Victoria Crone

Auckland Mayoral candidate: I?ll give you a choice – do you want me to increase rates, or increase rates more?

So, this is the first shot from a centre-right candidate to counter John Palino’s promise of a rates reduction.

Mark Thomas, who rated around 1% in Labour pollster UMR’s poll of candidates, is giving ratepayers a choice…an increase in rates or a larger increase in rates.

Auckland mayoral candidate Mark Thomas says he will give ratepayers a choice to freeze rates or a rates increase of about 2 per cent or 4 per cent to pay for projects in their area.

“My approach will tie any rates increase Aucklanders approve more clearly to specific local projects. This is a version of the targeted rate mechanism council already uses,” Mr Thomas said today.

The Orakei Local Board member and centre-right candidate said he would find $35 million in savings to freeze rates in his first budget, mostly from savings in the $422 million governance budget, but also savings in community services and economic and cultural development budgets.

He said people in the north, west, centre, east, south and rural areas would vote to endorse growth tied to their area, or the option of a rates freeze.

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Now Aucklanders have a choice…rates increases or rates decreases

John Palino has announced he is standing for Mayor again and dropped a bombshell on every other candidate…he’s pushing for a 10% rates reduction in his first term.

I am announcing that I will be standing for Auckland Mayor this year!

I am putting my name forward because I believe that Auckland has not realised its potential. Auckland has the potential to be a great city, but the Super City has not delivered for ratepayers.

Our rates have gone up massively.

Our council debt has gone up massively.

Our services are not as good as they were under our old council.

Today I am announcing my commitment to Auckland. As Mayor I will reduce your rates by 10% across my first term.

I have engaged Larry Mitchell, one of New Zealand?s foremost Local Government financial experts to prepare an alternative budget.

This budget, which I will be releasing later in the campaign, will deliver on the promises of cost savings and efficiencies we were promised when the Super City formed.

Every ratepayer knows their services have reduced and their rates have increased.

We have not received the benefits of the Super City. Auckland Council has wasted money on non core spending, treating ratepayers like an unlimited ATM that they can take as much money as they like from.

That is why I believe we can cut rates by 10% over the next three years. This is the first step to returning Aucklanders? rates to realistic levels.

Over the next few weeks I will be launching sensible policies and pragmatic policies that will protect Auckland ratepayers from a council that has taken far too much of their hard-earned money.

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Vic Crone, The Tinder Candidate



On Paul Henry?s show today Michael Barnett sledged Vic Crone hard.

?I wonder if Michelle Boag and Nikki Kaye found Crone on Tinder?”

This is perhaps the smartest thing Barnett has ever said. ? Read more »

Vic Crone has a big problem


Victoria Crone, who likes to use the name everyone’s drunk uncle Victor also likes to use, isn’t impressing many.

Michelle Boag’s choice, hand-picked by her, Nikki Kaye and Sue Wood, isn’t performing well. It isn’t surprising when you consider the matriarch behind the Auckland Future “ticket” last had a win when picking the short straw for who would stand beside Rob Muldoon in announcing the 1984 snap election.

These are some comments from readers; people who should be supporting her, but aren’t because she is unimpressive…and possibly because she is a Pisces.

Jonno1 says:

OK I’ll say it: very disappointing Victoria Crone (who has just been on Paul Henry). As Paul said, her only straight answer was “I’ll win the mayoralty”. Even Penny says that. There were at least two easy opportunities: light rail, no, and staff cuts, yes. Paul has just said she was very Phil Goff-esque. Too true. Please do better Victoria.

Edit. To clarify re the two easy questions, she wouldn’t even answer those; the no & yes was my take on them.

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Victoria Crone’s All-Star Campaign Team?

I was talking to a Labour person yesterday and they alleged that Sean Topham is doing Victoria Crone?s media. They couldn?t believe it because the media role is absolutely crucial for a successful mayoral campaign, and were wanting to know if this was a serious appointment.

