PM faces minefield over Dalai Lama meeting

PM faces minefield over Dalai Lama meetingPrime Minister John Key faces a diplomatic dilemma after Dalai Lama supporters said he would seek a meeting when he visits this year. [Stuff Politics]

I don’t see any dilemma here.

Meet the man, shake his hand and grin for the cameras. I don’t want to see Key skulking secretly contriving a chance meeting in an arrival hall like Clark did.

Too bad if China gets upset. They should Free Tibet and then there wouldn’t be any dilemma at all. Did I mention Free Tibet?

More on Bags

Some not so random thought on plastic bags.

Firstly, most of them are produced in China, as are plastic bags. Secondly, I wonder what the pollution rate is for the ghastly dyed colours they are produced in? Dye is a huge polluter in the industrialised world.

Thirdly, what is going to happen to these wonder bags when a handle falls off, or there is a split in the seams. My bet is they will go into the landfill (unless of course we learn to use them for deconstructed fashion or something.  Maybe they could be recycled for underwear.  (Probably too itchy)

The mundane plastic bag is recycled and recycled in households. What on earth are all the Op Shops in the country going to use for customers to put their goods in if there are no plastic bags?

How about the use of paper bags? Well research would suggest we are screwed there also;

Here are some facts and figures according to reusable bags, regarding paper bags vs plastic bags:

  • In 1999, 14 million trees were cut to produce the 10 billion paper grocery bags used by Americans that year alone
  • Paper bags generate 70% more air and 50 times more water pollutants than plastic bags
  • Paper bags use 4 times as much energy to construct compared to a plastic bag
  • Paper bags use 84 times as much energy to recycle compared to a plastic bag
  • Some studies have shown that paper bags generally don’t decompose any faster in landfills than plastic bags. This is apparently due to the lack of water, light and oxygen etc, in landfills.
  • Paper bags use more space in landfills than plastic bags

Education is working because there are quite a number of people holding up the check out lines stuffing their purchases into their own eco bags. The stuff never fits and they have to have extra plastic bags, but I expect they’ll learn to judge it correctly and carry out the same number of ecobags as they did plastic ones.

We could go back to sack cloth bags.   The only trouble is that I believe they are made out of hemp and that’s a prohibited product.
Someone I know once tried to be a supplier for hemp plants for fibre production but it seems it is related to marijuana.  Of course, Hemp  products would not be very good for recycling either. Too scratchy. Perhaps the pot smokers could do something innovative with them.

Many years ago I remember reading an article about disposable nappies. They came out about equal with cloth nappies when you took into account the energy etc and the bleaching process of the cotton, plus the energy and washing detergent pollutants required to clean them and dry them.  So I expect the same goes for plastic bags.

Thousands of underpaid disadvantaged Chinese workers are going to be without a job. This won’t help the world recession.

The so-called eco bags will eventually take up more landfill because they are bulkier than plastic bags.

Finally has the government not realised that Nzers are sick and tired of government telling them what they can and cannot do in their daily lives.  It will be just like the light bulbs and showers issue.


All about derivatives

With the financial crisis crashing the world down around our ears you get to hear a lot of technical terms for things that may or may not have lead to the collapse. One of those terms is “derivatives”.

Here is the best description of stock market derivatives and their role as a source ofinancial evil. This from a chinese communist, no less;

If you look at every one of these [derivative] products, they make sense. But in aggregate, they are bullshit. They are crap. They serve to cheat people.

I was predicting this many years ago. In 1999 or 2000, I gave a talk to the State Council [China’s main ruling body], with Premier Zhu Rongji. They wanted me to explain about capital markets and how they worked. These were all ministers and mostly not from a financial background. So I wondered, How do I explain derivatives?, and I used the model of mirrors.

First of all, you have this book to sell. [He picks up a leather-bound book.] This is worth something, because of all the labor and so on you put in it. But then someone says, “I don’t have to sell the book itself! I have a mirror, and I can sell the mirror image of the book!” Okay. That’s a stock certificate. And then someone else says, “I have another mirror-I can sell a mirror image of that mirror.” Derivatives. That’s fine too, for a while. Then you have 10,000 mirrors, and the image is almost perfect. People start to believe that these mirrors are almost the real thing. But at some point, the image is interrupted. And all the rest will go.

