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When will the Greens propose that the State feed kids dinner too?

The Green party has never found a problem that can’t be solved by either banning it, taxing it or throwing money at it.

When breakfast in schools was first mooted I predicted that the next step would be to demand that the government feed kids lunch as well, ignoring the fact that the basic premise of welfare is to provide for a family with children and, by feeding children at school, there doesn’t seem to be a corresponding decrease in welfare benefits for the State doing what parents should be doing.

Well, it has come to pass with the Greens demanding that the government feed kids at lunch as well.

The Greens are again calling on the Government to provide breakfasts and lunches in schools following a report that Upper Hutt businesses aren’t prepared to fund a local project.

“Leaving it to cash-strapped community organisations to feed our hungry children clearly isn’t working, and that’s why we need the Government to step in,” said MP Marama Davidson.

“Thousands of Kiwi kids are going to school hungry every day, through no fault of their own.”

The RNZ report said 14 Upper Hutt primary and intermediate schools have teamed up with a local trust to work out ways to provide lunches for an estimated 50 children who turn up hungry.

They need about $30,000 a year and Manuel Dalton, who is running the trust, says he emailed about 300 local businesses asking for help and received only two replies — both of them turned down the appeal. ? Read more »

Fence off Upper Hutt and monitor all products in and out

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Upper Hutt has something strange in?the?water. Their council has decided to make Upper Hutt a TPPA-free zone.

It may only be a political statement, but Upper Hutt has been declared “a TPPA-free zone” anyway.

The Upper Hutt City Council voted 7-4 last night to adopt resolutions promoted?by anti-Trans-Pacific Partnership?activists.

Its decision on eight recommendations came after a vote??on resolutions?the policy committee deferred to the full council on Feburary?10.

They?included the declaration that Upper Hutt City Council was “a TPPA-free zone where the constraints imposed by the TPPA, and?the changes to national and local legislation to make our area comply with the?TPPA?requirements are not supported by the Upper Hutt City Council”.

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Yep, suicide by cop…at least he succeeded

As suspected the scumbag who went to McDonald’s in Upper Hutt with a gun was intent on suicide by cop.

Too gutless to put the gun in his own mouth and pull the trigger he had to put cops and the general public through hell.

A man shot dead after an armed police stand-off this week was “in a bad place” but did not want to hurt anyone, his cousin says.

Pera Ariki Smiler was killed after brandishing his rifle in Upper Hutt, Wellington on Tuesday.

His Auckland-based cousin Dylan Smiler believed the 25-year-old wanted police to kill him. ? Read more »

Why is the default position of the Media Party to side with criminals?

Here we go again.

An idiot with a death wish is firing a gun in a ?suburban street, and the liberal elite media luvvies that weren?t crapping themselves lying on the ground dodging bullets and safely ensconced behind their keyboards write lengthy epistles second guessing people who are paid to protect us by putting their own lives on the line.

3News reports:

Wellington’s police commander says he’s confident officers “acted appropriately” when they fatally shot a 25-year-old gunman who opened fire in an Upper Hutt fast food restaurant.

Superintendent Sam Hoyle tonight confirmed earlier media reports that Pera Smiler of Upper Hutt was the man killed in the armed stand-off in the city’s business district yesterday.

“I have reviewed the CCTV footage of the event this afternoon and remain confident that my officers acted appropriately to keep the community safe,” Supt Hoyle said in a statement.

He said police were still sifting through hundreds of pieces of information and dozens of witnesses, as well as providing support for Smiler’s family.

Before he was shot Smiler told a store attendant who was attempting to talk him down that he was trying to get into the army, but was rejected because of his police record.

Aside from that exchange, not much is known about why he took a high-powered rifle into a McDonald’s and fired a single shot, leading to much of the business district being put into lockdown.

Witnesses told NZ Newswire say he was incoherently screaming as he paced back and forth on the corner of Main and Wakefield St.

