Waikato University

Hey Labour, remember this guy?

Sir Owen Glenn is pledging $5 million towards the creation of a medical school in Waikato.

The 76-year-old philanthropist made the announcement at a function at Waikato University on Tuesday.

The medical school proposal, a joint initiative by Waikato University and the Waikato District Health Board, aims to reverse a shortfall of primary care doctors, especially in provincial and rural areas.

That man has done more for New Zealand and New Zealanders than the Labour party in the last decade.   Read more »

Non-disclosure by Thrupp, NZEI and media peddling story on National Standards

The NZ Herald is today running a story that National Standards are appalling because schools are focussing on Reading , Writing and Arithmetic instead of lame subjects like art, social studies and basket weaving.

The report is from Martin Thrupp an avowed opponent of National Standards.

Primary and intermediate school teachers are being overworked and some subjects are prioritised at the expense of others, says a study into National Standards.

The latest report from the Research, Analysis and Insight into National Standards (Rains) project is released today. It analysed how six schools from around the country fared with National Standards.

Waikato University professor Martin Thrupp, who led the study, said worrying trends had popped up in schools since the standards for reading, writing and mathematics were implemented in 2010.

Those subjects had become the focus for some schools who wanted to make sure its students were meeting national levels. This meant subjects such as art, history, social studies and other activities had been left behind.

One school had begun a series of uninterrupted sessions in literacy and numeracy from 9am-11am every day.  Read more »

The Shield of Sanctimony, Ctd

I noted the story in NBR yesterday about Selwyn Pellet’s business being sold to some Americans.

Another tech company that has received millions in government grants seems set to fall into overseas ownership.

California-based, NYSE-listed Emulex has made a £80.7 million ($NZ156) cash offer to takeover Endace, the network security company founded by entrepreneur Selwyn Pellett (who resigned from the board in 2010 and sold most of his shares at the same time).

Endace – which was born out of research at Waikato University – has received more than $11 million in direct government grants, and the move is sure to reignite debate over no-strings-attached taxpayer handouts.

How come we haven’t heard Labour coming out threatening to intervene (as they did in the Haier takeover)?

Given that business and Pellett have trousered millions in Government subsidies you’d think they’d be very vocal.

So is their silence because :

A) He is a ‘critical’ friend of Labour
B) It’s just the Chinese they don’t like?

Maori troughers

Maori troughing is spreading at an alarming rate:

Troughers in the Waikato

A Waikato University researcher has received almost $500,000 to lead a two year international study on indigenous well-being.

Dean of the School of Maori and Pacific Development Linda Tuhiwai Smith has been awarded $424,000 from New Zealand’s Indigenous Centre of Research Excellence, Nga Pae o Te Maramatanga.

Education, health, language revitalisation and economic development are known factors of Maori development but Ms Smith said she wants to kick it into the next gear.

Trougher in Canterbury

Environment Canterbury will spend nearly $700,000 this financial year on a Ngai Tahu “engagement” programme, which has included staff helping write a waiata.

The figures were provided to the Timaru Herald after news that 21 staff from the council’s Timaru and Christchurch offices last week completed a two-day excursion to the Arowhenua marae in Temuka.

A second marae visit for other staff, to Port Levy, is planned for February.

Nice if you can get the work. The bro-raracy really knows how to get their trotters deep in the trough.

$100,000 and No Mullet


This bogan needs to pay us all back. For $100,000 the taxpayers of New Zealand deserve a proper mullet.

When the latest batch of students graduate from Waikato University this week, an “undercover bogan” will be among them.

At first glance, PhD graduand Dave Snell might look like all the other graduands this Thursday, but look a little closer and the dedicated bogan buff will have a couple of noticeable differences under his formal regalia.

“Well, I am going to have to wear the goofy hat and long coat, but no doubt I’ll have a metal T-shirt underneath.”

Mr Snell said he also had a Beavis and Butthead tie that he planned to pull out for the special occasion.

The self-proclaimed bogan made global headlines in 2007 when he was awarded a taxpayer-funded doctoral scholarship worth nearly $100,000 to study the “everyday bogan’s identity and community amongst heavy metal fans”.

Five years on, Mr Snell was as proud as ever to be a bogan, and pleased with the research he had accomplished.

I wonder perhaps if this research has contributed to the impression that New Zealand universities are lame academically and continue to fall behind in world rankings. It shows, at least, that Waikato University continues to represent the low-brow spectrum of tertiary education.

Academic Racism at Waikato Uni?

via the tipline

It looks like there is a fair bit of academic racism going on at Waikato University

It appears that Waikato University is doing its best to add to its reputation as New Zealand’s most PC university.

In the last week, Psychology lecturer Dr Linda Nikora was kind enough to inform a lecture room full of keen students that a number of placements would be available in the clinical psychology programme.

One little catch though. Dr Nikora is proposing that the limited places are restricted to Maori only as she does not believe any Pakeha are culturally competent to deal with Maori health issues. She then advised the students that she will be presenting on this issue to an upcoming conference in a bid to ensure Maori only treat Maori.

Only at Waikato!