When I told the State Council about the mirrors, they all started laughing. “How can you sell a mirror image! Won’t there be distortion?” But this is what happened with the American economy, and it will be a long and painful process to come down.

I think we should do an overhaul and say, “Let’s get rid of 90 percent of the derivatives.” Of course, that’s going to be very unpopular, because many people will lose jobs.

The rest of his article is brilliant and serves as a reminder to all about the perils of over-reaching.

Labour challenges coalition compromise over climate deal

Labour challenges coalition compromise over climate dealLabour is crying foul over a climate change compromise reached between Act and National [TVNZ News Politics]

Labour’s fat little pudding climate change spokesman is all upset because a select committee is going to be set up to look at the science of climate change.

Newsflash Charles baby! You lost, eat that!

I hope that the first person that the select committee invites to testify before it will be Viscount Monckton of Brenchley. Then in no particular order these fellows;

  • Dr Vincent Gray, of Wellington, an expert reviewer for the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC), most recently a visiting scholar at the Beijing Climate Centre in China.
  • Dr Gerrit J. van der Lingen, of Christchurch, geologist/paleoclimatologist, climate change consultant, former director GRAINZ (Geoscience Research and Investigations New Zealand).
  • Professor Bob Carter, a New Zealand-trained geologist with extensive research experience in palaeoclimatology, now at the Marine Geophysical Laboratory, James Cook University, Queensland, Australia.
  • Warwick Hughes, a New Zealand earth scientist living in Perth, who conducts a comprehensive website:
  • Roger Dewhurst, of Katikati, consulting environmental geologist and hydrogeologist
  • Professor David J. Bellamy OBE an English botanist, author, broadcaster and environmental campaigner, who originally trained as a botanist at Durham University, where he later held the post of senior lecturer in botany until 1982, and still holds the post of Honorary Professor for Adult and Continuing Education.

They certainly look like eminent peer-reviewed scientists that don’t believe the hype of the new religionists. You see unlike the adherents of the new religion of climate science I simply do not believe that there is anywhere near a consensus that is claimed. A select committee examining ALL of the evidence is a fine thing to have happen, then at least all sides get to produce evidence and when I mean evidence I don’t mean imaginary “evidence” like the “hockey stick”.


Utter destruction

Owen McShane has, in todays Herald, utter slain the weaseling of Brian Rudman and put to bed some of the lies and obfuscations surrounding climate change and emissions trading.

He dismisses the need for a wide-ranging review because the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) tells us the science is settled, and the British Government’s Stern Review tells us climate change demands an urgent response.

And yet I suspect that if anyone told our Government to adopt a Budget written by the World Bank, Rudman would be equally up in arms.

Exactly, everyone would be screaming if we had to set our budget by World bank standards, yet we seem to think that everything is ok if the IPCC decides to tell us all that the science is settled.

There are scores of papers in peer-reviewed journals challenging the hypothesis that anthropogenic actions, and in particular, the burning of fossil fuels, are causing dangerous levels of global warming.

The select committee could also focus on science relevant to New Zealand. Rudman might like to find a peer-reviewed paper containing a simple equation describing the change in greenhouse gas emissions resulting from turning forestry into perennial pasture in New Zealand. We simply do not know the size and nature of the biological transfers or even whether the final outcome is positive or negative.

How can we base any form of taxation or subsidy on such ignorance?

And if we are determined to tax our nine million belching cows why don’t we require the Indians to tax their 290 million cows and buffalo? And what about taxing all those methane emitting termites, rice paddies, wetlands and mangroves? Why pick on us?

Yes, therein lies the obfuscations that a climate change enthusiast will slap down on the table like a royal flush. They always claim the “peer-reviewed” papers prove it. Yet the plain ignore and continue to ignore the building body of evidence that “climate change” is a scam. As with any taxation regime, exemptions nullify any benefit, thus it is incredulous that we are trying to embark on saving the planet when Russia, China and India either won’t, can’t be arsed or plainly refuse to also do so.