No one else was hurt during the opening skirmish inside the McDonald’s or later when Smiler shot at the police dog that accompanied the uniformed officers who eventually shot and killed him. ? ?? Read more »

Give the cops a medal

A gunman has been nailed by cops in Upper Hutt yesterday.

That’s what happens when you walk the streets threatening people with firearms.

Police have shot and killed an armed man who had fired a high-powered rifle inside a McDonald’s in Upper Hutt on Tuesday afternoon.

Main St in Upper Hutt, north of Wellington, was closed after the incident and police are continuing to investigate the scene.

At a press conference outside the Upper Hutt police station, Wellington district commander?Superintendent Sam Hoyle said the man had fired at least once inside McDonald’s before he was shot outside by frontline police officers, not armed offenders squad members.

The shooting had been referred to the Independent Police Conduct Authority, which has confirmed it will be investigating.

Hoyle said police were called at 12.40pm and, when officers arrived, they “were fired upon”.

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When will we start to put the victims and the community first?

Look. ?I get it. ?Criminals do their time, they pay their ?debt to society?, and they deserve a chance to prove it.

But the pendulum has swung too far. ?To have some deviant living next door without anyone knowing also isn?t acceptable.

And on the balance of which needs are more important – the community or the sicko, I would have thought the answer was quite obvious.

Neighbours of the high-risk sex offender who went on the run were in the dark about his past, something they say is unacceptable in an area children often visit.

Daniel Livingstone sparked a huge manhunt when he cut off his electronic monitoring bracelet and left his Upper Hutt flat.

He lived in a block of three attached flats on Ward St, a few hundred metres away from secondary school Heretaunga College, following his release from jail last year. ? Read more »

Why is Kelloggs trying to get Kiwis to help starving Aussies?

Taken at Pak ‘n Save Upper Hutt yesterday.

kelloggs copy

Kellogg’s are obviously run from Australia – with the brand manager probably never having set foot in New Zealand!

Having a promotion to sell their products by saying that:

“For every box of specially marked Kellogg’s cereal you buy, you’ll help provide breakfast for Australians in need” clearly shows that they don’t care about the Kiwi consumer, nor the Kiwi hungry kids!? Read more »

New Zealand’s Silliest Local Government Spending, Ctd


Following on from an earlier post we have to give a nomination for New Zealand?s Silliest Local Government Spending to the Upper Hutt City Council and Mayor Wayne Guppy.

Guppy?s council gave $32,000 to a burger restaurant in the name of ?economic development?. This is so silly it needs no explanation, but Arts, Lifestyle and Travel Blogger David Farrar has a beautiful rant about it so we are going to reproduce it here. ? Read more »

Surely this is a kickback?

The Taxpayers’ Union have revealed a rather troubling payment to a listed company.

The Taxpayers? Union is questioning why Upper Hutt City Council is trumpeting a $36,000 ‘economic development’ grant to?BurgerFuel, a listed company, to establish a BurgerFuel in Upper Hutt.?Taxpayers? Union Executive Director, Jordan Williams, says:

?This is possibly the most ridiculous example of corporate welfare we?ve seen yet. You work hard, you pay your rates, and Upper Hutt City spends it on a burger joint.” Read more »

More good news

via Lindsay Mitchell

National have almost halved the “social-housing” waiting list from what it was under Labour.?

In fact, they may have done even *better* than halving it, given that the March 2008 figure was HNZC-only and the latest figure includes other providers as well.?

MSD has started publishing a?quarterly report?on housing waiting lists.

– 57% are in the Auckland Super City

– Only 10% are in Christchurch and under 3% in Wellington

– Even with Wellington, Lower and Upper Hutt and Porirua added together, the waiting list share is still only 6% (Greater Wellington population is just over a third of Auckland Super City)

Again, the bulk of the housing problem is in Auckland. I am guessing that affordability in the private sector is prompting renters to apply for cheaper social housing. Read more »