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Sue Moroney has a post at Red Alert, all bitter about the passage of the VSM bill.

The very first comment is a pearler, doubt it will last. Here is a screenshot. Feel free to comment here without moderation.


A great quote from Heather Roy

Heather Roy is delivering some great lines after delivering a great result last night:

Ms Roy savoured her triumph yesterday, saying the bill restored a “fundamental civil right – freedom of association”.

Ms Roy said students’ associations had become increasingly politicised in recent decades and were blighted by misappropriation of funds.

She ended her speech by quoting former student politician, unionist and fast-rising Labour Party star Andrew Little:

“I believe voluntary unionism – true freedom of association – gives the union movement much greater strength and a much greater moral authority.”


Focussing on the things that matter, Ctd

Last night while Labour tried one last time to scupper the VSM bill and ended up slaughtered in the bottom of the ditch they were trying to defend Phil goff was focussing ont eh things that matter to Kiwi voters…playing darts.

You have to look at the symbolism of that. Labour’s great parliamentary?strategy?to win?against?the?government was to filibuster and prevent the progress of VSM. So on the night of the final debate and vote of the bill where was Phil Goff?

He was in a pub playing darts. He was playing darts on the night when his team was dying in the ditch for their big strategy.

Is darts the only way Phil Goff can score these days?

Phil Goff, focussing on the things that matter.


VSM passed

The VSM Bill has just been passed into law, student can now enjoy the freedom enjoyed by all other Kiwis that of not joining something. Congratulations Heather Roy.

Labour are defeated, they decided to die in the ditch over this bill, to filibuster it endlessly until National and Act broke the deadlock.

Tonight they surrendered meekly. This was their big parliamentary strategy, it meant so much to them that they delayed the bill for more than two years along with another bill of no consequence.

While the debate was going on, their leader Phil Goff was focussing on the things that matter to Kiwi voters….playing darts.

Lazy, stupid PPTA

It seems the PPTA is a bit late jumping on the left-wing bandwagon and the doomed protest over VSM.

In fact, they were so late and stupid that they cut and pasted the exact comments from Greens’ Gareth Hughes release, and attributed them to the PPTA president.

Unoriginal and complete boilerplate, looks like the Greens have been doing a bit more astro-turfing.

As the Dom Post said last year, greedy teachers get back to work.



How stupid are students?

Only in Auckland University would there be a protest against VSM. Auckland University already has VSM, and the Students Association does very nicely thank you very much from property investments amongst other things. I know of at least one MP who has the student association as a landlord for their electorate office.

But for some reason the morons in Auckland, led of course by a UNITE union activist decided to cause insurrection:

Despite claims a student occupation of the sixth floor of an Auckland University building could be “indefinite”, some protestors have already moved on from the building, but not without causing further chaos around central Auckland.

The students occupied the top floor of the Owen G Glenn Building in opposition to three key issues: the Voluntary Student Membership (VSM) Bill, due to pass its third reading on September 28; the erosion of democracy on campus and the regular hiking of student fees.

Organisers said about 200 students were involved, but the University of Auckland said 60 protestors soon left the Business School building of their own accord.

Soon afterwards, students who may have been linked to the protest also blocked traffic at Vincent and Cook Streets in Auckland, outside the Auckland Police station.

Earlier, Unite organiser and history student Omar Hamed said about 200 students were going to be “here for as long as we can hold it”.

Lock them up and pass the law.


Images of Conference – VSM Protest Fail

I took this image of a protest against VSM at the National party conference.

Protest Fail at National party Conference


Labour's Strategic Stupidity

The VSM Bill that Labour have tried to die in a ditch for is a prime example of their underpants stealing strategy.

This is an issue that matters so little to most New Zealanders they totally tune out to it. Labour have spend endless hours and precious media time on an issue that will win them almost no votes, and has a massive opportunity cost.

Student Unions may provide Labour with plenty of MPs, but they are not bodies that the general public care about. Labour would have been far better off using their time targeting National on things like the economy, jobs, and provision of public services. Instead they have made an incoherent case for something key swing voters are completely oblivious to. Not only that they lost the war in the process making their strategic decision to die in a ditch over VSM the classic parliamentary stealing of underpants.

At the beginning of the term if National had have been asked what do you want Labour to concentrate on it would be something irrelevant like VSM because it means they would not be taking any votes from National.

Labour are inept, just as Lockwood Smith described their master strategist.


Labour Pwnd Hard

Labour got ambushed hard ?today at the end of General Debate.

After Grant Robertson finished his filibuster on the Royal Society bill, Heather Roy stood up and move that it be reported back to the house which cleared the way for the VSM bill to be debated again.

The Labour C Team put up a feeble defense easily batted away by Eric Roy and then by Lockwood Smith, with Trevor Mallard attempting tp come top the resuce and he got schooled too. Very inept of Mallard.

Labour has clearly been ambushed and out-foxed by being too clever.

This is one of the best ever parliamentary ambushes in memory.

Trevor Mallard is ineptly aruging futile points of order that the majority of parliament are wrong. Give up Duck, you got PWND!

UPDATE: The?inept?Trevor Mallard is whining like a baby in?the?house, but they have lost and now?the?VSM Bill is back in the house. Labour got ambushed and it was exceptionally well executed. Labour only have themselves to blame for this.

UPDATE 2: The inept Trevor Mallard was busy writing a blog post when?the?ambush was executed. Ironically it was his play of the day. I think this will now be the play of the day.

Giving students choice is evil?

Trevor Mallard thinks that giving students the same choices that everyone else in?the?country has, over whether or not to belong to a union, is evil.

Senior Labour MP Trevor Mallard says the only way the opposition has of stopping a bill it fundamentally disagrees with is to delay it for as long as possible.

“It’s a very serious filibuster, we think the bill is evil but not a cent extra is spent because Parliament hasn’t gone beyond 10pm on any day that bill has been considered,” he told Newstalk ZB.

Labour has deliberately delayed debate for about six months by debating minor points on other legislation, costing millions of dollars in wasted parliamentary time.

Labour really picks dumb fights to have a crack.

Labour has been trying to build the meme that John Key is evil for nearly 6 years and now this week their brilliant campaign manager has decided that instead of John Key it is freedom of association that is evil.

How truly sad and irrelevant have Labour become that they think giving students choice over belonging to a union is “evil”.

No wonder Labour are crippled in the polls, their campaign is being run by a political cripple.