Most economists prefer a straightforward tax on fossil fuels because no one actually knows how to calculate most of the carbon dioxide footprints that the emission traders assume to be correct. It’s worth remembering that “carbon credit” trading was invented by Enron. Do we really want another round of life-savings to disappear down a “carbon-black-hole”?

Need he say anymore. Everytime I find a Warmist and point out to them that emission trading was invented by Enron they promptly act like ostriches. Sorry folks but it is true. Emissions trading was dreamed up by the charlatans at Enron who wanted to control the market in emissions trading.

Actually he does say more and sets out why the Emissions trading Scheme must be repealed.

The New Zealand Herald properly campaigned about the undue haste with which the Electoral Finance Act was rammed through Parliament. Compared to the emissions trading scheme the electoral act was a model of procedure.

Our constitutional conventions require that all bills presented to Parliament be supported by a regulatory impact statement. Such a statement should address three issues:

First, that there is a real problem.

Second, that all relevant alternative solutions have been identified and considered.

And third, that the proposed law will solve the problem better than all the alternatives, and its benefits will exceed its costs.

These assessments should be undertaken diligently, impartially and from a non-partisan position. The previous Government obscured the first, evaded the second, and ignored the third.

It also breached constitutional conventions by forcing through a bill containing over 1000 amendments with just three days notice.

Many hope the new Government will set a higher standard of parliamentary procedure, which should deliver better informed, and more soundly based policy.

That is the slam dunk. Owen McShane is right, this Act should be repealed as unconstitutional and illegal. Oh for an Upper House.

Act outlines campaign for harsh, quick justice

Act outlines campaign for harsh, quick justiceAct yesterday launched a policy it hopes will help New Zealand “turn back the clock” – and the person who drafted it is the mystery candidate No 5 on the party’s list. David Garrett, an Auckland lawyer and passionate anti-crime… [NZ Herald Politics]

Act has released its Law and Order policy. It seems to have drawn a large amount of the policy from the Sensible Sentencing trust which isn’t a bad thing.

I like the focus on “Broken Windows” and zero tolerance for crime. I especially like the repatriation of criminals from foreign lands.

Personally I would have used the new FTA with China to fully outsource our prison system to China, but that may be just a bit too radical for the electorate to swallow.

NZ First betrays its policies

NZ First has announced that they will be supporting the ETS. This is contrary to their stated policy and shows once again their utter contempt for their own supporters.

Their policy states;

“only proceed with the implementation policies for the Kyoto protocol (aimed at reducing certain greenhouse gas emissions) to ensure they are in harmony with those of our major trading partners, and once a coherent plan has been formulated to allow the appropriate targets to be reached”

None of our majr trading partners have even remotely got any harmony on Kyoto Protocol solutions. Not Australia, Not the US, certainly not China our third largest trading partner.

So why has NZ First betrayed its supporters? Well bcause it needs Labour to cover their collective asses in the house right now as their leader Winston Raymond Peter, 63, member of Parliament of No Fixed Abode faces serious corruption allegations. He has simply sold the party down the river, kind of like himself without a bye or leave.

My understanding is that there are serious ructions in the NZ First caucus and numbers are being sought. Minnie Winnie is said to be livid that his loyal support of WRP, 63, MOPONFA has been betrayed today and that WRP, 63, MOPONFA has been found to be a disingenuous, mendacious, greedy, self centred prick who also tells lies. I wonder perhaps waht the caucus rules for NZ First are regarding leadership? and I wonder perhaps what the rules of NZ First say about selecting the Leader? They don’t appear to be online so if someone could enlighten me or send me a copy of the rules I would appreciate it.

Ban It!

NotPC posts about the Greens and their penchant for banning. Here is his list of things the Greens want to ban….it is incredible when written all in one place. The LibzTV video is a must see as well.

