Vivienne Westwood

Greens are crazy the world over…and evil

We all know how crazy our Greens are. We also know that Green policies actually kill people, like the victims of Australian bushfires killed by Green policies preventing back-burning in cooler months.

The election int he Uk is proving interesting, mainly for two reason…the crazies of the UKIP and the really cray types in the Green party.

James Delingpole explains:

Many years ago, when I was a young diarist working for the Daily Telegraph?s Peterborough column, my bosses dispatched me to cover the Green Party conference. This wasn?t because I was particularly anti-Green at the time. Rather it was because, of all Peterborough?s staffers, I was known to be the one least interested in politics and the political process, so it seemed entirely appropriate to send me to the big joke event in the conference season, rather than to one of the more serious events.

The only thing I remember about the event was being inveigled into some fringe activity in which I was forced to participate with various Green delegates in some kind of non-competitive group bonding exercise where we all had to roll about on the floor. Someone let out the most repellent fart. It smelt evil but everyone present politely conspired to pretend that everything was normal. I sense something similar going on right now in the collective efforts of the media chattering classes to present the Green Party as a viable, vibrant and credible force in UK politics in the approach to the General Election.

Classic Delingpole sledging.

He continues to explain why he thinks they are evil and wrong.

Apparently the Green Party?s membership has now overtaken UKIP?s. I?m quite prepared to believe this but I think it says more about the fiendish zealotry of the sort of people attracted to environmental causes than it does about the Green Party itself. It?s not as though the Green Party has suddenly gone and recruited a brilliant, inspirational go-ahead new leader ? au contraire: see Nathalie Bennett, below ? nor as though it has undergone some manner of dramatic, Clause 4 style, policy reinvention.

Nope. It?s just that of all the parties, the Greens are the one whose target market accords most closely with the kind of people who flock to sign Change.Org petitions and join Twitter mobbings and go out on street demos (or better still, attend week-long protest camps where they can smoke dope, get to use the yurt and possibly get to rub shoulders with Vivienne Westwood). These people are signers, joiners, astroturfers. As a percentage of the population they are quite small but in terms of exerting political pressure they punch far above their weight by being highly committed and ? for a bunch of dope-smoking crusties ? surprisingly well organised. This Green Party membership surge is just another part of that strategy. I don?t believe that it will translate into anything significant at the polls.

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Smelly hippie really is a smelly hippie

Sheesh they think being a climate change denier should be classified as a mental health condition.

Eco loons really need to be institutionalised and medicated and given intense counselling to help them through.

She recently admitted scaling back her fashion work to spend more time campaigning on green issues.

But if anyone doubted Dame Vivienne Westwood?s eco-warrior credentials, the designer has made a rather startling confession.

The 72-year-old has revealed that her commitment to the environment means she doesn?t take shower every day, and even shares dirty bathwater with her husband.

Instead, Dame Vivienne said that she simply ?washes her bits? each morning before dashing out of the house.

The star made the comments during a new campaign video for animal rights group PETA. In the footage, she explains she has become a vegetarian in protest at how the meat industry is causing a depletion of the world?s water supplies.? Read more »