“Race-Hustlers” in action

Yesterday I blogged about Thomas Sowell and his contention that young disaffected are being lead around by “race-hustlers”.

It is no surprise then to see an exact case of this in the Herald on Sunday.

A teenager, who says she was forced to her knees at police gunpoint during the 2007 Urewera terror raids, is suing the Police Commissioner for $200,000.

The teen’s barrister, Charl Hirschfeld, said she told him she was taken from her grandmother during a dawn raid of their South Auckland home. It’s claimed the then 12-year-old was on the ground with her hands behind her head for up to 50 minutes.

Hirschfeld is also acting for five adult members of the teenager’s family who are suing the Attorney-General for $100,000 each for a breach of civil rights after being detained during the same incident.  Read more »

Valerie Morse isn't a nice person

Check out the video from a news piece last night on ONE News (at 1:29 in the video) where Valerie Morse is interviewed at her home or office.

This image is screened as she comments on the Urewera raids.

She probably wonders why no one sensible will give her  the time of day.