Over recent years you’ve wanted to ban (and in many cases have succeeded in having banned) grape imports, alcohol ads, political speech for one year in three, ferrets, TV ads for kids, ads on TVNZ, growth hormones, native wood chip exports, native logging, pig swill, xenotransplantion trials, smacking, GE, field trials for GE, chemical trespass, property rights from the Bill of Rights, quick-fire logging, logging, fishing for toothfish, commercial fishing over much of New Zealand, whaling, ‘toxic timber,’ set-netting, bottom trawling, feeding animal remains to farm animals, battery cages, CCA-treated timber in playgrounds, direct-to-consumer advertising of drugs, crisps and meat pies from tuck shops, “the screening of programmes which sensationalise violence or use violence,” “the routine feeding of antibiotics to healthy animals,” GE maize, commercial releases of genetically engineered crops, “nuclear shipments from New Zealand’s exclusive economic zone,” sow crates, the dry sow stall, “weapons of mass destruction,” the tooth fairy, nuclear powered vessels in our waters, beef imports from Britain to other European countries, “Japanese fishing boats from New Zealand waters,” “the importation of all timber and timber products not certified as sustainable,” “unsustainable” biofuels, open-cast mining, driven-shaft, gold mining, coal mining, mining, human cloning, sheep cloning, food irradiation, spray drift, all ships carrying nuclear weapons, wastes and fuel from the European Economic Zone, “backyard burning of rubbish such as plastics and treated timber,” fireworks, “smoking in all workplaces including bars, restaurants and offices,” “new uses of coal for energy,” existing uses of coal of energy, new thermal power stations, “factory farming,” dairy farming around Lake Taupo, dairy farming around Rotorua lakes, dairy farming in the Waikato river basin, “project-based approvals for the development of GE organisms,” “all further building of prisons,” free trade with China, junk food advertising to children, “the sale and long-term lease of New Zealand property to foreign investors,” “the sale of toy tobacco products to under 18s,” GM wheat, “environmentally destructive fishing methods,” “uranium shipments,” “the use of the antibiotic avoparcin in animal feed,” “imports of cars older than 7 years,” amalgam use in dentistry, the incineration of unsorted waste, unsorted waste, waste, “risky anti-depressants,” “import of tissue for sheep cloning,” ‘trade in hazardous wastes,” “‘super baby’ selection,” plastic shopping bags, shopping bags, shopping, live sheep exports, and dihydrogen monoxide.

I’m sure you’ll agree that it’s a fair old list. If compiling it takes some effort, and it did, you expect us to understand just how much single-minded dedication it must take to promote all that prohibition.

That’s a lot of banning. I have an idea, let’s ban the Greens.

Fiji to exclude NZ from talks

Fiji to exclude NZ from talksThe attorney-general in Fiji’s military-led government says it will hold its own forum to discuss elections but New Zealand will not be invited. Radio New Zealand International today reported that Aiyaz Sayed-Khaiyum had invited… [NZ Herald Politics]

Oh classic, time and again the good Commodore has shown Helen Clark up to be a putz in dealing with Fiji. Today he has upped the ante by excluding New Zealand from the advisory group that is working on solutions to Fiji’s constitutioanl reform.

If Helen Clark and Kevin Rudd hadn’t be so intent on dictating to our pacific neighbours then perhaps there was an opportunity to helpfully provide some expertise in progressing Fiji to their return to democracy.

Every step of the way Commodore Bainimarama has out-foxed Clark and now he has seriously embarrassed her by telling the world that Fiji doesn’t want our help. If Clark’s plan is to have Fiji driven by economic necessity into the arms of China then she is sure making a good fist of it.

Busy day

I’ve had a busy day today, hence the lack of posting.

I have been helping my mate load his engineering workshop into a container to send to China.

He is a clever guy and has invented some cool stuff. His latest design is a new 80cc motorcroos bike, in particluar the engine which is his complete design.

He has just got order for 500 bikes and a licencing deal with the largest motocycle company in China for his innovative engine.

The engine generates 30% more power for the same size as other engines. That is massive. The design is also scalable.

So why is he going to China? Simple really, it has become impossible for him to continue in business here. He is going to setup his manufacturing line up there for a number of reasons, cost particulary for labour, it is also close to his largest customer.

So tomorrow that is it, another Kiwi and his family bolt from Clarkistan to set up elsewhere taking his factory, his expertise, his money and the jobs he provided.