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Hate Speech research Scott Poynting

Hate Speech researcher at The University of Auckland, Scott Poynting

Today’s face of the day hate speech researcher Scott Poynting, is guilty of the most disgusting anti-semitism?and he makes his living researching hate speech against Muslims. You would think that someone who studies hate for a living would be someone passionate about stopping hate, someone who wants a better world. The thought that a man with anti-semitic views like this is teaching at Auckland University sickens me.

I have never before in my life called for someone to be sacked from their job but for this man I will make an exception. His reference to the German company IG Farben, that manufactured the poison gas used to massacre Jews inside concentration camps, was beneath contempt. His comment that he has nothing against the Germans, while referring to the German company that aided Hitler’s genocide of the Jews is hateful.

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Can Fairfax even get its lies straight?

Fairfax Media has some issues.

Last month their CEO denied there were job losses looming at the media organisation.

Yesterday, Fairfax Media announced 185 editorial positions would be disestablished, while creating 160 new ones.

Fairfax Media owns the Waikato Times, The Dominion Post, The Press, The Sunday Star Times, and many other newspapers – and the website stuff.co.nz.

New jobs will be created in what the company calls “a transformational programme”, but staff will have to apply for them.

Ms Boucher insisted the proposal would result in more editorial staff, not fewer.

“Under the proposal we’re not going to end up with any fewer people than we have today, we’re actually going to end up with more editorial staff – particularly in reporters.”

Ms Boucher said that from an editorial staff of roughly 650, she expected 12 more editorial positions would come from the proposed restructure.

She said the restructure was about a news room created with positions suitable for a newspaper business re-setting for a digital news strategy.

Ms Boucher said customers were increasingly accessing news online, so the company was figuring out how they could best keep up with the changing face of news media.

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Pimping the Poor: Twyford style


When media and politicians pimp the poor they usually do two things.

They pick a poor example to suit their cause, but they get the headlines so they consider that a win. They also expose the alleged poor person and all their past.

That is what Phil Twyford has done in pimping the story of the Laurents of Hamilton.

They have moved house nine times in 10 years.

On one occasion, a landlord returned from overseas and moved back into the rental home. On the other occasions they’ve been forced to move because the Hamilton rentals they were living in were sold.

That’s nine times they’ve called the removal trucks, nine times they’ve packed up their lives into boxes and nine times they’ve hunted for a place to stay – in just 10 years.

Aucklanders have been buying into the Hamilton property market, making it difficult for Hamilton families such as?Debbe Laurent, 47, Mark Laurent, 43, and their four children, to make the leap from renting to owning.

They’ve been trying to save for a home but Auckland’s raging property market, lending restrictions, property investors, rising house prices and a cut to the official cash rate (OCR) were factors working against them.

“This is our ninth place in 10 years because every single house has been sold out from under us,” said Mark Laurent.

“With the exception of one,” said Debbe Laurent.

They were in one house for less than six months before it was snapped up and have only been in their current dwelling since March.

“The house we were in before was put on the market at Christmas time, it was sold at the beginning of February and we were given six-weeks to move and there was nothing in the price range we could even consider to afford,” said Mark Laurent.

The Laurents’ four children need plenty of space at home. They also needed a place close to their children’s school to reduce the disruption.

So far so good, we have a good wah wah wah story for the media to push.

Phil Twyford and Sue Moroney from Labour did their part in pushing the story out there.? Read more »

This is what Fairfax and Waikato Times calls an apology

Yesterday we wrote about the slamming the Waikato Times got from the Press Council…with all the professional media people on the Council and the EPMU hacks all voting to uphold the complaint.

Only the womble members voted against.

The Waikato Times thought that despite them featuring their hatchet job on the front page despite there being not a shred of evidence to support their claims, that they would run the apology in the middle of the Christmas holidays and buried inside the paper. They preferred instead to focus on the jubblies of Miss Whangamata for their front page.

Their apology, such as it is is now online.

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Waikato Times slammed for front page fiction [UPDATED]


The Waikato Times has been slammed by the Press Council for their front page fiction about Young Nats burning Nicky Hager’s Dirty Politics, a story gathered by their “news” team from the Facebook page of a NZ First activist.

The Press Council recognises that social media are a frequent source of information that can be checked and developed into stories capable of meeting the standards of accuracy, fairness and balance expected by readers of a reliable newspaper.

In this case the Council does not believe the newspaper had sufficient corroboration of the claim on Facebook. The Times? additional source, a student who would not be named, claimed to have seen Mr Letcher with more than 200 books. If that statement were true, it does not establish that Mr Letcher intended to burn them.

The Facebook posting as reported by the Times, said, ?So apparently the CNI Young Nats (and presumably the NZ Young Nats) are buying up copies of Nicky Hager?s # Dirty Politics….and burning them.? The word ?apparently? should be noted. It suggests the information was at best hearsay, at worst an assumption by a person associated with a rival political party.

