to get to Upper Harbour, and why Phil Twyford whored himself out around Auckland to win a selection in a safe seat.

List MPs are double scum if they have lost a seat. In 2005 National won seats off Labour and the Labour MP was back on the plane to Wellington the next week even though they had been voted out by their electorate.

Losing your seat means you lose credibility. It gives the leader or the party an excuse to leave you out of cabinet. You become a second class citizen. That is why MPs work so hard to hold seats, even though under MMP seats do not affect the proportionality of parliament. ? Read more »

Will Paula Bennett Win the National Selection in Upper Harbour?


The former tart cart, retired from service now

Paula Bennett is being very, very presumptive. She has told Colin Craig to bugger off because she wants to shed her westie routes and represent the petite bourgeoisie of Upper Harbour.

Social Development Minister Paula Bennett has seen off moves to hand Conservatives leader Colin Craig a free run in a new Auckland seat, turning the spotlight on her veteran Cabinet colleague Murray McCully to fall on his sword.

Bennett was quick to throw her hat in the ring for the newly created Upper Harbour seat, after the release of draft boundaries showed her Waitakere seat would be carved up and cease to exist.

“If the draft changes do go ahead, I would like to make clear my intention to seek the nomination for the new Upper Harbour electorate,” she said.

In a clear signal to Mr Craig not to stand there, she pointed to powerful supporters including Prime Minister John Key.

“I have the full backing of the party and the prime minister to make my statement.”

Paula needs to be clear. Is she expecting a coronation or is she expecting to be gifted the National nomination in Upper Harbour by divine right?

The National Party needs to follow its constitution in setting up a new electorate committee, and setting up a selection process that follows the Party constitution.

No dodgy presumptive electorate chair can appoint his chosen candidate by diktat.

Can Paula Bennett win selection in Upper Harbour?


The former tart cart, which has since given up the ghost.

Paula Bennett is a formidable politician who brings the tenacity of a pig hunter to her campaigning. She is a self described Westie, and out and out proud of her Westie background.? Read more »