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Top 10 things New Zealand does better than Australia

The opposition parties did the best thing ever when they declared that we had a crisis of Kiwis leaving NZ for Australia.

Once the?crisis was declared it was over quicker than it was started.

But one thing politicians and whingers go on about is how lucky Australia is.

That’s why this list of the?Top 10 things New Zealand does better than Australia as published in Australia is so special.

IT?S somewhat foolhardy to ruin an otherwise pleasant new year by getting my head punched in. But sometimes you have to take the bull by the horns or, in this case, the sheep by its ears, and say what you really think.

And what I really think (ducks) is that New Zealand is quietly trouncing us.

Not with its weather, which is reliably miserable, or with the Kiwis? infuriating habit of replying to every question with ?Yeah, nah.?

But when the 4000th person, upon learning that I was born across the Tasman, asks: ?Why are the All Blacks so good?? I feel compelled to speculate on the national psyche.

New Zealanders like themselves.

Unlike the Germans who have self-regard, or the Italians who are self-admiring, or the Americans who aren?t quite sure how great they are these days but will enthuse anyway, the kiwis exude quiet confidence and self-determination.

?So why are so many of them coming over here?? I hear you say.

Well, they?re not.

Whereas they used to flock across the ditch, prompting former PM Robert Muldoon to distastefully remark that they ?raised the IQ of both countries?, the migration rate has slowed considerably.

Kiwis are staying home where they?re enjoying a strong economy, low unemployment, a stable government and terms of trade at a 40-year high.

And those boys in black just keep winning.

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Oh dear, look who is at the bottom of the list

Readers Digest has released their “Most Trusted” list of Kiwis…and predictably Willie Apiata is at the top of the list.

Politicians are as trustworthy as sex workers and Willie Apiata, VC, is – again – the most trusted of all New Zealanders, according to an annual survey on the country’s most trusted people and professions.

The 10th annual New Zealand Reader’s Digest Trust Survey revealed a skew towards sports stars and emergency service workers as those whom Kiwis put the most faith in.

Mr Apiata took out the top spot as the most trusted of 100 well-known Kiwis, followed by Northland doctor and champion of Maori health care Lance O’Sullivan and All Blacks captain Richie McCaw.

But look who is at the bottom of the list:

99. Kim Dotcom, internet entrepreneur
100. Hone Harawira, Mana Party leader

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That will be news to Valerie Adams


We must have missed the part where they took Upchuck’s Olympic medal away for a little while, but then took it off Valerie Adams and gave it back to Upchuck again.

So who do you think is responsible for this sterling bit of journalism?

You get zero guesses, of course.

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Accusation award is nothing more than a “token gimp award”

Disabled athlete Cameron Leslie thinks the Halberg Awards may in fact be nothing more than a?token?gesture:

In Wednesday’s Northern Advocate, I was announced as a finalist in the Halbergs, along with fellow Northlander Blair Tuke in the Team of the Year category, in the Disabled Sportsperson of the Year category but am undecided on whether or not I should bother turning up.

For me, while I was competing at the Paralympics in London I wasn’t thinking about awards ceremonies or celebrating after my races. Admittedly, I was thinking about my new role as sports editor at the Northern Advocate and how my studying and sporting life was about to be flipped upside down.

Fast forward four months and now I’m questioning whether the Halberg Awards are really for me. It’s not that I don’t rate them as an awards ceremony, but more that I disagree with being shoved into the token disability award. An award which is known affectionately within disabled sporting circles as the “Token Gimp Award”.

Strong words, he explains further:

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Mallard’s Dilemma

What is a trougher to do…when the calendar is against you?

Do both probably, what’s the bet he does? Trevor Mallard has a dilemma.

On Wednesday night Valerie Adams will be presented with her Olympic Gold Medal in Auckland.

He will have to be there……he needs another photo op with another sports star in order to polish his own considerably waning and tarnished star.

Then he will need to be back in the House to conduct business on Thursday, continuing the Banks Bash, before probably jumping on another plane to go watch the Silver Ferns netball test back in Auckland on Thursday night.

The veteran expert trougher will have organised a “convenient” meeting or two to justify all the cab fares, return flights and the five star accommodation, when the reality is he will just be living on the large enjoying sports troughing. ?Remember he really has no excuse as he was stripped of the Sports Spokesperson role in favour of former New Zealand rugby and netball representative Louisa Wall.

