Urban sprawl

They might have a plan but the market moves faster than that

Everyone knows that Auckland is seriously screwed by the prize muppets of Auckland Council.

No we’re not talking about the Councillors – although they vote in support of proposals they don’t prepare the mad hatched plans – it’s the council planners. Buoyed on by the support they get from Councillors they have planned a compact city and this plan isn’t working.

First home hunters squeezed out of traditional entry-level Auckland suburbs are being pushed to the far reaches of the city but face massive daily commutes to work.

As Auckland wrestles with how to squeeze in an additional 400,000 homes and stem house price inflation, debate is raging over whether to intensify upwards or allow further urban sprawl.

The Proposed Unitary Plan will set out which suburbs can expect a proliferation of more affordable terraced housing and apartment buildings to cater for up to a million new residents over the next 30 years.

But some commentators also want council planners to relax the metropolitan urban boundaries and free up land on the city’s outskirts to help meet demand. ? Read more »

Auckland will never sprawl to be the size of Los Angeles


Sydney urban sprawl

Policy Parrot says:

Len Brown has been stating off and on over the last few months that we – the people of Auckand – don’t want our city Auckland to sprawl and and become like Los Angeles.

His words ‘we don’t want Los Angeles sprawl’.

That has made this parrot laugh hysterically and fall of one’s perch because Auckland will NEVER become a city sprawled like Los Angeles.

Does Len even know how big our little wee city is?

The answer is – very small. A gnats arse if we are frank with ourselves. Comparably to other cities in the world our city is one of the smallest.

Auckland is 580 sq km. It is the 178th largest city in the world by area land mass. Even Adelaide is bigger at 729 sq km.

Sydney – our nearest international comparison – is 1687 sq km and is ranked 25th. Sydney is 3.5 times bigger. ? Read more »

Len Brown take note, don’t bash the ‘burbs

Len Brown wants us to live in apartments surrounding rail corridors. This isn’t new, it is the push all around the world including in California. Len Brown should take note of what happens when people don’t share your dream/nightmare:

For the past century, California, particularly Southern California, nurtured and invented the suburban dream. The sun-drenched single-family house, often with a pool, on a tree-lined street was an image lovingly projected by television and the movies. Places like the San Fernando Valley ? actual home to the “Brady Bunch” and scores of other TV family sitcoms ? became, in author Kevin Roderick’s phrase, “America’s suburb.”

This dream, even a modernized, multicultural version of it, now is pass? to California’s governing class. Even in his first administration, 1975-83, Gov. Jerry Brown?disdained suburbs, promoting a city-first, pro-density policy. His feelings hardened during eight years (1999-2007) as mayor of Oakland, a city that, since he left, has?fallen on hard times, although it has been treated with some love recently in the?blue media.

As state attorney general (2007-11) Brown took?advantage of the state’s 2006 climate change legislation?to move against suburban growth everywhere from Pleasanton to San Bernardino. Now back as governor, he can give full rein to his determination to limit access to the old California dream, curbing suburbia and?forcing more of us?and, even more so our successors, into small apartments nearby bus and rail stops. His successor as attorney general, former San Francisco D.A. Kamala Harris, is, if anything, more theologically committed to?curbing suburban growth.? Read more »