A media person needs to be exceptionally well connected with the media who will be covering the race. They need pre-exisiting relationships with all the important journalists in the area, and they need to be able to turn out press releases that will be published very rapidly. Writing press releases is not that difficult, but getting them published is very difficult if you do not have a good rapport with the media.

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Has Joe Davis Given Up on the ECB Nomination?

Victoria Crone?s ?Campaign Director? Joe Davis has surprised many in National who had assumed that he was going to run for selection in East Coast Bays.

At a National-flavoured gathering people were wondering whether he has given up this ambition, especially since Murray McCully has returned to Cabinet looking like Bernie from Weekend at Bernies.

It would be unwise to think that a minor thing like a benign tumour could end McCully?s career as he is regarded as being as likely as a cockroach to survive a nuclear holocaust, but at the same time many in National saw his public comments about asking John Key if he was still wanted as a chink in his armour. ? Read more »

A Strange Article about Victoria Crone’s Campaign

Political backroom operators from across the political spectrum get on pretty well. Good professionals keep the back-channels open, partly out of mutual respect for their backroom opponents, partly because there are so few good people who are any good at campaigning and they like to talk to others even if they are opponents, and partly because it is important to be able to exchange information and stop stupid stuff from happening on the campaign trail.

So I wasn?t surprised when I got a call from a Labour person close to Phil Goff asking me about the NBR article?on Victoria Crone?s campaign. Part of it was a fishing expedition for information, and part of it was because Goff?s team have been laughing themselves silly at every move Crone makes and wanted to make sure they weren’t underestimating their opponents.

The article itself was strange because experienced campaigners know that they should never be in the media. Their job is to get the candidate in the media, not get attention themselves. Yet the article is all about Joe Davis, who has given himself the title ?Campaign Director?. There is a rule in politics, adhered to by all the backroom operators worth paying, that campaigners who want profile should be running themselves, not running other people?s campaigns.

Although it appears Auckland Future is still pondering this question ? its website is entirely silent on the issue ? Mr Davis tells NBR he made up his mind a month ago to throw in with Ms Crone.

?During the Christmas holidays Vic approached me and asked if I?d consider leading the campaign for her, which I was obviously thrilled to be able to do,? he says. ? Read more »

Face of the day


Victoria Crone Photo: RNZ / Diego Opatowski

Today’s face of the day, Victoria Crone, wants Auckland ratepayers to pay less and central taxpayers to pick up the bill. I am all for ratepayers paying less but I don’t want central taxpayers to fund a rail link that Auckland doesn’t need. Interestingly, Ms Crone has not taken a position on whether she is for or against the rail link. I wonder why she is sitting on the fence.


She did not say whether she supported the $2.5 billion City Rail Link.

-A newspaper

It may have been an Bernard Orsman stitch-up, but the appearance that she couldn?t offer a view on the City Rail Link?at the same time as she has a post on her campaign site?s blog musing about preparing for a future of driverless cars suggests she is putting the robot cart well before the horse.


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The Auckland Mayoral Candidates’ Vacuity


The current Auckland Mayoral candidates are trying to convince us they are serious, without having any firm policies or intellectual rigour behind their campaign. They seem to want to be mayor because they think they would be good at the job, rather than any burning ideological reason for transforming Auckland.

It is a shame we do not have mayoral candidates with the ambition of Canadian Maxime Bernier who is running for the Conservative Party leadership.

?I?m in politics for the ideas,? says Maxime Bernier. And with that line alone he may be starting something of a mini-revolution in the Conservative leadership process.Bernier, who?s been the Conservative MP for the Quebec riding of Beauce for a decade, has confirmed he?s testing the waters for a potential leadership bid. In a phone interview, Bernier laid out what would be his philosophical underpinnings as leader.?If I run I will run for more freedom and less government intervention in our day-to-day lives,? says the man viewed as the most libertarian-leaning Conservative caucus member.

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Red Radio lines up three Auckland Mayoral candidates

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