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North Korean Propaganda Photograph of prisoners of USS Pueblo. Photo and explanation from the Time article that blew the Hawaiian Good Luck Sign secret. The sailors were flipping the middle finger, as a way to covertly protest their captivity in North Korea, and the propaganda on their treatment and guilt. The North Koreans for months photographed them without knowing the real meaning of flipping the middle finger, while the sailors explained that the sign meant good luck in Hawaii.

Flipping the North

North Korean Officials Had No Idea What Their Hostages Were Signaling in This Photo

The men in the photos look a little bored and awkward, maybe uncomfortable or even tense. The more you know about the photos, the more you read into them. But without context, what you see is young men assembled in rows for a formal group photo, staring into the camera or glumly off to the side. It could be a group photo of colleagues or a social club?a hum-drum setup. But stare longer and it?s obvious: In each photo, one or more of them is giving the finger.

All of these men are prisoners, pawns during a politically tense time, and they?re defying their captors in one of the only ways available to them: By flipping the bird.

It was 1968 and the United States was solidly mired in the Cold War, spying on the Soviet Union and its allies and being spied upon in return. The U.S.S. Pueblo was a Navy intelligence ship whose cover was collecting oceanographic data (of the 83 crewmen there were two civilian oceanographers aboard), but its actual duty was collecting intelligence on Russia and North Korea.

On January 23, 1968?just 18 days into its first mission?the Pueblo was approached by a North Korean vessel near the port of Wonsan. The vessel asked them their nationality, and the Pueblo hoisted the American flag. They were told to slow and prepare to be boarded; the Pueblo crew responded that they were 15.8 miles from land, and thus in international waters. But the situation quickly grew dire?three more North Korean boats appeared, and fighter jets flew overhead.

The North Korean ship opened fire on the Pueblo, killing one of the crew and wounding others. The Pueblo was barely armed; rather than fight back they began to frantically burn and dump documents, smashing equipment with axes and hammers. The ship was boarded and the crew taken captive. Bed sheets were cut up into blindfolds; they were tied up, punched, kicked, and prodded with bayonets.

?My mother?s prediction that I would die in dirty sheets was about to come true,?wrote one crew member, Stu Russell. ?And to make it worse, I had my boots on.?

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McCully blunders into another made-for-movie moment

Sometimes you have to wonder about Murray McCully: he can’t say the word terrorism and now he won’t actually ask a simple question.

Surely, he could have seen this coming? It is the law after all.

New Zealand will not ask the United States to confirm or deny whether?a visiting warship?is?nuclear armed?if the invitation to send a vessel?later this year is accepted.

Such a?visit would end a 30-year standoff that started?when?New Zealand adopted an?anti-nuclear policy in 1985, rejecting the proposed visit of the ageing destroyer USS Buchanan. The anti-nuclear legislation was passed?by the Lange?government in 1987.

The US has not sought a ship visit since that time, but is mulling whether to accept an invitation to join?the New Zealand navy’s?75th anniversary?celebrations in November.

New Zealand?law, endorsed by National and Labour governments,?requires the prime minister of the day to be satisfied any visiting ship does not carry nuclear weapons and is not nuclear powered.

However, Foreign Minister Murray McCully has verified that no?foreign country is required “to make any declaration on nuclear armament or?propulsion”. ? Read more »

Another poll that shows the left-wing politicians are still out of touch with voters


The?left-wing have been banging on for decades against the US and ship visits.

Some are still against the visits, and are trying to organise protests.

There is a problem though…voters support a visit…and boy isn’t Newshub annoyed by the results of the poll.

The United States is on the brink of a deciding whether to send a Navy ship into New Zealand waters, ending the 33-year standoff over New Zealand’s anti-nuclear law.

The latest Newshub-Reid Research poll shows Kiwis are overwhelmingly in favour of a ship coming here.

When asked if a US Navy ship should come to New Zealand, 75 percent said “yes” and just 20 percent said “no”. ? Read more »

Hooton on Labour’s disconnect with US ship visits

Matthew Hooton provides some facts behind the proposed US ship visit…turns out it isn’t just US ships invited, but others from nuclear nations as well, but Labour has only focussed on US ships.

Whoever briefed TVNZ couldn?t have done a better job of driving a wedge, a week before its crucial conference, between the Labour Party?s Phil Goff faction and its foaming-at-the-mouth activists who want the local party to emulate the UK?s Jeremy Corbyn by heading off to the extreme left.

Perhaps to appease the latter, acting leader Annette King bizarrely went on the attack when first asked for comment on TVNZ?s story.? What she could have done is declare victory for Labour?s 30-year-old anti-nuclear policy.

It turns out the navy has asked 30 countries to send ships to its party.? This includes the US and at least four other nuclear powers, China, Russia, the UK and France, whose naval vessels have been happily received in New Zealand since the anti-nuclear legislation was put in place in 1987.? It is not clear if invitations have also been extended to the navies of India and Pakistan, also declared nuclear powers.

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Electromagnetic Railgun Tests

Monday nightCap

Flabby butts

Bridget Saunders has blogged about the perils of judges in Australia?s Next Top Model saying un-PC things like prospective models having flabby butts.

Charlotte Dawson has copped it big time but she was well within her rights to complain long and loud about flabby out of shape asses.

A case in point is some sort of tree hugging, bus catching, anti-packaging promotion being held in Chrstchurch store Lush where six shop assistants dressed only in aprons distributed leaflets outside the handmade-cosmetics store in the City Mall.

Apparently “Too much packaging is killing the environment”. If that is the best shot a photographer can take of the asses of six shop assistants imagie what the rest look like…second thoughs don’t!

No honey, not enough packaging on flabby asses like that is killing me laughing.

As for the rubbish, hell dig some bloody deep holes and fill them in with rubbish. End of problem…meanwhile the flabsters in Christchurch really need to be doing some deep squats and rather a lot of them.