Home made biltong

Biltong-machine-bbFor Christmas I was given a Biltong machine.

They are pretty simple, and you can make one yourself if you are so inclined, but this one is easy to assemble and works like a charm. It features:

  • Built in Extractor Fan
  • Stainless Steel Food Grade Diffuser (Heat Pad Air Flow Regulator)
  • Brass bulb?holder
  • Aluminium Hanging Rods x 3
  • Food grade plastic hanging hooks x 6
  • 60 Watt light bulb (an old-fashioned proper light bulb, not a gay energy-efficient one)
  • Assembly Instructions and Recipes
  • Marinade Bag
  • Measurements: 58cm x 31cm x 31cm. Weight 3.6Kg

You need more meat hooks than that, but supermarkets and hardware stores have small meat hooks for bugger all.

You can try your local South African shop or buy online.

So what is a man to do with such a contraption?

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The first batch

Here is the first batch of beef jerky made with my new dehydrator…delicious.

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Blogging might be a little slow…

…I need to get this yearling into the freezer. ?That’s after I climb out of this damn steep gully. ?Had to leave the big ones – no way would I have been able to get one back to the top of the ridge!


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The Bresaola Project, Ctd

Day 10, The Bresaola should be ready.

I took off the muslin and string, and this is the dry Bresaola.

And this is it sliced:

The taste?

Awesome…going to be hard to stop scoffing it.

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I am?definitely?going to get into this curing thing…it is totally cool, having shot, gutted, skinned, butchered and cured the meat from hoof, to plate.

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The Bresaola Project, Ctd

Ok the venison joint has been marinating in the mixture below for 5 days, turned twice a day.

The Marinade:

  • 350g Coarse sea salt (Maldon flakes)
  • 12 sprigs of Rosemary
  • 2 tsp of Cumin
  • 2 tsp of Lea & Perrins
  • 10 Bay leaves
  • 20 cloves
  • 4 Garlic cloves (crushed)
  • 1 tbsp of cracked black pepper
  • 2 tsp of dried chilli flakes
  • 6 strips of lemon zest (finely chopped)
  • 6 strips of orange zest (finely chopped)
  • 1 bottle of Red wine (Cote Du Rhone or Italian)

Today I took it out, washed it off as per the instructions, and patted it dry. It has taken on a dark purple colour, and is quite firm.

I then wrapped and tied it in a double layer of muslin.

It is now ready to hang for 10 days or until it has lost 30% of its weight. Then it is eating time.

I have some?ingredients?for another recipe coming in the post, so will use another joint to try that method.


The Meat Project

Since I have a chiller full of meat the suggestion was to make some Bresaola. Instead of Beef though we will use Venison.

So I will outline how I am going to do this on the blog…nothing like a good meat recipe to follow.

First things first though. I need some?ingredients.

These are the reccomended ingredients for the dry cure:

100g of coarse salt,
100g of sugar,
5g black pepper,
and 5g of Prague Powder #2.

Three are easy to obtain but where the hell do you get or I can obtain Prague Powder #2. You can get Prague Powder #1 easily and cheaply on Trademe but it doesn;t appear to be able to be got from there.

I need some assistance. It is a vital?ingredient?because it is the one that stops the meat rotting.

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Girls and Hunting

Nice article by author and chef Georgia Pelligrini about being a girl and hunting:

In Roman mythology, the master of the hunt was the goddess Diana. She was praised for her strength, athletic grace, beauty, and hunting skills.

In Freemasonry, she was a symbol of sensibility and imagination, of poets and artists. Shrines were erected in her honor; stags followed her wherever she went; she ruled the forest and the moon.

I like to think that Diana?s influence has never entirely waned, that hunting was never just about men getting together in the woods. Hunting is for all of us, an extension of our being both humans and animals?our first work and craft, one of our original instincts.

Today I am entirely different than the girl and chef who set out four years ago to learn how to hunt a?turkey.?

There are the obvious differences, such as the fact that I can shoot a?deer?through the heart without batting an eye, and then promptly take out the innards on the forest floor with only a pocketknife and my bare hands.

I can skin it and then run the knife along the contours of the muscle until it is broken down into manageable parts.

Then, if I want to, I can portion the meat into those elegant pieces we see neatly wrapped up in plastic in the grocery store meat section, with no signs that it was ever a living thing. Except that for me, I will always know.

I will have looked my food in the eye and made a choice; I will have felt the warm innards in my hands as I pulled them out and laid them on the forest floor for the coyotes and the mountain lions to eat.

It was a struggle to get here, mostly a mental struggle.

It required a slap on the ass and a horseback-riding escapade with a poacher.

It required humility, frustration, hundreds of skeptical looks, and waking up in the dark for most of the fall and winter months?all in the name of sausage, venison?meat loaf, and whiskey-glazed turkey breast.

It required run-ins with airport security that wanted to know why there were frozen?animal?parts?in my suitcase, and with?border patrol?dogs sniffing my car wildly where Texas meets?Mexico.

But the journey over field and stream to understand where my food comes from was, simply put, amazing. Even the so-called bloody bits.

She sounds like the ideal woman.


Actual Bloke Questions Phil and John Should be Asked

.270 or .308 for red deer?

What would you drive, a Falcon 500 or a HQ Holden?

Short Bursts or Full auto?

If a member of your caucus had a gay ute would would you do?

a. ?Tell him to sell it.
b. Give him a big hug and offer him counseling.
c. Send him to counseling with Chopper Read
d. Ask Chopper to include Gay Utes in his next harden the fuck up skit.

Why does wild venison taste so much better than farmed venison?

What is your favourite wine for getting birds pissed?

A pallet of piss or a few kegs?

Would you go pig hunting with Paula Bennett?

When you are making sausages what is your favourite meat:

a. Chamois
b. Fallow
c. Red
d. Pig

What is your preferred method for catching kingfish?

a. Jigging
b. Livebait
c. Poppers
d. Spearfishing

If your hunting dog was not listening would you:

a. Electric collar it
b. Boot it.
c. Send it to time out

If you could personally fire any New Zealand Defence Force Weapon what would it be?

Which of these Shane Jones favourites is better?

a. Debbie Does Dallas
b. Deep Throat
c. Who?s nailin? Palin?