The Times called it ?rumour? but its report also claimed to have confirmed part of the rumour. It is therefore difficult to accept the Regional Editor’s response that the paper was merely reporting an allegation. Its confidence in its own source and its decision to splash the book burning allegation across its front page would have given the story credibility in the minds of some readers.

While Mr Letcher?s denial was also reported prominently, this does not redeem the report. Newspapers need to be careful when dealing with rumour that is denied. A false accusation can easily be made for the purpose of forcing a political opponent to deny it publicly. That indeed is said to be a device of ?dirty politics?. Newspapers should take care to ensure they are not unwitting instruments of it.

The Waikato Times could not substantiate this rumour to a standard that meets the Press Council?s principles of accuracy and fairness. Mr Letcher?s complaint is upheld.

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Waikato Times joins in Pimping the Poor

10716447 copy

A reader notes that the Waikato Times has joined in pimping the poor.

I tried to make a comment on this article stating that we don’t have?”slums” in Hamilton and that these people should travel to Africa,?India, South America etc to find out what a real slum looks like. I?also suggested that they could tidy up their lawns and do some basic?maintenance and their houses would look quite nice.

I thought you’d be interested – there have been a lot of these?articles crying poverty coming from the Waikato Times lately – even as?Hamilton is booming, growing fast, and clearly one of the most?successful cities in NZ at the moment.

I am so tired of all the whining in our media about how awful NZ is.

We top the world rankings in so many different lists about quality of?life/best places to live/least corrupt governments etc. I wish our?media would find something else to talk about besides doom and gloom.

And what do you know…the Waikato Times shows us a house with not one, but two Sky dishes.

They then proceed to outline how all these people living in subsidised housing are apparently living in a slum.

One photo even has nice polished floor boards…some slum eh?

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Permanent Cancellation Subscriber ID # 5317360

From the mail bag

Hello Cameron and Team,

Congratulations and keep up the good work.

Please find attached a copy of a ?Waikato Times? and Sunday Star Times permanent cancellation letter I sent yesterday. I have emailed a similar cancellation advice to the NZ Herald and the Weekend Herald.

If you have the time to scroll through my rant, you will read I have been a Waikato Times and Herald subscriber for over 30 years.

You can thank Nicky Hager for introducing me to reading Whale Oil. I had never read a blog from either end of the political spectrum before your stolen emails were made public.

I am waiting for the two newspapers mentioned above to respond to my issues and request specifics of my concerns ?? I shan?t be holding my breath??

I will be interested in knowing your thoughts on the suggestions in the last paragraph of the attached.

I regard you as being on the moral high ground. Keep it legal and dignified.


Thanks Art.

Legal? ?Always (if you forgive my activism about Name Suppression – I learned my lesson).

Dignified? ? I’m sure I’ll disappoint you there eventually Art. ? I have a style. ?And sometimes things just need doing. ?But thanks for your letter – you are one of many I receive every day of people “waking up” to the media they used to trust no longer serving their needs.


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The proper media, they wouldn’t lie, would they?

The whole argument out on the Interweb about Whaleoil’s status as Media and mine as a Journalist seems to have pretty much got to the point where the general position is “yes, Whaleoil is media”, and “Yes, at times Slater does things Journalists do”.


And then come a lot of value judgments not present in law. ?My “brand” of journalism is not good enough, I’m not accountable or answerable to anyone, I don’t belong to a professional body that may curtail some of my excesses, there is no formal procedure to complain or seek redress.

They like to quote that I’ve found myself in court many times now. ?That’s of course spinning it a bit. ?The first occasions were a deliberate act of Civil Disobedience to make a case for Name Suppression being reviewed, and I’m proud to say I was instrumental in having that law changed.

It cost me a lot of personal money, and I am not keen to repeat that process, but this is a clear case of staging a protest and taking the consequences, not some indicator that Whaleoil is out of control – or needs control. ?Pus, when I did, I did have to answer to the courts. ? Read more »

Hitler prefers to be called Marshall – Waikato Times crim hugger complies


Meet Hitler

via Fairfax NZ

via Fairfax NZ

Now, Hitler doesn’t like it when people call him Hitler.

He should have considered that possibility when he planted the “don’t ever employ me” swastikas on his face, but his actual name is Te Rangi Jamie Charles Trangmar.

Who prefers it if you call him Marshall.

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Someone reads Whaleoil apart from Herald sub-editors

It looks like the editor of the Waikato Times reads Whaleoil:

Mr Shearer, however, is saying the sorts of things that may perplex some people. He seemed relaxed about working with Mana Party leader Hone Harawira, for example, declaring he would respect ideas wherever they came from. But Mr Harawira has a penchant for making contentious remarks about Pakeha. Phil Goff (when he was Labour’s leader) ruled out going into coalition with the Mana Party as long as Mr Harawira was in charge.? Read more »