Vic Crone

Dopey Vic Crone couldn’t even file her donation returns on time

The Mayoral donations returns have been filed…except for Vic Crones.

Phil Goff bagged a reasonable slice of cash and donations from Helen Clark and Eric Watson.

Former Prime Minister Helen Clark and rich lister Eric Watson were among the donors to Phil Goff’s successful Auckland mayoral campaign, which raised more than $700,000.

Clark and Watson each donated $5000 to Goff, who spent $410,814 on his campaign, leaving him with a “good little war chest” for another run in 2019, according to his campaign manager David Lewis.

Goff said his team worked hard at fundraising, putting the big bounty down to a lot of confidence in him and an expectation he was likely to win the election.

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That’s it, it isn’t safe to vote for any Auckland Mayoral candidate

I was going to put up a recommended voter guide for the Auckland Council elections.

But after today I?can no longer support any mayoral candidate.

Three leading mayoral candidates have backed the idea of dedicated seats for M?ori on the Auckland Council, but one of them, Phil Goff, would leave it to the government to decide.

Mr Goff – along with John Palino and Chloe Swarbrick – said he would support M?ori seats but, in today’s Radio Waatea debate, both Mark Thomas and Vic Crone opposed them.

Mr Goff was asked directly whether he would support dedicated M?ori seats.

“I’d say ‘yes’, John Key says ‘no’, so it’s not going to happen,” he told a live audience gathered at a marae in Mangere. ? Read more »

Local body elections voting opens tomorrow

Voting for local body elections opens tomorrow.

Voting packs arrive in letterboxes around the country between tomorrow and September 21. The voting document needs to be in the return post by October 5, and voting closes at midday on October 8.

In Auckland, more than one million voters will receive a document with instructions and information about the 468 candidates contesting 170 positions.

This includes the role of mayor, 20 ward councillors and 149 local board representatives.

Electors will also be asked to choose 21 representatives for three district health boards and 35 representatives for five local licensing trusts.

People have asked me, Whaleoil, to provide some guidance on how to vote in the Auckland elections.? All I can do is tell you that I have no idea myself.

Which leaves us all with a problem.

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Vic Crone ?double-booked? and fails to show at mayoral debate

Vic Crone

She really is a walking political disaster. She couldn’t organise signs to comply with the rules. Failed to properly authorise her website, and now she screws up a debate.

Environmental issues are expected to be raised at an Auckland mayoral debate in Titirangi this evening.

Six candidates – Phil Goff, John Palino, Penny Bright, Mark Thomas, David Hay and Chloe Swarbrick – have confirmed they will attend the debate, organised by the Titirangi Residents’ Group.

The debate will be MCed by former Waitakere City Mayor and Labour President Sir Bob Harvey, who performed the same duties at Goff’s mayoral campaign launch on August 28.

Centre-right candidate Vic Crone pulled out of the event at the 11th hour.

A spokeswoman for her campaign said she was double-booked and would be attending a dinner date.

“Just one of those things, full schedule and balancing different events and getting around as many audiences as possible,” the spokeswoman said.

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Auckland Mayor Campaign Videos

So all readers can assess whether these candidates are up to it.

Palino has well-constructed video.

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Simon Wilson from Metro on Vic Crone

Simon Wilson has a brutal column on Vic Crone in Metro.

As is usual for this lefty sniveller he?sneers his way through a meandering waffly old tale until the very end when he slips the shiv in:

She?s right about many things, but does that make her right for the job? She?s allowed herself to be surrounded by time-servers, hacks and half-arses. The embittered (in the local body world), entitled rump of old National. Almost none of them share the next generation future-focused energy she likes to portray herself as having. ? Read more »

Hey, National Party MPs: Never hug a corpse


Richard Harman at Politik went where Whaleoil isn’t welcome

The National Party turned out in force last night for the launch of ?independent? Victoria Crone?s Auckland mayoral campaign ? and she dug deep into the government?s playbook to announce a new policy on a second harbour crossing.

But missing from the launch was John Key who has maintained a refusal to endorse Crone arguing that as Prime Minister he will have to work with whoever wins the Mayoral race.

That approach has drawn criticism and last night looked like Crone had finally got the formal approval of the National Party.

She was Introduced by National MPs Mark Mitchell and Alfred Ngaro and with a video exhortation from former Prime Minister Dame Jenny Shipley, Crone?s big night was an emphatic coming together of the centre-right.

Speakers from both the Communities and Residents (C&R) and Auckland Future blocs spoke in her favour.? Government ministers Nikki Kaye, Maggie Barry and Paul Goldsmith were joined in the 130 strong crowd by National Party president Peter Goodfellow, the current Auckland regional chair, Andrew Hunt and the two immediate past chairs Alastair Bell and Alan Towers.

Crone?s launch announcement of bringing forward $150m of council funding to put a second harbour crossing on the fast-track by 2020 was applauded by Nats in attendance, including North Shore MP Barry.

Endorsed by The Nation’s Favourite Grandmother, no less. Read more »

Vic Crone is now attacking rich pricks with holiday baches

With most of her advisors abandoning her Vic Crone?is resorting to form, a big socialist?bully.

Her latest bright idea is to increase rates on people’s baches.

Auckland bach owners who do not use their places frequently would be hit with a massive rate hike under a policy proposed by a mayoral candidate.

National Party-aligned Auckland Future mayoral candidate Vic Crone is?proposing measures to help solve the city’s housing shortage that target unoccupied properties. Buildings sitting empty for more than six months may be in line for rates increases of up to fifty percent.

“While we don’t have a good picture of the numbers, I’m hearing loud and clear there’s a problem and strong anecdotal evidence right across Auckland, including in Special Housing Areas.” ? Read more »

Mayoral hopeful Vic Crone wants to increase water rates on some property investors

Obviously there are no donations coming in from developers…so under the bus they go from Vic Crone, who is now starting to sound very much like a tax-and-spend socialist.

Auckland mayoral candidate Vic Crone has come up with a novel way of cracking down on land-banking developers.

She wants to use water meters to find empty houses. Homes or properties where no water is being used would be slapped with hefty rates bills.

She obviously has no idea what a land banker is…I would bet there are no water meters on land that is just sitting idle at the moment. This is just yet another dopey statement from an idiot of a candidate.

The council says land-bankers are sabotaging attempts to speed up the construction of new homes.

The council is lying; they are the ones sabotaging attempts at greenfield development . Read more »

Someone seems to have a name recognition problem


You know you are in trouble when no one, not even the media, knows who you are…and call you someone else, confusing you with a bloke.

The wheels are coming off Vic Crone’s campaign too.

Former fixer Joe Davis has been given the arse-card due to extremely poor deliverables and a lack of communication. Policy analysts who were working with the Crone camp before Christmas have quietly disappeared fearing reputational damage. Money has dried up or not arrived, with the initial $50,000 in donations disappearing for no apparent gain. Sean Topham, the former Young Nats president, has decamped to the US to help Hillary Clinton’s campaign. That leaving Josh Beddell, who is a nice guy but is so wet that he is never going to set anything on fire – let alone the world.? Read more »