If Fossy’s ute is gay then these are Brokeback Utes

If Fossy’s ute is gay, then these are Brokeback Utes.

The Sun reports:

NISSAN was urged to recall the UK’s best-selling 4 x 4 pick-up after it emerged that a major fault could see the trucks snap in half.

Owners of Nissan Navaras — popular among ­builders and mums — have found severe rust which can cause cracks in the chassis.

The Japanese car firm has bought back scores of faulty trucks from drivers following inspections, but no official recall of the D40 model has been made.

The issue also affects some ­Pathfinder R51s, the seven-seater family car version of the Navara.

Nissan has known about the ­problem for a year and has been accused of keeping it “under wraps”.    Read more »


Big shortage of gay utes in Australia

Craig Foss has the Ford Ranger Wildtrak, the gayest ute on NZ roads.

Now it seems that there is a shortage of that model in Australia.

The Toyota HiLux and Ford Ranger are now the top sellers in the ute class.

Many buyers are unaware that, despite the badges, the Toyota HiLux and Ford Ranger are made in Thailand along with the Holden Colorado, Nissan Navara, Mitsubishi Triton, Mazda BT-50 and Isuzu D-Max.

Regardless of where they’re made, Aussies can’t get enough of them.

There is a six-month waiting list for the top-of-the-range Ford Ranger Wildtrak, despite its $60,000-plus price, and a three-month wait for the $55,000 flagship Toyota HiLux SR5.

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Toyota caved to a bunch of whinging prats who wouldn’t buy a ute anyway

The outrage brigade are at it again, this time it is Toyota who have caved to the whingers on Facebook and Twitter.

A new Toyota Hilux commercial which attracted backlash on social media will no longer be screened, effective immediately.

Toyota New Zealand made the announcement on Sunday saying the decision reflected feedback from members of the public who had been offended.

In the ad, animals are shown to look forward to death at the hands of hunters if it means they get to ride on the back of a Hilux.

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That’s when they still built them properly

There is a story on 3News about a Toyota Hilux that has been to the moon and back…twice.

Kiwi Glenn Holmes has a vehicle that has almost done enough kilometres to travel to the moon and back twice.

Instead of going to into space, Mr Holmes has managed to rack up more than 1.2 million kilometres on the clock by doing his newspaper run – 300km a day around Manawatu.

He was doing that when it reached 1 million, a milestone he never planned to reach. In fact, when he bought the car 22 years ago he had never planned to hang onto it for that long.

“I thought I’d keep it two years and sell it to buy another one, but that didn’t happen so [I] just kept trucking along,” Mr Holmes says.

The ute takes more time and money to maintain than Mr Holmes has at the moment.

“I used to change the oil every 5000km,” he says, “which in this vehicle equated to an oil change every first Monday of the month.”   Read more »


Holden joins Ford in releasing a gay ute


I thought that Ford basically had the monopoly on gay utes in New Zealand with the Ranger Wildtrak.

But it seems Holden is trying to out-gay them with their new Colorado Z71. It even has a gay name.

Holden has taken aim at Ford’s popular Wildtrak Ranger variant with a rivalling flagship Colorado called the Z71.

Why would you do that? How many MPs named Craig Foss are there?

The new model will be available in Australian showrooms from early July in six-speed manual guise or six-speed automatic but there is no confirmation that the Z71 is coming to New Zealand. It seems highly likely the Z71 will make its way to NZ’s shores but Holden NZ has said it will not be making any announcement until next month.   Read more »


Isuzu D-Max – still astonishing fuel economy


With all my boxing training and running around for the past 8 weeks I’ve spent quite a bit of time in my Southern Autos provided Isuzu D-Max.

Up and down the motorway to training, in and out of traffic and the D-Max never missed a beat.

What amazes me and still does every time I fill up is just how far I can travel on a tank of gas….sometimes over 1000km, but mostly between 875km and 950km depending on what I’ve been doing.

You actually need the fuel indicator because stops at the service station are so few.

I’m not kidding. My old Hilux needed a top up every week, this truck not so much…in fact I think I fill it up about every second or third week.    Read more »


The Great Ute Debate: Which ute wins a tug of war?

Here are three videos I found to explore the discussion we had recently about the pulling power of utes.

Many people stated that towing capacity and pulling power was imperative for their ute.

While it was useful at work most also use their ute on weekend for recreational towing of the boat, or trailers with Quads, and motorbikes.

Some people commented that the Volkswagen Amarok might appear to have good towing and pull capacity but they were unconvinced.

So let’s look at a fun way to compare this. By the way if any manufacturers want to compete in a WOBH supervised event similar to these then drop me an email.

VW Amarok vs Ford Ranger:

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The Great Ute Debate – Part Two


Yesterday I asked for some help in crowdsourcing what it is that people like about particular origins of utes.

The results were interesting…and the reasoning in the comments was contradictory.

Some said they bought Japanese utes of various makes because of inertia…they always had.

Or reputation, because they used to have a good reputation.

Still others based their purchase decision on personal experience with a brand.

The most interesting comments were what the workers gravitate towards…worker tend to go with what works rather than looks or egos.

But what are the real factors behind buying a ute…we have already established that origin is a factor but not a major factor.

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I need a new ute, got any ideas?

I am looking for a new ute, there are plenty on the market, but what should I get.

I need a double cab, 4WD, shoot off the back and running board capabilities and a tuff deck of some sort…having a bluetooth phone connection is handy but not essential.

A Toyota Hilux: The former go to truck for a good keen man. Though a few owners, both commercial and recreational tell me they aren’t as happy as they used to be with Toyota’s offerings now. They are also on the expensive side.


A Nissan Navara: People I know who have these trucks rave about them.

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Some poor bugger isn’t going to get their new ute!!

Somebody won’t be getting a new black Hilux ute.

Public service announcement: Positions Vacant. We seek a skilled spatially aware driver for our car transport company, must be aware of bridge heights!!

THIS truck driver might want his time over again.

He made an embarrassing misjudgement, trying to squeeze his car carrier under the M1 at Springwood but ended up smashing a ute perched on his trailer.

The incident was captured on dashboard cam by a shocked motorist about 5pm Wednesday.

As the truck goes to make a right-hand turn on to Underwood Rodad, the driver underestimates the height of his vehicle and smashes a black Toyota Hilux into the concrete bridge.

It was a near miss for other vehicles riding the carrier, the roofs of a VW buggy and white ute barely scrape under.