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Driverless cars will cause insurance companies headaches

Driverless cars are going to cause insurance companies massive headaches…not from accidents, but from drying up their cashflow.

The advent of driverless cars will mean much fewer accidents.

Driverless cars are coming, sometime. They’re going to be safer and more reliable than traditional cars and they’re going to make Google and several other manufacturers very, very rich. The only wreckage they’re going to leave behind is going to be the corpses of the scores of companies who make a killing on car accidents.

It’s no secret that computers are already much better drivers than humans. They don’t drive drunk, they don’t text, they don’t forget where they’re going or daydream. They might not reduce accidents by as much as 90 percent, as Google has suggested, but once driverless cars get any sort of real market share, the roads are definitely going to be safer.

“The immediate losers are the people who depend on accidents for their businesses,” Chunka Mui, a business consultant and author said at a Council on Foreign Relations discussion on the economic future of driverless cars Wednesday.

It’s not just insurance companies. In his book, The New Killer Apps, Mui imagines the economic implications of a world where driverless cars are common:   Read more »

We have licences for ducks, upland game and fishing so why not cyclists?

Oh just a minute…when they were talking about licences for cyclists I thought they meant hunting licences…silly me.

A cycling safety group has advised ACT politicians against introducing a licensing scheme for cyclists.

Representatives of the Amy Gillett Foundation appeared before a legislative committee inquiry into vulnerable road users on Monday.

The foundation’s chief executive, former international cyclist Tracey Gaudry, said the group did not believe cyclists should have to gain licences to ride on the road.

“From our research there is insufficient evidence to determine that there are safety benefits to be gained through bicycle registration or licensing,” Ms Gaudry said.