End of an era


Not a gay ute

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Volkswagen?has announced the militarised version of the Amarok:

For a company that was created at the command of the most notorious, brutal figures in modern history, Volkswagen and its historical stable of cute cars like the Beetle has developed the cuddliest, feel goodiest persona. You could literally hug cars like the Beetle or Golf and not look (completely) strange. But not the new Amarok M. This military-grade truck decked out in heavy-duty accoutrements shows another side of VW, a side that can give children nightmares with its full name alone: Rheinmetall Amarok M Light Multi-Purpose Vehicle.


Gayer that Fossy's gay ute

This is wrong. Male mps are not supposed to have a love bug as a car and two doors makes it difficult getting in behind the driver when Lord Burns descends from his country seat in Marlborough.

It certainly is gayer than Fossy’s gay ute. It could have been worse, I suppose, it could have been an even?gayer Toyota Prius.

Brendan Burn's gay VW Beetle

Gayer than Craig Foss's gay ute?