Hey fellas, are you a “Sitzpinkler”?


I’m amazed that this even went to court or there is even a debate in Germany over whether or not men are allowed to pee standing up.

But at least they seem to have some good judges there.

Men have the right to pee standing up in their own homes, a German court has ruled.

An Englishman’s home may be his castle, but in Germany the courts consider it their duty to rule on even the most intimate details of life at home.

The ruling comes after a landlord took his former tenant to court for refusing to pay for damage to the marble floor of the bathroom of his flat that he said was caused by stray drops from the tenant’s habit of relieving himself standing up.

It might seem standard practice for most men to take aim from a standing position, but some sections of German society have a bizarre obsession with obliging men to answer nature’s call while seated.

It is not uncommon to find home-made signs in German bathrooms commanding men to adopt a seated position. Read more »


Photo Of The Day

Gold Coast Bulletin reporter Jack Houghton tried out the open-air urinals and wasn’t a fan.

Gold Coast Bulletin reporter Jack Houghton tried out the open-air urinals and wasn’t a fan.

Controversial Open-Air Urinals Installed In The Centre Of Surfers Paradise May Be Flushed Away

The Gold Coast City Council is set to dump the facilities within a week.

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There is only one answer. F*ck off.

Fancy being told as a bloke you can’t pee standing up anymore. F*ck off.

Exactly…that would be my response. But in Europe the pantywaists are in the ascendency.

There are many ways to remove a man’s dignity. One of the foremost, however, has got to be forcing him to urinate sitting down.

At least, that’s how it seems to me. But the issue isn’t quite so clear-cut for the Swedes. Viggo Hansen, a councillor from the Left Party in Sörmland – a socialist feminist outfit – tabled a motion to ban urinals. That’s right. He wants to force Swedish men onto their haunches whenever they visit the lavatory.

According to the Vancouver Sun, the Swedes are even attempting to indoctrinate little boys at nursery, drumming into them the message “be a sweetie and take a seatie”. …

Feminist groups in France and Holland have been campaigning on the issue under slogans like “laissez tomber votre pantalon, et asseyez vous!” (lower your trousers and sit!), and “toch niet weer een vieze plas op MIJN badkamer vloer!” (not another filthy puddle on MY bathroom floor!).  Read more »


Now that is just taking the piss

New Zealand First has ditched a candidate who is a ex-SAS trooper who happens to drink his own urine:

New Zealand First has defended dumping an election candidate who drank his own urine on a TV show.

Joe Glenn, a 69-year-old former SAS soldier, had been standing for the party in the Rimutaka electorate, but was asked to withdraw his candidacy following his appearance on a 20/20 episode about extreme diets last month.

On the programme, Mr Glenn spoke about how drinking his urine each day had helped cure his arthritis, and then downed a glass for the cameras.

The episode did not refer to Mr Glenn’s New Zealand First candidacy, and did not discuss politics.

New Zealand First president Kevin Gardener today said he was not worried that getting rid of Mr Glenn would be seen as unfair.

The real kicker is the last paragraph:

“This time our candidates are being checked and double-checked, we don’t want any controversy, we’re staying squeaky clean.”

Really? Perhaps NZ First should Google “Clown of Campbells Bay“, or just check out my tag for the same title. While they are expunging the filth and creating a squeaky clean slate of candidates, what are they going to do about their corrupt leader?