Australians battle ” racist ” Muslim housing estate



Islam?is not a race but the Australian developers of this estate are only targeting South Asian migrants so it is accurate to describe the housing estate as racist. ?I would also describe it as apartheid and segregation. It is being built around a purpose built Mosque so it is clearly meant to attract South Asian migrants who are Muslim.

A Rally for Australia ?has been organised against the segregated Muslim-only estate for this Sunday, August 28th at Hannah Watts Park on High st in Melton, Victoria.

It is not acceptable for developers to target people based on their race and religion. Australia and New Zealand are multicultural societies. We have a?history of opposing ?segregation and apartheid.

By deliberately encouraging a segregated community the developers are encouraging Muslim South Asian migrants to avoid integration with the local Australian population. The families that move to this housing estate will never assimilate into the Australian culture as they been encouraged to set themselves apart.

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Photo Of The Day

Photo: The Thompson Collection. The Seven Sutherland Sisters. The girls ? Sarah, Victoria, Isabella, Grace, Naomi, Mary, and Dora,pose with their father, The Rev. Fletcher Sutherland.

Photo: The Thompson Collection.
The Seven Sutherland Sisters. The girls ? Sarah, Victoria, Isabella, Grace, Naomi, Mary, and Dora, pose with their father, The Rev. Fletcher Sutherland.

It?s The Hair Not the Hat

That Makes a Woman Attractive

?The seven Sutherland sisters in the late 19th century were the epitome of sex appeal. Their lush Rapunzel-like hair captured people’s attention all over the world, and they were catapulted into celebrity. Dubbed “America’s first celebrity models,” the Sutherland sisters lived such extravagant lives that even Liberace would have blushed.

During the Victorian era, long hair was the ultimate sign of femininity and sex appeal, and these sisters had it going on. They became “America’s first celebrity models.”

?In 1882 the Barnum and Bailey Circus signed a new act for the sideshow. It was called the Seven Sutherland Sisters. The girls ? Sarah, Victoria, Isabella, Grace, Naomi, Mary, and Dora ? who ranged in age from 18 to 36, would file on stage in white gowns, their dark hair glimmering in the gas lights, and sing a selection of songs. The remarkable bass voice of Naomi was prominent in their rich harmony.

The music was not the chief attraction.

The climax of the act came at the finale; when the sisters would turn in unison, letting their voluminous tresses ? a collective total of 37 feet of hair ? spill down their backs, over the crest of the stage, and into the orchestra pit. A gasp of amazement and delight would sound through the audience, followed by thunderous applause.

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The shocking law in Victoria Australia that no Media will talk about.


On a facebook page called Pollie Watch Victoria I came across the below screenshot taken by Mark Cory.

Apparently it is screenshot of an amendment to the crimes act put forward by a sitting member in order to to legalise sex with children as young as 12 by inserting a loophole. According to the page these amendments have so far passed through both houses with zero scrutiny as no questions have been asked.

If this is true then this is a shocking scoop and it is very surprising that the story has not yet made the Mainstream Media.

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This will have the Green Taliban in a lather


Green Taliban list MP Steffan Browning will be fiercely talking to his cucumbers, beans and tomatoes in his Bowen House office when he sees this.

It?s a media release from Monsanto saying ?Farmers to Plant Largest GM Canola Crop Yet?.

Australian farmers continue to embrace GM technology in greater numbers and have now planted more than 1.5 million hectares of Roundup Ready? canola since its introduction in 2008.

Despite an expected 9% drop in the size of this season?s overall canola crop, local growers have purchased a record one million tonnes of Roundup Ready canola seed, up 15% on last season.

More than 436,000 hectares of GM canola will be planted this year, up from nearly 350,000 hectares last year. GM canola varieties now make up 22% of the canola planted in the states that allow GM canola to be grown ? Western Australia, Victoria and New South Wales.

Doesn?t that just rip the nighty off Steffan Browning. But wait there?s more? ? Read more »

Union slush funds and meddling dominating Victorian elections

The Victoria State Election is underway and?already the Liberal party is focussing on the selection of Daniel Andrews and his connections with the?CFMEU.

Private global accounting firm Moore Stephens? costing of Labor?s policies will finally be released today ? just two days before the election and after more than half a million voters have already cast their ballot. Labor chose Moore Stephens after refusing to submit its policies for scrutiny by Treasury.

Treasurer Michael O?Brien has hit out at the firm, highlighting how the accountants audited the discredited CFMEU?s WA branch. ? Read more »

Victorian election underway and the attack ads flow

I?love Australian elections, especially their ads, and the nasty is flowing.

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ALP is stuffed, even in Victoria, Gillard is only just holding on

The ALP is going down hard, NSW is lost, the rolling maul of corruption scandals has killed them off, now Victoria is lost to them.

Leadership challenges are still brewing and not just from Kevin Rudd.

It is a measure of the Labor Party’s current desperation that a single minister, Bill Shorten, has emerged as an emblematic figure supposedly invested with almost super powers.

If Shorten shifts his support from Julia Gillard, as the headlines and the barely muted whispers go, then her grasp on the prime ministerial chair will be gone.

It is as if he is being considered a latter-day Senator Graham Richardson, the old powerbroker from the Hawke era who is credited with orchestrating much of the unpleasantness that ended in Paul Keating wresting power from Hawke in 1991.

A bit like David Shearer, really

I was reading an article at The Age about Ted Baillieu and the more I read the more I thought…he is just like David Shearer.

The article starts with this cartoon:



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An Australian politician who didn’t practice low bastardry…lost his job as a result

This is why Ted Baillieu is now warming the back benches:

But there are many others. Would Mr Baillieu have been more successful if he was more ruthless, projected more urgency, hunger and passion? Undoubtedly.

That wasn’t his style, and he never tried to be what he wasn’t. To his detractors, his failure to communicate was a fatal flaw. Certainly, the love of Victoria and pride in its multicultural success that was so evident last night was not widely appreciated. Nor was his decency, but then, as one Liberal friend remarked: ”Decency doesn’t pay dividends.”

Aussie politicians are generally very, very good at low bastardry. There is much to recommend it, there is nothing better in the grand game of politics than a good old-fashioned?donnybrook and blood and guts spraying everywhere.

Donnybrook coming in Victoria, dodgy Liberal ratbag costs Baillieu the premiership

Ted Baillieu has resigned as Premier of Victoria.

Ted Baillieu has resigned as Premier after a Liberals-only crisis meeting on Wednesday night, saying “I do this in the best of the government”.

Denis Napthine is the new leader of the liberal party in parliament.

I love this state, I love the Liberal Party and I love this state,” he said in a statement. “Change of leadership is in the best interests of the government.”

Mr Baillieu’s voice was cracking as he thanked his staff and wife and three children.

He has confirmed that he will remain in parliament.”? Read more »