Trevor Mallard is?NZ politics answer to Sonny Shaw.?Only at least Sonny pays his own airfares and hotels following a wide variety of NZ sport. They certainly seem to have the same skill set:

Thru a mate I used to have a chat to Sonny at Warrior?s home games. Seemed nice enough at first but after a spell it became apparent his whole life was sport, beer, chasing young woman?not a bad day out?but not a whole life! His communication skills were banal and immature, not exactly an interesting bloke?one sports tour seemed much like the next.

It can get significantly worse for the New Zealand taxpayer. ?The deciding netball test is on Sunday.

In Christchurch.

Some people are never happy

I don’t know what it is about people, that they have to moan about everything. Take this spokesperson for the Tongan community carping about not being included in Valerie Adams medal ceremony:

Auckland’s Tongan Advisory Council says the medal ceremony planned for the Olympic champion shot putter Valerie Adams is an insult to members of the public who want to be involved.

Adams, who is Tongan, is to be presented with her gold medal at The Cloud venue on the city’s waterfront next Wednesday. Public tickets have been limited to 2000.

Council chair Melino Maka says the ceremony should be in South Auckland where Adams grew up.

He says poorer people who can’t go online or phone radio stations to get tickets are being denied the opportunity to get involved.

Oh whatever…it probably escaped the stupid man that not many of the Auckland Tongan community attended London for the medal ceremony either.

Good, but he should never have had to apologise

Eric Young has gotten off the hook for sledging out the Beast of Belarus:

Award-winning journalist Eric Young has satisfied his bosses with an apology on Twitter for an expletive-laden tweet calling for an Olympics drug cheat to hand over her shot put gold medal.

Bosses at Sky News Australia, who employ Young as a broadcaster on Prime TV, said there was no further discipline for his angry comments on the social networking site last month.

The veteran reporter has not tweeted since August 14 when he caused a stir with his comments directed at Belarusian Nadzeya Ostapchuk, who was stripped of her gold medal and the prize awarded to Kiwi Valerie Adams.

His tweet that attracted criticism called Ostapchuk a “f***ing cheating cow” and told her to “hand it [the gold medal] over you b****”.

“Sky News views these matters very seriously. Senior management has spoken with Eric and the matter is now closed,” director of news and programs Ian Ferguson said today.

Young declined to comment when contacted by APNZ.

Roid rage, much?

The stroppy Belarusian Ostapchuk has come out saying our golden girl Adams?behaved in an unsportsmanlike manner during the Olympics. ?Nothing like a bit of dirty smearing of the opponent for what you have just been found guilty of.

With this sort of blistering jaw-dropping form for defamation Ostapchuk could be in line to join Trevor Mallard on the podium for Defamation of the Year.

“She was not even in starting line-up before the games, because she had a positive drug test in 2005,” Ostapchuk said.
“I’m being covered in dirt, but someone else comes out all clean.”
Drug Free Sport New Zealand chief executive Graeme Steel vehemently dismissed the accusations.
?Val has never failed any of our drug tests and the International Association of Athletic Federations are required to provide any tests of theirs that she fails. They have never done that,? he said in staunch defence of Adams.

It seems the roid rage has kicked in.

Ostapchuk v Adams would make a great Pay-per-view event at the next Fight for Life.


? NZ Herald

Eric Young is in trouble..though I can;t see why, he simply spoke the truth, perhaps in intemperate language, but it was the truth nonetheless:

Veteran broadcaster Eric Young has been scolded for an expletive-laden tweet calling for Olympics drug cheat Nadzeya Ostapchuk to hand over her shot put gold medal.

Young, who was contracted by Sky Television for its Olympics coverage on Prime, was pressured into deleting the Twitter comment, which he posted last night when it was announced New Zealand Valerie Adams was awarded the gold medal.

Young’s bosses are still deciding on whether Young should be disciplined for his tweet, which was directed at the Belarussian shot putter who was stripped of her gold medal after testing positive for an anabolic steroid.

“Dear Nadzeya,” the tweet read. “You f***ing cheating cow. Hand it over you b****. Love, New Zealand.”

After later deleting it, Young, who tweets under the username @RealEricYoung to 1500 followers, posted: “Sorry if some of you didn’t appreciate my passionate language but the truth is Val had her moment stolen by a cheat.”