Vichai Sripraset

Manbearpig kills 63 in Thailand

From the it’s weather not climate change file, 63 people have died in Thailand because of cold temperatures.

That global warming is a real killer…not from heat though, from cold.

The Bangkok Post explains:

The unusually long cold spell across the North, Northeast and Central regions has killed 63 people in the past three months and Bangkok has suffered its coldest night in three decades.

Sophon Mekthon, director general of the Disease Control Department, said on Thursday that the 63 fatalities were reported in 27 provinces between Oct 22, 2013 and Jan 19, 2014.

Most of the fatalities were men. The youngest was a one-month-old baby and the oldest was a 81 years old. A Cambodian and a British national were also among the victims.? Read more »