Viktor Yanukovych

40,000 Russian troops massed on borders of Ukraine

Ukraine’s future continues to hang in the balance as Russia continues to mass troops on Ukraine’s border and their annexation of the Crimea continues.

United States officials have reported that there are currently up to?40,000 Russian troops?on Ukraine?s east border and that Russia could still invade Ukraine.

Though there is no consensus on the exact number of troops on the border, on March 27th, Rep. Michael Turner (R-OH)?said?there were 80,000 troops on the border, and other sources told FOX News that more than 50,000 troops arrived in the last few days.? Read more »

Is Cunliffe advising the former Ukraine president?

Looks like David Cunliffe has been giving the former Ukrainian president some advice when confronted with questions about the mansion he lived in.

Maybe?Victor Yanukovych’s missus needed to live close to work so she could breast-feed the children as she ran her busy “environmental” law firm too.

Inside the Mezhyhirya, Yanukovych's residence.

Inside the Mezhyhirya, Yanukovych’s residence.

The house! You know?the mansion?that Victor Yanukovych, overthrown president of Ukraine, lived in until a week ago? The one with gold-footed toilets, crystal-laden chandeliers, 6,700 square feet of space, on a modest 17 acres of lovely countryside?

Turns out it was a fixer-upper.? Read more »

Why isn’t our parliament this exciting?

The last time we had some biffo Tau Henare took a dive and Trevor Mallard scored bragging rights despite it all being over some bint.

The Ukrainians really do know how to get into the biff:

THE UKRAINIAN parliament dissolved into chaos yesterday – as a mob of furious politians came to blows.

Supporters of president Viktor Yanukovych brawled with opposition MPs as they attempted to vote for a speaker.

Lawmakers wrestled with each other and some were knocked to the floor in the violent melee, on just the second day of the new parliament.

One man was restrained by being held in a tight headlock, while others climbed on to the speaker’s stand before being pushed off.

But heavyweight boxing champion Vitaly Klitschko, who heads the UDAR party, chose not to join in the brawl.

After a break, Yanukovych ally Volodymyr Rybak was elected as speaker.


Is Trev hiding in the Ukraine?

? The Telegraph

Trevor Mallard may be doing some private consulting int he Ukraine while he is on the run from Judith Collins’ process servers.

Opposition and pro-president deputies brawl in Ukraine’s parliament, during debate on a hotly contested bill that seeks to accept Russian as an official language in the country.

Violent scuffles broke out in the Ukrainian Rada on Thursday as deputies debated the bill which would allow the official use of Russian language in certain parts of the country.

The brawl erupted between deputies loyal to Ukrainian President Viktor Yanukovich and lawmakers from pro-Western opposition parties, who want to preserve Ukraine’s cultural and political independence from its powerful neighbour Russia.

The law being debated proposes to allow the use of Russian as an official language equal to Ukrainian in some civic institutions such as schools, hospitals and courts in regions where a Russian-speaking population is in the majority.