Vicki Letele

Cancer victim to be released from prison

Good, some compassion at last.

Terminally ill prisoner Vicki Letele is a step closer to freedom.

The Department of Corrections has referred her case to the Parole Board to consider her release on compassionate grounds.

“I feel very saddened by Ms Letele’s circumstances. Cancer is an awful thing and I can quite understand that she, her children, and her wider family will want to be together to care for each other over the coming months,” says Corrections Chief Executive Ray Smith. ?? Read more »

Once again John Key interferes in areas outside his jurisdiction

?That?s for the parole board to decide?. ?Why didn?t he say that?

Does he have to have an opinion on everything?

The family of a terminally ill prisoner has been encouraged to continue the fight for her compassionate release after positive comments from the Prime Minister.

Vicki Letele has been in Wiri women’s prison since March this year. She was sentenced to three years and two months imprisonment for fraud after using forged documents to allow low-income families to obtain home loans.

Letele was diagnosed with terminal stomach cancer in September and her family is pleading for her to be released early so she can spend her final months at home.

She isn’t eligible for parole until April 2017.

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