Veuve Cliquot

Since it is budget week

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Here is a copy of a bill from one nights drinking in Las Vegas. It is real, I know a person who was there.

I do however have a few of questions.

  1. Where is McCully and Groser this week?
  2. What will the ministerial expense claims look like next release?
  3. How would you go about covering this one up if it was you?
  4. What one of these items is the hookers?

Note to Barry Colman and Busted Blonde, this is a real piss up using Veuve Clicquot. It is now nine months since the VRWC won the competition for Busted Blonde and still no party. Babies have been conceived and born in the time it has taken for this party to eventuate. Meanwhile in Las Vegas $189,375.98 USD was consumed prior to midnight at Tryst in Las Vegas.

Legendary Piss Up

Note the tip is more than the average wage in New Zealand. This is what the NZ tourist industry needs, not a bunch of wailing, dancing Maori in grass skirts feeding the masses greasy hangi for $50  a head begfore them back on the bus they came on.


Whaleoil Redux 2010

In 2010 I created following chaos and mayhem:

  • Uploaded a video to Youtube which then made the news and went on to have more than 440,000 views.

Ned Flanders and Peter Goodfellow

Beef Up B*tch – There's a party to be had

Home straight folks, still need to vote for Busted Blonde to stop Joe “the Liar Holden” winning.

But here is the thing, anyone who owes BB a lunch or a dinner get to it and feed her up this week so she can pack on the kilos for the weigh in at NBR. As for Busted Blonde, you really need to be carving the up as many as moil-ups as you can between now and then and that includes you too Tau Henare.

Get scoffing b*tch, we have a party to fuel.

Busted Blonde beefing up

Busted Blonde beefing up